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A plumber is working on a sink repair

As the cold days set in across London, everyone is engaged in planning, decorating, and addressing various household tasks. Among these, home maintenance is a vital aspect that every homeowner should prioritise. Just like heating, plumbing services are crucial for ensuring the safety and functionality of any property, be it residential or commercial.

If you face an unexpected plumbing issue, take immediate action, especially in cold weather. It's essential to get professional help on time.

Contact a round-the-clock professional plumbing service in London to solve all your plumbing issues!

Make sure that the chosen company or service provides 24/7 services to guarantee that the issue is addressed promptly and efficiently. In this blog, we discuss reasons and situations why you need a plumbing engineer.

Common Situations You Need a Professional Plumber

A bathroom renovation by a serviceteam plumbing engineer

A serviceteam plumber is working on a bathroom.

Here are situations where you may require plumbing services:

Emergency Leak Repairs

Emergencies can happen at any time of the day. Also, leaks can vary, like central heating leaks, boiler leaks, toilet leaks, kitchen tap leaks, washing machine leaks, appliance leaks and more. However, if you have an emergency water leak in London, act quickly and prevent damage to your property.

For instance, if you notice water puddles under the boiler or from pipes around it, it's best to call an engineer to check the leak. Trying to investigate it yourself may lead to more problems.

However, if there’s an untreated leak in your property, you must take immediate action to protect your property and belongings. Remember, such leaks can lead to costly structural damage. So, the first step is to find the source of the leak, whether it's from a burst pipe or a hidden issue causing gradual damage. Knowing the location of the stopcock is crucial, and once you've isolated the water, the immediate threat is reduced. If the leak is from a neighbour's property, inform them, isolate the water supply, and contact serviceteam plumbers.

Calling an emergency plumbing engineer is vital in handling unexpected plumbing issues effectively and preventing further damage.

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Burst or Leaking Pipes

A burst or leaking pipe can seriously damage your property if you don't fix it right away. This can happen due to freezing weather, old pipes, or too much water pressure. If you see a burst or leaking pipe at home or work, don't wait until the next day morning to get help.

Understanding the difference between a leak and a burst pipe.

water leak detection by serviceteam

A water leak was detected by the serviceteam.

A water leak is when a pipe has a small hole, crack, or break, allowing water to come out slowly. You'll see a small amount of water trickling from the opening.

Burst Pipe:
a burst pipe on a domestic property in London

A burst pipe in a property, London

On the other hand, a burst pipe has a wide opening, letting water flow freely. This leads to a lot of water coming out and needs quick attention.

Burst pipes happen more often in WINTER when it gets freezing.

In such situations, book an emergency plumber in London.

As a homeowner, knowing and reporting any plumbing problems is crucial to keep your home in good shape. Read our blog on water leak detection in London.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can cause unpleasant odours, slow drainage, and even water backup. If left unattended, they can lead to more significant issues, such as pipe damage or flooding. Emergency plumbing services will ensure the blockage is cleared efficiently, preventing further damage.

What Causes Blocked Drains?
  • Grease: A white residue commonly formed after frying food accumulates in pipes when poured down drains. This buildup over time can obstruct the passage of your drain system, leading to burst or leaking pipes.
  • Fat: Blockages often occur due to the presence of fat. Fat is distinct from grease; grease is a by-product of fat. Sources of fat include human waste, cooking oil, accumulated food residues, and fat-based soaps flushed down drains in toilets and kitchens.
A smelly pipe with built-up oil over time, shown in a cutaway view.

Oil accumulation in a pipe

  • Hair: Hair shedding, both human and pet, contributes to drain clogs. Over time, these strands accumulate, intertwine, and form clumps in pipes, creating blockages. Our plumbers once had to remove several meters of solidified hair, mixed with grease, grime, and dirt, from a customer's drainage system.
hair is in a sink bowl
  • Overflowing Toilets: If you observe your toilet not flushing properly, it can swiftly escalate into an overflow, resulting in a messy and unsanitary situation. Promptly seek emergency plumbing services to address the issue.
  • Toiletries: Professional plumbers strictly advise against disposing of baby wipes, tampons, condoms, sanitary pads, tissue paper, and toilet deodorisers down the drain. These items often lead to blockages in the pipes and cause big problems inside your pipes.
 Someone threw tissue into the toilet without flushing.
BE CAUTIOUS to avoid knocking off toilet deodorisers, as they may become lodged in the pipework when flushed.

  • Leaves and Twigs: Fallen leaves and twigs can often clog drainage systems (stormwater drains). They begin in the roof gutters, flow through the downpipes, and settle in the stormwater drains. As leaves and twigs decompose into organic matter, they cause blockages, eventually filling the drains.
a drain is blocked by leaves in London
  • Foreign Objects: Foreign objects such as kids' toys, washcloths, toothbrushes, and dental floss can cause significant damage to drains and pipes. To prevent this, it's advisable to store bathroom items in cabinets and discourage children from playing with small toys in tubs or showers, as they can easily be flushed down the drains.
  • Rain: London is often prone to daily rain. When it is tipping down, drains, especially those on the roof and sewer, can be overwhelmed if they are already in poor condition. During constant rains, water struggles to drain quickly, leading to blocked drains, water backups, and potential flooding that can cause property damage.
A family is draining water from their front yard.
  • Broken Pipes: If you live in an old house, the plumbing might not be updated. Pay extra attention to greener patches in your garden and check for leaks or moisture on the ceiling. These signs may indicate blocked drains or leaks. When a pipe is displaced, it develops edges that trap solids and paper flushed through the drains. This creates a domino effect of waste buildup, leading to drain blockage over time.
clogged pipes over time
  • Poor workmanship or installation: This is another reason for blocked drains. Our plumbing engineers encounter issues such as incorrect pipe sizing or drains laid in a way that hinders water flow, like a drain sloping uphill. Occasionally, drains may have a dip or belly during installation, allowing water to flow past but trapping solids and causing drain blockage.
a plumber in London is fixing a toilet

Frozen Pipes

a pipe is covered with ice in winter

During winter, pipes are susceptible to freezing due to cold temperatures. Frozen pipes can eventually burst, causing a mess and damage to your property. That is why you need to get professional assistance from an Emergency plumbing service. They can thaw the frozen pipes and prevent them from bursting. The plumber's main task is to find and fix the issue that led to the pipes freezing. If pipes are frozen but haven't burst, a plumbing engineer can use a heat gun to thaw them. As a temporary solution, homeowners can use a hairdryer to start melting the pipes.

Blocked Toilet

Most toilet clogs happen because of too much waste or flushing things like baby wipes or feminine hygiene products that the toilet drain can't handle. Hard water can also lead to clogs building up mineral deposits in pipes over time, reducing water flow.

 a plumber is unblocking a toiler using a plungerTo avoid clogs, be careful about what you flush down the toilet. If you're still having problems, it might be time to upgrade your toilet. Older, low-flow toilets are more likely to get clogged due to lower flushing pressure.

If you're dealing with frequent clogs, contact us for toilet repairs in London. Our skilled plumbers can find the cause of the clogs and fix them!

Toilet Repair and Installation

a plumber is repairing a broken toilet

Installing a new toilet or repairing an existing one in your London property might seem like a daunting task. But it's better to take time to find a qualified plumber in London. They will make sure your new toilet doesn't leak.

It is also better than doing it yourself to ensure your toilet gets repaired or installed correctly. Hiring a qualified plumber is the only way to guarantee the right installation and prompt repairs.

Saniflo Macerator Repair & Installation

Saniflo is a trusted brand known for quality plumbing and waste disposal solutions. When adding or extending a bathroom to your home, it is important to get the expertise of a professional saniflo engineer. They have the knowledge and skills required to carry out plumbing tasks with precision.

a properly fitted Saniflo Macerator in a London homeFor example, during the installation of a Saniflo system, a qualified plumber meticulously considers the position of the main sewer pipe. This is crucial as considerable distance may result in waste removal complications. Gravity is vital for waste removal; insufficient slope or fall can cause blockages.

With proper planning, property extensions won't be affected by plumbing issues. Therefore, always seek support from a qualified plumbing service in London.

Shower Repairs and Replacements

a plumber is repairing a mounted hand shower in a bathroom

A working shower is crucial in any modern home. Issues like a leaky faucet, weak water pressure, or a malfunctioning showerhead can be frustrating for homeowners. A skilled plumber can swiftly address these problems, ensuring customer satisfaction.

By investing in high-quality shower replacement and shower repairs, you can ensure that you enjoy a refreshing and comfortable shower experience every time.

Water Main Break

ongoing water supply repair in London

A water main break can disrupt the water supply to your entire London property. In such situations, it's crucial to quickly seek help from a professional plumber in London to prevent inconvenience and damage.

Resealing Bath

It is common for the silicone sealant around baths, shower trays, and sinks to wear out over time. This can make unsightly black mould spots, compromising the appearance of a tidy bathroom.

A serviceteam plumber is resealing a bathroom

Ongoing resealing bath work by a serviceteam plumbing engineer.

When bathroom sealant loses its adhesion and detaches from surfaces, it potentially leads to water leaks or seepage beneath tiles, which can cause tiles to lift. It is essential to deal with these issues promptly to ensure your bathroom's long-term integrity and aesthetics. This is why you need to call a professional plumber in London to reseal the bath.

Water Heater Malfunction

A faulty water heater causes inconvenience and discomfort, especially during colder months. If leaks, improper heating, or loud noises come from your water heater, it's probably time to call a plumber in London. Before doing so, it's good to investigate the issue. Water heaters are a significant investment, and you want to ensure they last as long as possible.

a professional plumber is repairing a water leakThe problem could be due to a water leak, the age of the water heater, gas leak, low hot water pressure, or rust and corrosion. Leaks in the internal shell of the water heater are hard to detect but often occur due to age and deterioration. While these issues are usually easy to fix, they should be addressed promptly to avoid causing further problems in your home's plumbing system.

If you're experiencing issues, such as leaks, insufficient heating, or unusual noises, contact serviceteam plumbers in London.

Sewage Backup

sewage back up in a London property

This is not only unpleasant but also poses severe health risks. It is essential to deal with this situation as soon as possible to avoid contamination and damage to your property.

Clogged Insinkerator

a plumber is unclogging a clogged sink

An InSinkErator is a handy device that deals with food waste efficiently. It grinds up most organic waste, eliminating the need for a separate garbage disposal. Items not suitable for the InSinkErator can be placed in separate bins for regular disposal or a food waste collection service.

Insinkerators can grind waste into small particles, preventing pipe blockages and enabling safe disposal through wastewater treatment facilities. So you can manage a broader range of kitchen waste effectively.

However, installing an InSinkErator is a straightforward task. For repairs or servicing, rely on experts for a quick and reliable solution. Insinkerators often deal with ground waste; they can be prone to clogs, making it challenging to manage your kitchen work.
This can also be frustrating and stop you from using your sink properly. If regular solutions like plunging don't work, it's best to call for emergency plumbing services.

If you want to learn more about maintaining Insinkerators, read our blog post about tips to keep your insinkerator clean and safe.

Burst Water Supply Lines

a huge water supply burst at a London property

A sudden drop in water pressure or a complete lack of water flow may indicate a burst water supply line. So, you need to pay immediate attention, as it can cause significant damage to your property's structure.

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