Toilet & Sink Unblocking

Toilet & Sink Unblocking in London

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Toilet and Sink Unblocking in London.

There’s’ nothing more inconvenient than an overflowing WC or a blocked drainage system.
You only want to discharge the waste into the sewer, not all over the bathroom floor! However, it will happen if there is a blockage somewhere in the drainage system. A persistent blockage can turn the bathroom into a ‘No Go’ area until a qualified drainage service company has visited to remove the blockage.

Blocked and overflowing WCs, and drains can cause health problems if not immediately attended to those repairs.

An awareness of WC blockages

We’ve covered many reasons for blocked drains, blocked toilets and drainage cleaning above, but you will need to be vigilant and make sure every family member understands what cannot be flushed toilets (WC). Family awareness and good WC management can avoid unnecessary blockages in your sink and drains. So, stick to the rules of flushing!

The lack of a few simple rules can cause blocked drains that necessitate emergency repairs and services. Wet wipes are the biggest culprit, responsible for 90% of blocked drains and sewers and often appearing on the landscape in rivers and beaches. Other products to avoid flushing down the toilet include cotton buds, sanitary products, baby wipes, dental floss and paper towels, food waste and even fat from fast food places. Unblocking blocked drains can be expensive and time-consuming if not done in an organised manner by professional cleaning service providers or emergency cleaning services. To avoid this situation, it’s best to familiarise yourself with what items should not be put down your toilet or drains in order to find a cost-effective solution for blocked drains before they happen. If you get blocked drains, then your best bet is to contact emergency unblocking services as soon as possible before it costs more than necessary to repair.

London is a fast-paced metropolis where unforeseen issues like drainage blockages often pop up in our homes. We can often remove the blockage and drain cleaning with some simple tools. There is a limit, however, as to the size of blockages that can be attempted by a keen DIY-er – those being the really obstinate ones!

However, the difficulties come into play when the issue goes deeper than expected – they may be stubborn blockages that require a professional service to remove them. Thus, it’s always advisable to get emergency services or call an expert drainage technician based in London to repair any potential damages and tackle any drain cleaning needs we may not be able to do ourselves. This way, you won’t risk causing ‘backups’ of water from your sink, toilet or bath – which can become more damaging if left unresolved for too long.

Toilets are designed for a specific purpose – to help dispose of human waste. However, it is common to find that despite the toilet’s simple concept, the wrong items are still being flushed, quickly leading to blockages in your sink/drains.

Wet wipes, Cotton buds, Plasters, Dental floss, Food scraps, bones etc. Cooking oil, Paint, Sanitary items, Cigarette butts, Condoms, Thinners, Pet litter, Prescribed medicines, Small children’s toys*

*It’s important for parents to educate their children to ensure unflushable items are not placed in the toilets. Remind them that any toys, however small or large, are prohibited. It’s only Wee and Poo and toilet paper that is allowed. That way, you can keep your WC functioning optimally and blockage free.

The soil stack is a pipe that runs vertically up the side of the property. Air can enter the soil stack through the top allowing the water to move freely. It also allows ‘smelly’ gasses to exit the property.

A soil stack rarely causes problems but can become clogged with leaves or twigs over time. If you need help cleaning the soil stack, you can seek professional assistance from serviceteam in London.

You may well know what a toilet trap is. At one hand where it prevents any dirt, smelly sewerage entering your home, its blockage will give you headaches in the form of drain overflow. This is mainly caused due to the accumulation of the above-mentioned materials. Just make sure you put nothing that can block it.

A common question asked by many is, ‘why choose serviceteam? Well, we get all customer questions, interests and problems seriously, as it helps us understand your needs and develop more specific services.

If you’re on the fence about choosing serviceteam for your toilet/drain unblocking project, then review our testimonials on Checkatrade of Trustpilot Review platforms. Customer satisfaction is our objective; we hope our customer reviews testify to that.

Toilet and sink unblocking

An unpleasant job most shy away from, serviceteam doesn’t! Our engineer will arrive on site fully prepared to tackle the toilet blockage.

Best Prices

When it comes to pricing, we understand that being competitive is key. That’s why all our quotes are fixed and straightforward – no hidden fees or surprise costs. Should the work require access to a concealed area, we will clearly outline any extra materials or time needed in advance, so you know exactly what it will cost.

Professional Experience

Serviceteam only provides the best professionals to undertake every project in London. With years of expertise and experience, our team ensures that each customer’s expectations are met. Satisfaction is guaranteed with our services!


One main factor differentiating one service provider from another is the professional approach taken. Acknowledging this fact, serviceteam plumbing engineers in London will make sure your project is completed to the highest standard. Also, our customer-friendly staff are there to help with any emergency issues. Everything will be done under your supervision to ensure your satisfaction towards our services.

Customer Trust and Satisfaction

Over the years, we’ve gone above and beyond to serve customers in Greater London and its surrounding areas faithfully, so much so that our customers trust us! All can be verified on Checkatrade and WHICH? Platforms.

Friendly staff

When suppliers give first-class service, they have something in common – a customer-friendly attitude. We value every customer who has chosen serviceteam and will always do our best to ensure a positive experience whenever you get our support. Some toilet unblocking is something skilled DIY-er can manage themselves; however, if you have no experience or an emergency situation, call serviceteam to fix the issue for you.

If you need a qualified plumber in London to remove your sink or drain blockage, then call serviceteam. We will provide an efficient and reliable drainage service for sanitary repairs/replacements in Greater London and surrounding areas. Serviceteam repair gutters, Saniflo Macerator Repair and replacement, and much more. Our professional plumbing specialists can handle any domestic plumbing work. Our head office team in London is available to answer any questions and arrange an engineer’s visit.

Visit our blog page to learn more about the types of safety certificates landlords must have for their rented property in the UK.

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What's included in this service?

  • Serviceteam will send a plumbing engineer to clear your blocked WC, sink/shower/bath!
  • Our engineers in London and surrounding areas will clear all blockages and repair drains for a fixed price, with no hidden extras.
  • We can clear most blockages and clean the drains with rods without the help of mechanical equipment. This is referred to as a ‘standard unblock’.
  • Mechanical equipment may be required if we cannot clear your blockage with a ‘standard, unblock’. More stubborn drain blockages require high-powered mechanical and jetting equipment referred to as a ‘machine unblock’.

What will it cost:

  • Standard unblock – Prices start from £81 + Vat
  • If we are unable to clear your blockage with a ‘standard unblock’, mechanical equipment may be required. More obstinate blockages need a ‘machine unblock’ consisting of high-powered mechanical and jetting equipment.
  • Machine unblock (POA) is payable only when the blockage is cleared.
  • For deeper routed blockages that even our mechanical equipment has been unable to fix, we will provide you with a further works quote to resolve.
  • For domestic blockages in drains, sinks and toilets, rods are enough to deal with the blockage (standard unblock).

What's not included in this service?

  • Any congestion zone or parking charges ? This will be added at cost to the final bill (unless a parking permit for the duration of the visit is provided).
Toilet & Sink Unblocking
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I unblock a toilet?

Well, it is reassuring to know that unblocking a toilet isn’t too tricky. A simple method is to pour hot water into the toilet bowl and let it settle for a few minutes to soften the waste. Then use a plunger with a vigorous up and down movement; this helps to dissolve blockage by forcing it through the pipe. It is the easiest method to unblock your WC.

Q: What are the charges if you are unable to clear the blockage?

On rare occasions when we cannot clear the blockage without more intrusive access, the charge will be £90 + VAT. A full report, including any recommendations for further works, will be outlined, plus a quotation for the remedial work and repairs.

Q: Will I be charged for the standard and machine unblock?

No. Our engineers will attempt a standard unblock first; if this doesn’t work and a machine unblock is needed, you will be charged separately for the individual service.

Q: Is it safe to unblock a toilet with a bleach?

Yes, you can unblock your toilet easily with bleach (depending on the severity of the blockage). First, pour a couple of kettles full of boiling water into the toilet bowl and then add ¼ bottle of bleach (always wear protective clothing). Wait a couple of minutes (for the reaction to work), and then flush the toilet. Repeat the process if not successful until the blockage has dissolved.


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