Pre-Book and Pay Less

Pre-Book and Pay Less

Booking ahead with Serviceteam means we can plan your job/s even more efficiently!

Book in advance

Plan Ahead and Book in advance Feel secure & Less Stressed

We can plan your job/s more efficiently and pass on the savings

Get up to 10% off

Get up to 10% off our standard labour prices

Pre-booking can save you up to a massive 10% off our website prices!


Most of us like to plan ahead. It helps to make us feel secure and less stressed. That’s why booking ahead with Serviceteam means we can plan your job/s even more efficiently and pass on the savings to our customers, making us one of the most competitive property maintenance companies out there. All you need to do is book your work two weeks or more in advance to receive up to a huge 10% discount off all our website advertised rates and services.

vaillant accredited approved installer


To qualify for an up to 10% discount just schedule your appointment through our website two weeks (or more) in advance, or contact our Call Centre and ask for

“PreBook” 0203 538 7067

Please contact us if you have any queries or questions.

(The 10% offer does not apply to bespoke quotations).

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Why Choose Serviceteam

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

When the existing customers contacted us about heating or hot water problem, we were able to get to them on the same day and before 12 noon.

Fixed Price

Fixed Price

We will always provide you with a fixed price – what we quote is what we charge and there are no hidden extras.


Seamless Contact

Our communication facility, allows our customers, landlords and tenants instant access to key information about their project.


Only the Best Quality

Our skilled engineers go ‘above and beyond’ and look to add value on every job. Our engineers do a great job which is why we enjoy an exceptionally high rating with Checkertrade and Which Trusted Traders.