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No parking or engineer charges and much more!


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Less vans on the road means less pollution!

Use our equote tool to get lightning fast quotes

Alternatively, we do offer site surveys where needed. 😊

Site Survey Quote

Let’s start with the definition of an equote. In simple terms it is an estimate produced electronically and sent over the internet, similar to an email. So, instead of visiting to quote we will send you an equote. It still gives you what you need without a site visit.

An estimate is a rough approximate calculation of the cost and can still be accurate. However, it’s not a fixed price commitment. An estimate is given based on pictures/videos and a written description of the scope of the works required. In the majority of cases a site visit is not necessary.

A quote is a stated fixed price document for the works under specified conditions.

Measurements are key to providing an accurate quotation and in some instances a site visit cannot be avoided. However, when estimating for typical works like heating/plumbing/property renovation we can supply an equote at supersonic speed. This take a large chunk out of our carbon footprint as we aren’t constantly driving from site to site.

The World has changed.

  1. Technology has enabled us to send pictures/videos for the purposes of estimating.
  2. Most customers do not want a visit in fact, 98% of or potential customers prefer to send pictures/videos for an estimate. It was because they were too busy and didn’t have the time for a site visit. Also, some were not 100% sure they actually needed the service and just wanted a price.

Essentially, nothing just a small amount of time to send a few photos/videos from your phone/device.

OK, in a nutshell, visualise receiving a fast accurate estimation without needing to book a site visit, wait for them to arrive, show them around, discuss the works, and told the estimate will be back with them in 48-72 hours. By sending us photos/videos allows our expert estimators to provide you with an accurate estimate normally on the same day if not sooner!  That’s it in a nutshell.

Our tool can help you to receive job quotes lightning fast! Basically, it helps to save time by minimising communication delays and waiting time for the actual visit. Also, it helps to save money by allowing us to review the job digitally and helps to avoid additional parking fees during visits.