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Gutter Repairs in London

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to repair a loose gutter?

It depends on the length of the guttering material i.e., PVC, steel, cast iron cement etc. The average cost can be between £25 to £30 per meter plus VAT plus labour.

Q: How do you repair minor gutter leaks?

If the leaks are minimal they can be fixed using a clear or coloured silicon compound. 

Q: Should gutters be repaired or replaced?

Only a site survey could determine that. Alternatively, send us some photos together with a description of the problem and we will provide an estimate for the work.  If you go ahead with the work, when we are on site our tradesperson will assess the ‘actual’ scope of the works against the estimate and advise if more time or materials are needed, before we commence work. This leaves you in complete control.

Q: Can plumbers fix gutters?

According to UK regulations, a roof plumber/tradesperson who is experienced in this type of work would be the best person to hire. We have all the services and trades you are likely to need at Serviceteam.