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Shower Repair

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What type of trade can carry out a shower fix?

A: Generally, a plumber is the right professional to carry out a shower fix but sometimes you need an electrician too if the connections are remote controlled. That is why we at Serviceteam provide technicians that are capable in both services. It saves customers the hassle of trying to book two different trades to arrive on the same day at the same time (not easy).

Q: What can I do if the shower is leaking?

A: The best option on every occasion, is to engage a qualified plumbing engineer to fix the shower. Sometimes the work may appear simple and straightforward, but often this is not the case. It takes years of experience, knowledge and expertise to repair leaks to modern or aged showers.

Q: What can cause a shower to leak?

A: The truth is that there might be a variety of factors contributing to a leaking shower, from worn seals to poor connections, damaged shower hoses etc. Each problem will need to be handled individually.

Q: How can I detect if water is leaking behind a wall?

A: This is a difficult one. You may hear running water from behind a wall, when the taps/water supplies are turned off. In some cases, you may observe a wet/damp carpet or find a wall or area of flooring that is constantly damp – both indicate that water is seeping in from somewhere. Check for any discoloration on the interior walls or ceilings, as this could be another indicator of a water leak.

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Q: Do I need an electrician to fix an electric shower leak?

A: Not necessarily. If you contact serviceteam we will provide a plumbing engineer with ‘Part P’ qualifications who is qualified to handle both services (plumbing and electrical). This means you don’t need to make multiple calls to locate a plumber and an electrician to fix an electric shower leak. It takes just one call to serviceteam to book your service, that's all! Plus all the work is guaranteed for 12 months.