Waste Removal London

Household waste removal
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From £70 + Vat


Household Waste removal
From £70 + Vat

Professional Waste Removal service London

Your property has just been renovated and you are proud of the results. However, the works have produced a pile of unsightly waste, which must be disposed of before it becomes a health hazard. Not only that, a pile of rubble outside a property whether in a skip or in a heap looks shabby! We recommend it’s removed soon after your project has been completed, bringing closure to the works and a clean neat appearance once more to your property.

How often have you passed a property and seen a pile of rubble or a skip filled to the brim, with all sorts of building materials, that’s been standing for many weeks or even months after the project has been completed? People’s perception is: they just don’t care about their own image or the neighborhood’s! These people do have standards, but very low ones?

What's included in this service?

We're here to help you keep your house clear of your rubbish. So why don't you send us a picture (or two) of what you need us to remove either by or Whatsapp or email of you you would prefer to talk then please feel free to call us on the number at the top of the page.

Why you should use serviceteam for your Household Waste Clearance...

  • You will be able to avoid any lengthy delay in waiting for the council to remove it for you

  • Once you've contacted us we can provide you with a complete all-in price.

  • We have large vehicles and we can dispose of either large or small items

  • We dispose of your rubbish safely and in accordance with current regulations.

  • Flexible hours available

How does this work?

  • Step 1 - Contact us via email and send us your photo(s) of the rubbish you want us to clear away.

  • Step 2 - Our estimators will assess the information that you have provided us and come back to you with a quote. However, if when the team arrive on site and the works is in fact going to be more or even less, we will let you know and will not proceed without your authorisation to do so

  • Step 3 - You can choose the date of when you want your rubbish removed from your lives so you never have to see it again, please bear in mind this is subject to availability.

  • Step 4 - Say 'Hi!' to the team who will arrive at your door to remove your waste - so you can lead a clutter free life once more

What's not included in this service?

  • Any congestion zone, ULEZ or parking charges - This will be added at cost to the final bill (unless a parking permit for the duration of the visit is provided).

  More questions about our Waste Removal service? Read our Facts and FAQs

    Sure, there’s a cost involved to tidy up the mess but in all honesty, do you feel at ease looking out of your window each morning and seeing a pile of rubbish? Who knows what will live within as time goes by? Also, if deemed to be a health hazard a legal notice can be served making the property owner subject to enforcement action with associated costs
    . So why take the risk? It makes perfect sense to ‘clean up’ once your project has been completed. Everyone has a duty to protect the environment by acting responsibly.
    If serviceteam have completed your project then you will know we can dispose of your waste in an environmentally friendly way. It cannot be disposed of just anywhere, although some people think it can!

    It is critical the company you select is a registered waste carrier and registered with the Environment Agency . Always check and physically inspect the operator's waste carriers license (issued by the Environment Agency) and in particular their registration number. This can be checked on the Environment Agency database to see if you have engaged a Bone Fide operator. Please do not accept “I’ve left it in the van” or similar excuses. A waste carrier is subject to frequent stops and should have their certificate with them at all times. Always, conduct your checks before the load is lifted from your property. If you do not follow this procedure and your rubbish is ‘fly-tipped’ and traced back to your property the penalties are severe and will attract a fine or a prison sentence if found guilty of waste crime. Ignorance is no excuse!

    What to check

  • Name of the registered carrier.
  • Registered as An upper tier waste carrier, broker and dealer.
  • Registration number: Usually a 4 letter and 6 digit number.
  • Place of business address.
  • Telephone number: Mobile and office
  • Date of registration:
  • Expiry date of registration (unless revoked)

  • If in doubt call the Environment Agency on: 03708 506506
    WARLLNING: FLY-TIPPING is a criminal offence punishable by a fine of up to £50,000 or 12 months imprisonment if convicted in a Magistrates' Court.

    Why Use Serviceteam?

    Since every service provider claims to be the best in the business, many of our fellows often get confused about their choice. To make this easier, here are some of the facts you should know about Service team London:

    Reasonable Charges

    Our main aim is to provide you the best service at a minimum cost, with no hidden charges! Whether it’s for waste removal or any repair or maintenance service, we will undertake it with the utmost professionalism.

    Years of Experience

    Although trash collection isn’t a task requiring any sort of experience, we still offer professionals who are highly experienced and qualified for their work. Serviceteam have been disposing of waste for many years. Considered a mundane task but nonetheless an important one that must be done professionally and comply with environmental legislation.

    Extreme Professionalism

    The only thing that speaks when someone consults a service is the professionalism shown while performing the job. Perhaps it’s the main thing one can judge us for. Taking this on a serious note, we have only recruited highly trained and qualified workers and engineers to execute any task falling in our area of expertise. You’ll be impressed by the dedication we put into our work. Just give our services a try and we won’t let you down.

    Friendly and Helpful Team Members

    No matter what the problem is, our customer-friendly staff will be available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

    Customer’s Trust and Satisfaction

    Two most important factors which verify one’s claim to be a worthwhile service provider. Go to our main page or Checkatrade and Trustpilot platforms to read for yourself what our customers say about serviceteam. Ltd

    Contact us Today!

    No matter what the task is, be it waste removal London , Food waste disposa insinkerator any sort of repair, replacement,t or renovation job, such as Water leak problems, Boiler installation and many more, you can call us straight away without any second thoughts. The quickest response, efficient service, reasonable charges, and non-compromising workmanship, you’ll love our approach to each of your tasks. Not to mention the user-friendly customer support service to help you out any second! Just in case you feel like consulting professional help for any of the aforementioned tasks, we are as far as your phone from you…

    Minimal Charges

    As we aim to provide the best services throughout London at minimum costs, you will not be expect to pay for:

  • Travel time.
  • Congestion.
  • Non-functional hours.
  • Fuel consumption.

  • Other Charges

    The only charges you will pay for :

  • Materials and specialist parts required..
  • Ultra-Low emission zones

  • What you get for the price:

    Keeping the aforementioned details in mind, you get:

  • 24/7 availability.
  • Product and workmanship guarantees.
  • A Dedicated Service Support Manager to manage your project.
  • Experienced and well-groomed team of experts.
  • Quality workmanship.

  • Methods to Reduce waste build-up in your household:

    At one hand where it’s necessary to remove waste from your household, it’s equally important to conduct every necessary measure for reducing its build-up. With this in mind, here’s some necessary advice from our side to reduce extra bills you’d have to pay for waste removal otherwise:

    Buy Less Stuff

    Well, there’s no rocket science in it. Less the stuff you buy lower will be the waste that needs to be thrown out. Try buying as minimal items as you can to suit your needs. If you feel like “not really” needing something, don’t bring it to your house.

    Buy package-free items

    It will be in your favor to not buy packed items. For example, if you are looking for vegetables, fruits, or any other food item, make sure you buy them in loose. Keeping a reusable bag will be of great help in this regard. You can also use a basket or a shopping trolley for this purpose. Well, as most of the items might not be available without a package, try going for the one that makes the least mess behind it!

    Buy in Bulk

    This one doesn’t just apply to grocery items. If you want less mess, try to avoid things that are pre-packaged in small units even in the farmer shops. Buying in bulk can be of great help as it will save you from a lot of excess waste, and expenses too.

    Avoid disposable items

    One of the key factors that add to waste build-up is disposable items. E.g Razor blades used on a daily bases, frequent use of wet wipes, etc. To avoid that, try going for re-usable items that can serve you for a long time.

    Buy quality items

    One of the biggest mistakes people often make is buying low-quality items. Therefore, be careful while choosing clothes, toys, or any sort of electrical items. This will not only reduce your frustration but also save you time and money when we talk about long term benefits. Not to mention its importance in avoiding quick waste build-up.

    Avoid Bottled Water

    If you don’t want extra waste in your property, avoid using bottled water. Not only is it environment friendly, but will save you from extra expenses as well. So if you are the type of person who enjoys a lot of sparkling water, why not just buy an in-home carbonator?

    Avoid plastic toothbrushes

    To avoid quick waste build-up, its necessary to stay away from plastic products as much as you can. This idea also applies to toothbrushes. As the people are getting aware of the environmental threats plastic products are causing, the use of bamboo brushes has seen an enormous increase lately. We’ll suggest you giving it a try. Not only will it add up to your contribution to keeping the environment clean, but also reduce the waste produced.

    Take re-usable bags

    It’s always good to keep reusable bags in your car so that you can use it anytime you want. There are several advantages to it. For example, you can simply put-in anything in it when needed. You can just use these bags or any sort of purchases that too for a long time. Not only will it save you some extra money but contribute to waste reduction.

    Make a Meal Plan

    Though its a fact our household waste mainly includes various grocery-based materials, food waste also equally contributes to it. But guess what, you ca avid this by simply following a planned meal schedule. It will help you avoid buying any extra groceries, consequently leading to less garbage production.

    Start composting extra waste

    We throw a lot of extra food in our bins but wouldn’t it be good enough to return the things you couldn’t consume back to earth? Yes, you can do it. All you need is some extra space where you can put it, and it will eventually decompose, converting to nutrients that will nourish your garden plants.


    Q: What are the benefits of removing Waste?

    A: Well, though the advantages are numerous, some of the key benefits of removing waste are; it makes & keeps your property/house looking neat and tidy and avoids any potential harm to humans or animals.

    Q: How can I practice waste management at home?

    A: Here are some of the basic steps you can follow to practice waste management at home:

  • Keep separate containers for dry and wet waste materials.
  • Always keep two types of bags. Paper and plastic.
  • Keep the plastic clean and dry before dropping it into the bin.
  • Try to send wet waste out of your home on a daily bases.
  • Paper bags are preferred for throwing sanitary pads.

Q: What will serviceteam Ltd take under the heading of ‘Household Waste?

A: To be clear and to avoid any misunderstanding we will remove the following waste:

  • All waste attributable to your renovations project completed by serviceteam to include:
  • Rubble
  • Redundant WC/Bathroom/kitchen fixings and fittings.
  • Taps, windows, flooring, pipes, carpets, redundant gas boilers, brick work, garden clippings/shrubs, fence panels.
  • Please check with our tradesperson whilst on site, if in doubt.
  • You can always call us and discuss your waste needs or email a photo of the items for removal and we will advise.
    There are of course items that we will not take they include but are not limited to:

  • Batteries - there are collection points in many stores for safe disposal.
  • Any Chemical Products that are hazardous.
  • Construction debris.
  • Electronics - local councils refuse depots have designated bins for these items that are usually recycled.
  • Fluorescent bulbs/glass jars/containers.
  • Pesticides - contact the Environment Agency for guidance.
  • Hazardous waste/toxic chemical industrial or otherwise.
  • Medical waste/needles.
  • Liquids/corrosive/paint/petrol/diesel - contact your recycling depot for advice.
  • Any edible waste - local councils have a weekly/fortnightly collection service.

  • Q: What to do with Old Gasoline?

    A: First of all, check its appearance and smell. If it seems good, dilute it with some fresh fuel and re-use it. However, if it’s completely unusable, it's time to move it to the nearest hazardous waste disposal situated in your area. A government-certified container is also preferable for this purpose.

    Q: How can we dispose of waste by ourselves?

    A: Here are a few methods you can follow to dispose of waste by yourself:


    You can recycle your waste. A lot of materials can be recycled including metals, glass, plastic, etc. It’s not only environmentally friendly but will also have a great and positive economic impact. Just deliver it to the nearest recycling center and get your money.

    Animal Feed

    Animal feed is also an effective way to reduce your household waste build-up. For example, if you have rabbits or dogs, you can easily feed them the scraps left. Moreover, you can fee your dog with numerous kinds of food wastes including meat bones, etc. Pigs tend to be a great option in this regard as they will eat almost anything!


    Well, nothing much to tell. You know what to burn. Just keep the extent of pollution it may cause to the environment!

    Biological reprocessing

    One of the most effective ways to deal with organic waste is biological reprocessing. If you have a lot of leaves, onion peels, fruit rind, etc, you can easily use them as a great source of mulch for your garden.


    We are committed to working with the best
    The Serviceteam Guarantee gives you the peace of mind for all of our home renovation projects, small or large

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    We're committed to working with the best
    The Serviceteam Guarantee gives you the peace of mind for all of our home renovation projects, small or large

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    The serviceteam process

    Choose your preferred method? If not now but certainly in the future you’re likely to have something in your home or premises that needs repairing or replacing? When you do we have various ways we can approach your job;

    Serviceteam completes so many jobs during a year that we can often provide you with a fixed price for the works without attending Other jobs require am enquiry to be raised, so we can compile a quotation. Any photos provided will help us to assess requirements. If your project is large or complex, we will assign one of our qualified engineers to visit and prepare a detailed quotation. Alternatively, you can select serviceteam’s Pay by Time option, certainly if you have an emergency or a “to do” list made up of one or several minor jobs. When on site our engineer will appraise the works required and give an indication of how long the works are expected to take. If we are unable to complete the works within the first visit due to the need for extra time or materials, then we will provide you with a fixed price quotation for the extended works for consideration and authorization before proceeding.
    Enquiries can be logged through our website, email, WhatsApp or by calling 020 3538 7067.

    What happens next?
    When booking online the details of your job, including your preferred time slot/s will be sent to our scheduling department where within one working hour, scheduling will assign the appropriately qualified engineer to your job. You will also receive an alert via email confirming your appointment. You can view details of your job and see a photo of the engineer who will be visiting. If we are unable to accommodate your job at the time requested, due to high demands on our resources, we will be in touch with alternative dates.

    Good to know about your deal?
    If our tradesperson assesses your job and believes that the scope of the works need adjusting in terms of time/materials and price, they will seek you approval before the work begins.

    How are tradespeople verified?
    All our tradespeople have the relevant trade specific qualifications, have been rigorously screened and come under serviceteam’s insurance policies.

    How do we charge?
    At the point of booking your service we will log your preferred payment details card number etc. Payment will not be taken from your credit/debit card until the works have been completed, usually within 24 hours. Please note credit card transactions are limited to £150.00. maximum. A copy of your paid invoice and a job-sheet will be emailed to you when payment has been approved. Our dedicated Operations Team, based in London, are on call to discuss any current or future jobs as well as managing your project through to completion. If you prefer to pay with a different card to the one used when booking your appointment, please ask our trades person whilst on site to call the office and update your details.

    How do refunds work?
    You are eligible for a refund if you cancel within 14 days of booking or the job has not been started and is not within the cancellation time frame.

    What if I want to cancel the appointment?
    We understand that priorities and plans change, and you may need to rearrange/cancel your booking. Should this be the case please let us know as soon as possible so we can make the necessary alterations to our work schedules. If we don’t receive enough notice of your cancellation or appointment rescheduling within the terms outlined below, then there is a possibility you will be charged a cancellation fee.

    Cancellation windows
    (1.) A charge of £10.00 (ten pounds) will be payable if the service is cancelled within 24 hours. (2.) If the scheduled appointment is cancelled within 12 hours (or less) a 50% charge of the booking fee will be applied (3.) If the appointment is cancelled when engineer arrives at the property (on the doorstep - photos and times will be provided) and within our texted 3-hour time slot the full booking fee will become payable. None of the above charges are profit items and only contribute to the cost of late cancellation/lost business.

    Do I need to provide parking?
    As you know parking in and around London can be problematic and extremely costly (depending on the area) if a parking space can be reserved for our engineer it would be appreciated and help increase efficiency of the service provided (no feeding meters etc or mobile app updating). The quote we have provided does not include the cost of parking and/or congestion charge which will be added to the final invoice (if applicable). Please inform your personal account manager if any special parking instructions like parking permit/free parking can be provided. For properties on the rim of the congestion zone and it is not possible for our engineer to attend without entering/clipping the charge zone, we may need to add the charge to the final bill ? Please check with your personal account manager in advance of your appointment if you’re not sure?