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Professional Bidet Installers In London

A bidet may not be as popular in our country as in other European countries, but they are an essential bathroom fixture for many countries worldwide. The benefits of installed bidets go beyond just basic hygiene, as they can cut down on the use of toilet paper, which in a small way leads to a more eco-friendly environment. However, if you’re thinking of having one installed, it’s best to get a professional plumber to install the bidet/douche and prevent any risks with wastewater.

Bidet installation can be a great addition to your home. Still, it is important to ensure the installation is done correctly to prevent any risks, such as backflow or water supply contamination. At serviceteam we understand the importance of accurate information regarding bidet installation services in London. Our team of professional plumbers is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the douche install, its process, cost, and prevention measures.

Therefore you can get the help of our experienced plumbers, who can provide you with the latest news and information on bidet/douche installation so that you can make an informed decision.
Contact us today to schedule an appointment and have your bidet/douche installed without any worry about water spray or supply problems.

When searching for a reputable property maintenance, there are a few reasons why you should consider serviceteam London.

Our plumbing team has decades of experience in plumbing, including bidet installation and toilet repairs. Plus, we stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in the industry to ensure you receive the best service possible. No matter your project’s size, we commit to providing cost-effective solutions. So whether you need help with a large-scale commercial project or a small home renovation, serviceteam London is the team you can put your trust in.

Competitive Pricing

We get that cost is a major factor in most things. So, we take pride in offering competitive pricing options without compromising quality. Whether it’s an installation service for a toilet, shower, or bidet, we promise to keep our charges to a minimum.

Guaranteed Workmanship

We take pride in our professional workmanship to ensure it meets the customers’ expectations. No matter how large or small the project, our qualified tradespeople will ensure it’s completed to the highest standard.

Friendly Team Advisors

Having a friendly team of advisors and a dedicated account manager can make all the difference. Just one call to your account manager will save you time, as they will be no strangers to your project. Serviceteam London has worked hard over the years to earn the trust of our customers. See for yourself by clicking on the Checkatrade, WHICH Trusted Trader or Trustpilot links above.

At serviceteam, we understand the importance of having high-quality features in your home. That’s why we offer various installation services, including fitting bidets to your existing plumbing pipework. Our experienced estimators can provide a free estimate from photos, or alternatively, why not book a site survey for an accurate assessment of the installation cost?

If you’ve never used serviceteam before and you need reassurance, then go to the customer review platforms on Checkatrade or Trustpilot. If you like the reviews and need a professional bidet installation or any other plumbing requirement, contact us now!

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What's included in this service?

  • A Fixed Price: We maintain complete transparency in our pricing, with no hidden cost, and ensure your satisfaction with the quoted price before proceeding with the work (upon completion of a site survey).
  • Our experienced engineers are available to provide their expertise without the need for an annual homecare contract.
  • Additionally, our work and materials come with a year-long guarantee for your peace of mind.

What will it cost?

FloQuote: Instant, Free, No-Obligation Quotes
Our estimation department will use the information provided to generate an estimate. This service is completely free.

If you go ahead, once the plumbing engineer is on-site, the actual scope of the work and the material supply will be compared with the estimate. If there is any variation, i.e., more materials or time is needed, we will let you know before we commence work. This leaves you in complete control.

With other minor maintenance tasks, our estimators can give accurate estimates based on photos received via email or our Business WhatsApp account.

What's not included in this service?

  • Any congestion charges or parking charges (unless a parking permit can be provided for the duration of the engineer's visit).
Douche Installation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to install the bidet myself?

Yes, it is, provided you possess adequate plumbing knowledge. However, we recommend engaging an experienced plumbing engineer for the installation to avoid any piping or water pressure issues.

Q: Should I inform my water supplier about the planned plumbing work?

Yes, you should. However, not everyone is up to date on these regulations. The regulations have been introduced to ensure any installation meets water regulations to keep drinking water supplies safe and healthy. The regulations apply to everyday plumbing installations, i.e., bidets and baths of a specific size.

Q: Who supplies the bidet/taps for the installation?

We offer flexibility in this regard. We can provide the bidets with all the necessary components for proper functioning. Alternatively, you can source all the parts, and we will install them accordingly.

Q: Can I request a free quote?

Absolutely! We offer the convenience of providing free quotes based on photos and a detailed description of the work needed. To initiate the process, complete the form and click the button above (Floquote).


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