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    Who's it for?

    You may have taken the path of
    self-employment and enjoy the
    flexibility it brings, but as yet
    have not established a client base sufficient
    enough to keep you gainfully employed for the
    long term?

    You may have recently retired,
    but seek to work just a few days
    per week to supplement your income?


    Or you may simply be looking
    for a step change in your career?

    Serviceteam are looking for Reliable and Honest Trades People at the Top of their Game!

    How it works

    Make Great Money
    You can work and make as much as you want.
    And the more your work the more you could make.
    Plus your fees get automatically deposited fortnightly

    Set your own schedule
    Only work when it suits you. You control your availability
    around your own private client base. You agree with Serviceteam
    the types of work you excel in. You set the post code areas you want to cover –
    because with Serviceteam you’re in charge.

    Signing up is easy
    Sign up today and you will be working in no time.
    Do wait to start using your time more productively.

    In order to meet our high standards of quality workmanship when working with a prestigious clientele in and around London, all applicants must be:

    • Honest
    • Dependable
    • Self-motivated
    • Reliable
    • And at the top of their game in their respective trade/s

    Many of the most competent trades people eventually go self-employed, which is why Serviceteam seek self-employed, self-motivated candidates we can develop a financially beneficial relationship with.

    If you need to ‘fill’ those vacant days and are interested in working with Serviceteam, nothing to lose a lot to gain? Please contact Serviceteam today if you are one of the few amongst the many, and help us, help you, take both our businesses to the next level?