Resealing bath & shower trays, silicone & mastic

Resealing Bath & Shower Tray

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Bath & Shower Tray Silicone Replacement

Bath & Shower Tray Silicone Replacement In London

Over time, it is common for the silicone sealant around baths (reseal baths), shower trays, and sinks to deteriorate. In certain instances, unsightly black mould spots may develop, compromising the appearance of an otherwise neat and tidy bathroom. Additionally, bathroom sealant may lose its adhesion and detach from surfaces, potentially resulting in water leaks or water seepage beneath tiles, leading to tiles lifting.

What is Silicone?

Silicone is a versatile synthetic compound in various forms, including oil, rubber, and resin. It is also known for its heat resistance and rubber-like properties.

However, silicone is a versatile and durable product used in various applications in and around a house. It provides an effective seal around bathroom shower trays, sinks, baths and the kitchen. However, it is essential to apply the sealant correctly and prepare the surface thoroughly by removing all the old sealant before applying the new sealant. Surfaces need to be clean and dry to ensure adhesion. A sealant gun and a sealant finishing tool are recommended to get a clean, even fillet/concave finish. Silicone sealant can last many years, providing a reliable seal to keep water and moisture away.

Like anything, silicone does have a service life and will deteriorate over the long term. Once it looks ‘tired’ or cracked, it can lose its effectiveness allowing water to seep into cracks and crevices. This condition could lead to dampness and rot or a build-up of mould, which can pose potential health risks. This is particularly common in showers or baths, where constant movement can cause silicone detachment.

When it comes to bathroom or shower repairs, it’s crucial to monitor any areas that may have cracked or lifted. These vulnerable spots can lead to serious dampness issues if left untreated, which is why it’s crucial to re-silicone them promptly to remove the dampness. If you need help with resealing, Serviceteam is here for you. Our professional plumbers in London have years of experience across London, and we offer 24/7 service to ensure that your resealing work and repairs are handled promptly. To apply new silicone, get the right gun, remove any old product, and thoroughly clean and dry the area before applying the new seal.

Our engineers have years of experience with bathroom-related problems, so you can easily find a reliable shower resealing service near you. Whether you require a new sealant application, grout replacement, or even a new shower installation or bathroom installation, we can help.
Contact us now and engage in a conversation with a team member who will provide you with assistance.

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A makeover may be necessary if your bathroom or shower looks old and worn out. Removing aged, damaged, mould-ridden silicone can freshen up your bathroom/shower enclosure. Additionally, you can use our service to renew/reseal baths, shower trays and sinks to eliminate leaks, creating a polished and tidy look.

Considering the many companies offering comparable services, below are a few factors to consider when choosing serviceteam.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing is one of many factors that set us aside. We aim to keep our charges minimum, with our fixed price quotation promise (once we have thoroughly surveyed the work).

Guaranteed Workmanship

It’s not about the task size; our skilled tradespeople guarantee unwavering professionalism and exceptional workmanship. All work and materials come with a 12-month guarantee.

Friendly Head Office Team

Our team of friendly advisors and tradespeople is readily available to provide guidance and assistance for all your project needs. As a trusted business, we have gained recognition and trust from our customers, which you can verify by accessing our customer reviews on Checkatrade, WHICH? Trusted Trader and Trustpilot. Please take a look. We hope you like what you read.

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What's included in this service?

  • A Fixed Price: For a fixed price, our tradesperson will neatly apply the silicone sealant around your bath, shower tray or sink etc. We are fully confident in the expertise and skills of our silicone resealing tradespeople.
  • A 12-Month Warranty: All work is covered by a 12-month workmanship guarantee.
  • High-Quality Antifungal Silicone Sealant: Our services exclusively utilise high-quality antifungal silicone sealant for your resealing need. We believe in delivering superior results to ensure lasting solutions.

What will it cost:

  • Bath & Shower Tray reseal ? Prices are fixed, starting from £129 + Vat each.
  • Add £75 + Vat if you like the resealed complete shower enclosure.
  • Add £30 + Vat for any other silicone works.

What's not included in this service?

  • Any congestion zone or parking fees (unless a parking permit can be provided for the duration of the visit).
  • Any re-grouting of tiles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you need to remove the old silicone first before applying the new silicone?

Yes, every time! If you apply a new silicone sealant, you must remove all old and damaged silicone completely; otherwise, the adhesion will be compromised, resulting in poor performance, and you will be back at square one again!

Q: How often should the bath and shower trays be resealed?

The lifespan of silicone is influenced only by the quality of the sealant chosen. Bathing/showering twice daily throughout the year can accelerate the need for repair or replacement. Recognising some warning signs that demand attention, such as mould growth, silicone cracking and damp patches, is vital. Damp patches can indicate seepage between the silicone and bath or shower tray and, in the worst-case scenario, potentially reach the floor below.

Q: What is the expected time for the silicone to fully set and take effect?

Generally, a sealant should be left for 24 hours to cure and seal properly and to guarantee a leak-free joint.

Even with the best materials that can accelerate the drying process, we still recommend 24 hours to err on the side of caution. Impatience is one of the major causes of failure; short-cutting the recommended drying/curing time will result in failure, which you don’t want. Our tradesperson, of course, will advise you upon project completion.

Q: How much does it cost?

Following the survey, we can issue a fixed-price quotation. We can provide an estimate if we have priced the works via photos/videos. Once on site, the ‘actual’ scope of the works can be assessed against the estimate, and if more time or materials are needed, we will inform you before we commence work leaving you in control.


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