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Professional Shower Installation & Replacement in London

Updating your bathroom with a new shower unit can transform it into a spa-like experience. With so many make and models of showers available, choosing the right one to satisfy your needs can be quite daunting. The installation costs will, of course, depend on your choice and its configuration. There are certain factors to think about when selecting a shower unit to ensure it meets the family’s needs.

First, what is the water pressure like in your area? Is it sufficient to give that relaxing spa-like feeling, or do you have to run around under the shower head just to get wet? How quickly does the water flow through the pipe work to the taps and shower? Too low a pressure means it will take much longer to fill a bath or sink, and the shower may only produce a trickle. High pressure is the complete opposite, giving a strong, invigorating shower and being able to fill a bathtub or sink in no time.

When choosing a new shower (e.g., electric), many factors must be considered. If you’re looking for a bespoke design in London, first consider the type of showerhead you want and the type of enclosure.

There are numerous designs available, including:

  • Manual mixer showers
  • Thermostatic mixer showers
  • Electric showers
  • Concealed/exposed showers
  • Digital showers

If your bathroom renovation/upgrade is a step too far, consider consulting serviceteam Ltd, who can provide a high-quality design and repair service with a proper guarantee throughout London at competitive prices. With our expertise, your new shower unit will be installed quickly and efficiently, leaving you to enjoy every relaxing shower.

Maintaining a functional bathroom can be a challenge for homeowners, but serviceteam Ltd. is able to provide a comprehensive range of shower units and replacement parts. Our manufacturing network of suppliers means we can source replacement parts from all over the UK. Our team of professional plumbers will install your new shower or replacement part/s and return the shower to optimal performance.

You can access all the information regarding showers, heating, and electric repair on our website. Our team in London will provide positive diagnostic advice over the phone and assist in sourcing the correct replacement part or shower unit at a competitive price.

Availability and cost

When selecting a shower, you must consider not just the available designs but also the cost. Some shower types may be more unique and appealing, but they could come with a higher price tag than generic types. Additionally, if you opt for a niche product, finding replacement parts may prove challenging, with limited supplier options. It’s important to consider future repair or replacement costs in addition to the initial purchase price. Accessory availability, electricity usage, heating options, and manufacturers, such as Mira and Triton, are also important factors to consider for quality and warranty guarantees.

If you reside in London, where water pressure can be low, you may also want to keep this in mind when selecting your shower type.

Is the water pressure sufficient?

Consulting a serviceteam plumbing engineer regarding concerns about your water pressure makes good sense and should be done before you purchase a new shower or shower head. Why? Well, someone might think that changing the type of your shower head for a bigger one will increase the water pressure – it won’t!

Serviceteam Ltd. London will be able to explain your options, which may include installing a shower pump or upgrading your boiler to cope with any increase in demand.

Is space a problem?

If space is limited, why not install a smaller bath and a corner shower enclosure/cubicle? Many households today are ditching their bathtubs altogether (due to water conservation), freeing up more space for a walk-in shower that runs the length of the bathroom. Shower enclosures/cubicles vary in design; there’s always one available to meet your specific requirements. An enclosure or cubicle that’s easy to maintain is always a good option.

To schedule a shower replacement/ installation, use our dialogue box below to book your service. Alternatively, call us and speak with a team member. A site survey can be arranged to inspect the actual scope of the works, with a ‘fixed price’ quotation to follow.

You can also request an instant quote, which enables you to upload photos and a detailed description of the project. Once received, our team will provide you with an estimate.

If you engage serviceteam, London, for the installation, we will, when on-site, assess the ‘actual scope’ of the works against the estimate and inform you if more materials, time and costs are needed before we proceed. This leaves you in control.

With various options available for shower installation, it’s important to consider each advantage to ensure the best fit for your needs. However, it’s also important to consider practicalities, such as water pressure and the number of outlets available in your location, like London. Sometimes, a compromise may be necessary to ensure effective function. When selecting a shower fitting, be sure to consider factors such as the guarantee they offer, heating options and accessories, and compatibility. Brands like Mira and Triton offer a range of options to suit various needs. For shower installations or replacements in London, get a quote from a professional plumber. Take time to consider shower options that provide a comfortable and functional bathing experience for everyone.

Power shower

Power showers are an excellent option for those upgrading their showering experience. While it’s important not to mistake them for electric showers, power showers do share some similarities. They utilise both hot and cold water supplies and can be augmented with a shower pump for increased pressure. Installing a power shower is ideal for those with a gravity-fed system and a storage tank situated in the loft. If you’re located in London and want to install a power shower, seek a professional who can provide you with a work quote and guarantee their work. Additionally, should you ever need accessories, repair, or replacement services, choosing a reputable provider that charges VAT is essential.

Electric shower

If you’re considering a shower upgrade, install an electric shower might be the best option. This is a popular choice since electric showers are quick and easy to install. Moreover, they come with their own heating element. It’s an affordable option that will stay within the budget.

The advantage? Well, the electric shower doesn’t require a mixer unit, as these showers come with a heating element and only need a cold water supply. Overall, this is a cost-effective way to enjoy a new shower without major renovation work.

Mixer shower

If you’re looking for a practical and reliable shower option, the mixer shower might be the right choice for you. Unlike electric showers, it doesn’t require a power supply, making it a cost-efficient solution. Moreover, it manually combines hot and cold water to regulate the temperature to your liking; even in areas with low water pressure, mixer shower installations work smoothly, a fantastic option for homeowners in London and other places with similar characteristics. Its simplicity also makes it easy to repair or replace accessories, and most models guarantee additional peace of mind. So, if you’re considering replacing your current shower, a mixer shower might be just what you need.

Thermostatic shower

Thermostatic showers have an integral thermostatic valve to avoid scalding and regulate the shower temperature throughout. It is an excellent choice for families, but the water pressure must be sufficient for the best results.

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What's included in this service?

  • You send us a message asking for a service. That message can be from WhatsApp, iMessage, or an email ? whatever your preference.
  • We receive it and send you a link asking you to upload images/videos and a detailed description of what needs to be done.
  • Once received, we will prepare an estimate. If you want to proceed with the work, we will, once on site, assess the ‘actual’ scope of the work against the estimate, and if more materials, accessories or time is required, we will inform you before we proceed. This leaves you in complete control.

What will it cost:

It will depend on the make/model of the shower unit or the manufacturer’s replacement part cost. Our plumbing engineers are skilled at fixing, replacing or improving all types of showers, shower valves, thermostatic concealed showers and shower pumps. Get a Equote Now

What's not included in this service?

  • Any congestion zone or parking charges will be added at costs to the final bill (unless a parking permit for the duration of the visit is provided.
  • A quote for replacement parts will be provided once the parts have been sourced.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to install a shower room?

A Complete shower room installation costs can range from £2,000 to £9,000, based on the size, design scale, furniture and plumbing configuration. This is when you need to do your homework on the furniture you ‘want’ as opposed to what you ‘need’; you may need to compromise. You probably know the plumbing suppliers’ websites to understand the cost of materials and the budget you can afford. Then when you’ve decided, it’s worth negotiating with the supplier/retailer to see if you can get a reduction.

Q: Do I need a plumber for a new shower install?

If you are replacing an electric shower, then plumbing and electrical experience are needed. Don’t dabble if you think you can save a few £’s, as DIY lives matter! It’s always best to call serviceteam Ltd.

Q: Do I need a professional plumber to replace an electric shower?

Yes, we would recommend it. Don’t take any chances yourself since electricity and water are dangerous bedfellows! They are hazardous and should only be handled cautiously.

Q: How can I find shower replacement parts?

By going online, plenty of websites can help you find the correct replacement unit or part, but why put yourself to all that bother when serviceteam Ltd. searches on your behalf? Installing a shower replacement part is bread and butter for serviceteam Ltd., having installed 1,000 of them in our customers’ homes all over London.


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