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    Resealing bath & shower trays,
    silicone & mastic
    from £95 + Vat

    Resealing Bath and Shower Tray

    Silicone is a useful product with many applications in and around the house due to its durability. For instance, in bathrooms, it’s used to seal shower trays, sinks, and baths. In the kitchen, it’s used to get that perfect ‘fillet’ finish effect between tile and work surface. It is also widely used to seal around window frames. However, like most things it has a service life and can begin to look ‘tired’ and or underperform allowing water to seep into places it’s not supposed to go i.e. under the shower tray/bath leading to a flood, rot, or a build-up of mould which can lead to possible health risks and expensive repairs. Silicone around window frames usually lasts for decades but on a shower tray or bath that is constantly subject to movement, the silicone can become detached causing problems relatively quickly.

    If you notice any areas that are beginning to peel back or break loose causing water to leak into your bathroom it’s probably time to get it repaired or renewed before any permanent water damage. At serviceteam Ltd we have trade professionals who have years of experience in this field ready to serve you 24/7 all across London.

    What's included in this service?

    • A Fixed Price: For a fixed price one of our tradesmen will neatly and effectively renew the silicone sealant around your bath.
    • Neatly & effectively renewal of the silicone sealant: We are confident in the quality of our engineers and will complete an onsite inspection of the silicone finish before leaving.
    • A Year Long Warranty: All silicone replaced by serviceteam is guaranteed for 12 months and our work comes with a serviceteam backed workmanship guarantee.
    • >High Quality Anti Fungal Silicone Sealant

    What's not included in this service?

    • Any congesting zone and parking fees
    • Any re grouting of tiles

      More questions about our sealing service? Read our FAQs


    Bath and shoer tray Re-sealing

    Is your bathroom or shower tray is showing signs of mould or is just looking tired then it’s time to consider having it resealed or refreshed, keeping them leak free and looking tidy once more.

    What else is being sealed

    Although the service mainly includes resealing Bath and shower trays in London, you can also consult our handymen for resealing basins and sinks. However, that will add up to extra charges. You will be handed a quote that will include an estimate of the total charges. After your approval, our man will get to work straight away.

    Other Plumbing Service Include

  • Toilet Unblocking
  • Warm Air Boiler breakdown repair
  • Toilet repair
  • Saniflo macerator repair
  • Water Leak repair
  • Shower valve repair replacement
  • Tap replacement
  • Electric shower replacement
  • Shower Pump replacement
  • Electric Boiler Repair
  • Centerla hating Powerflush
  • If you are looking for any of the aforementioned services at the best prices in London, kindly contact Serviceteam via our landline number or go online to arrange a survey. Our friendly staff members are on hand to receive your call.

    Why Serviceteam?

    Since there are a lot of companies providing the same services, here are some major reasons why you should consider serviceteam Ltd for your project however large or small.:

    Competitive Pricing

    Among many factors that set us aside, competitive pricing is one of them. We aim to keep our charges to a minimum with our fixed price quote promise, once we have thoroughly surveyed the work needed.

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    Guaranteed Workmanship

    No matter what the task our qualified tradespeople will ensure total professionalism and workmanship. All work and materials come with a 12 month guarantee giving you peace of mind.

    Friendly Team Advisors and Trust

    For advice and help with you project our friendly team of advisors will provide helpful information as will our tradespeople when on site. We have over the years gained trust and recognition from our customers which can be confirmed by accessing our customer review platform on Checkatrade or TrustPilot.

    No surprises with Charges!

    No matter how challenging your project you will know how much you will be charged.

    Charges incurred:

  • Labour/Materials/parts ordered/needed.
  • Ultra-Low emission zones.
  • You won’t be charged for:

  • Travel time charges.
  • Fuel Consumption charges.
  • Congestion charges
  • What you get

  • 24/7, 365 Availability.
  • Dedicated Service support manager for additional help.
  • 1-year Serviceteam Guarantee.
  • Dedicated professional tradespeople
  • Great Workman Ship
  • Areas coverage

    We operate all over London and surrounding areas.


    Q: How often should the bath and shower trays be resealed?
    A: Well, it depends on the usage. Used twice a day 365 day a year will of course accelerate repair/replacement. A general rule of thumb would be approximately every 2-years. To meet or exceed this ‘rule of thumb’ we use only the best high-quality waterproof latex sealants for your project.

    Q: How long should you leave the bath sealant?
    A: Generally, a sealant should be left for 24 hours to cure and seal to be absolutely sure. Even with the best materials that can accelerate the drying process we would still recommend a full 24 hours to be on the safe side. Disappointingly we have read of quick drying silicone that hasn’t properly ‘cured’ (drying time too short or impatience) resulting in the job having to be redone, not something we want. Our tradesperson of course will advise you upon completion of the project.

    Q: How much does it cost?
    A:After the survey (physical or from photos) and depending on the magnitude of the work i.e. removal and replacement of the silicone which can be time consuming, we will provide you with a fixed price quotation (again no surprises). We will not proceed until approval has been received.

    Q: Do you need to remove the old sealant before you apply a new one?
    A: Yes! If you decide to apply a new silicone sealant it’s necessary to completely remove the old/damages/aged layer, otherwise, it won’t adhere/seal correctly and you will be back to square one!

    Q; How do I remove silicone residue on my own?
    A: Although our tradespeople will do everything related to the task you may want to tackle it yourself If so here are a few tips:

    1. Score the surface of the silicone, spray with WD-40 – leave for 20 minutes. Wait for it to soften and then vigorously remove with a sealant removal tool (plastic) to prevent damage to the surroundings areas.
    2. A professional chemical sealant remover is also available at any retailers.
    3. You can also use a sharp knife or razor blade but make sure the razorblade is held firmly similar to a retractable razor blades scraper used for windows, glass or glue (always put safety first when using sharp implements).
    4. After cleaning the surface, wait for it to thoroughly dry off before applying the new silicone.

    Serviceteam guarantee London

    We're committed to working with the best
    The Serviceteam Guarantee gives you the peace of mind for all of our home renovation projects, small or large

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    We're committed to working with the best
    The Serviceteam Guarantee gives you the peace of mind for all of our home renovation projects, small or large

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    The serviceteam process

    Choose your preferred method? If not now but certainly in the future you’re likely to have something in your home or premises that needs repairing or replacing? When you do we have various ways we can approach your job;
    • Serviceteam completes so many jobs during a year that we can often provide you with a fixed price for the works without attending
    • Other jobs require am enquiry to be raised, so we can compile a quotation. Any photos provided will help us to assess requirements.
    • If your project is large or complex, we will assign one of our qualified engineers to visit and prepare a detailed quotation.
    • Alternatively, you can select serviceteam’s Pay by Time option, certainly if you have an emergency or a “to do” list made up of one or several minor jobs. When on site our engineer will appraise the works required and give an indication of how long the works are expected to take. If we are unable to complete the works within the first visit due to the need for extra time or materials, then we will provide you with a fixed price quotation for the extended works for consideration and authorisation before proceeding.
    Enquiries can be logged through our website, email, WhatsApp or by calling 020 3538 7067.

    What happens next?
    When booking online the details of your job, including your preferred time slot/s will be sent to our scheduling department where within one working hour, scheduling will assign the appropriately qualified engineer to your job. You will also receive an alert via email confirming your appointment. You can view details of your job and see a photo of the engineer who will be visiting. If we are unable to accommodate your job at the time requested, due to high demands on our resources, we will be in touch with alternative dates.

    Good to know about your deal?
    If our tradesperson assesses your job and believes that the scope of the works need adjusting in terms of time/materials and price, they will seek you approval before the work begins.

    How are tradespeople verified?
    All our tradespeople have the relevant trade specific qualifications, have been rigorously screened and come under serviceteam’s insurance policies.

    How do we charge?
    At the point of booking your service we will log your preferred payment details card number etc. Payment will not be taken from your credit/debit card until the works have been completed, usually within 24 hours. Please note credit card transactions are limited to £150.00. maximum. A copy of your paid invoice and a job-sheet will be emailed to you when payment has been approved. Our dedicated Operations Team, based in London, are on call to discuss any current or future jobs as well as managing your project through to completion. If you prefer to pay with a different card to the one used when booking your appointment, please ask our trades person whilst on site to call the office and update your details.

    How do refunds work?
    You are eligible for a refund if you cancel within 14 days of booking or the job has not been started and is not within the cancellation time frame.

    What if I want to cancel the appointment?
    We understand that priorities and plans change, and you may need to rearrange/cancel your booking. Should this be the case please let us know as soon as possible so we can make the necessary alterations to our work schedules. If we don’t receive enough notice of your cancellation or appointment rescheduling within the terms outlined below, then there is a possibility you will be charged a cancellation fee.

    Cancellation windows
    (1.) A charge of £10.00 (ten pounds) will be payable if the service is cancelled within 24 hours. (2.) If the scheduled appointment is cancelled within 12 hours (or less) a 50% charge of the booking fee will be applied (3.) If the appointment is cancelled when engineer arrives at the property (on the doorstep - photos and times will be provided) and within our texted 3-hour time slot the full booking fee will become payable. None of the above charges are profit items and only contribute to the cost of late cancellation/lost business.

    Do I need to provide parking?
    As you know parking in and around London can be problematic and extremely costly (depending on the area) if a parking space can be reserved for our engineer it would be appreciated and help increase efficiency of the service provided (no feeding meters etc or mobile app updating). The quote we have provided does not include the cost of parking and/or congestion charge which will be added to the final invoice (if applicable). Please inform your personal account manager if any special parking instructions like parking permit/free parking can be provided. For properties on the rim of the congestion zone and it is not possible for our engineer to attend without entering/clipping the charge zone, we may need to add the charge to the final bill ? Please check with your personal account manager in advance of your appointment if you’re not sure?

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