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Selecting the best Gutter repair company

Your new guttering has been installed and you naturally want to keep it well maintained. Correctly installed it will divert water away from your property and prevent any water damage.

Mid to late October is when leaves fall and are generally the main culprits of blocked guttering, stopping rainwater from flowing to drain. Even newly installed guttering is subject to blocking unless cleaned thoroughly when autumn is over.

Climbing up your triple extension ladder to remove leaves that have blocked the gutter and downpipe is a daunting task. If you can avoid this task all well and good. To combat this inconvenience, there are a few accessories like a ‘gutter guard’ or ‘hedgehog gutter brush’, both of which are effective leaf catchers!.

Your new guttering with these attachments should keep them maintenance-free for many years.If you are considering installing guttering and need a reputable and reliable company then bear in mind the following:
First, be very cautious if you are ‘cold’ called by a ‘trader’ who advises you that you have issues with your guttering, offering to fix them on the spot! Often when the ‘trader’ is at gutter level, they inform you of other problems and the cost escalates! The vulnerable are prime targets for these ‘rogue traders’.

Before engaging a trader run a few checks on them, as there are many companies who claim to be the cheapest or the best or both!`

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What should you look for when selecting a company?

Always do your research

Does the company have a reputation for quality installations/repairs? Are they a bone fide registered trader? Do they have a presence on Checkatrade or Trustpilot? What do their customer review platforms say about them?

Do they have a head office and contact number? Are they only contactable by mobile phone? Do they only accept cash without a receipt?

Do they have a website? Do they offer guarantees on their workmanship? Do they have adequate insurance cover? Do they offer fixed prices quotations before proceeding with the work?

Do they wear a uniform and carry ID? Is the company van sign written? How long have they been trading? Can you find them on the Companies House website https://www.gov.uk/get-information-about-a-company ?

Their many checks you can conduct to give you peace of mind. If you don’t you could be the victim of an expensive SCAM!
By the way, service team ticks all the above boxes.

See the company license

Businesses in the main, require a general business license in order to operate in cities or a specific county. It’s a backup option if you cannot get any satisfactory answers to the above questions. A company registered with a local council is another way to check their reputation.

Also, local Trading Standards may have a ‘Rogues Gallery’ of blacklisted traders who should be given a wide berth. A reputable trader will always be transparent with their customers.

Check customer feedback

A glowing track record from happy customers is usually an excellent benchmark to measure a company’s reputation by. Most importantly, its customer service record.

Has the service you have received been friendly, helpful, informative, did you feel welcome, was the attitude professional, were solutions given to solve an issue? A positive attitude defines a business.

Contact a company and gauge your experience, are you satisfied with it? If so you’ve chosen correctly!.

Looking for a company in Greater London that meets all the above?

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