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Landlord and Homebuyers Package

  • Prices start from £230 + Vat
  • Professional Reports
  • Remedial quotations
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
  • Gas Safety Certifications and much more

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A homebuyer’s Report is invaluable for anyone considering buying a property. The Report contains an in-depth inspection of the structure and condition of a property, which helps potential buyers make a more informed decision on the purchase. A homebuyer’s Report will assess everything from the roof to the electrics and plumbing and highlight any issues that need attention. Knowing the extent of the repairs or replacement costs can influence the buyer’s decision. With this knowledge, homebuyers become confident to make an informed decision and avoid entering into the transaction with eyes wide shut!

The pack consist of,

For landlords and homeowners, an Annual Gas Safety Certificate ensures that all gas appliances within the building/house have been checked and are safe to use. These certificates can only be issued by a certified gas-safe engineer. As a landlord, your primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of your tenants. One of the ways you can do this is by obtaining a Gas Safety Certificate every 12 months. This certificate serves as proof that all gas appliances in your property have been inspected and are in good condition. It is vital that the certificate is valid, current, and not expired to avoid any potential hazards. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in a high risk to your tenants’ safety and even invalidate your property insurance coverage. By keeping your Gas Safety Certificate updated, you can rest assured that your tenants are safe and your property is fully covered.

Electrical safety in tenanted properties and offices is an essential paramount duty. As a landlord or homeowner, it’s important to prioritise the safety of your property and those who reside within it. Our team of qualified electricians understand the gravity of this responsibility, which is why we offer Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) as part of our services. These assessments thoroughly examine the condition of your property’s wiring and associated fittings to ensure they are safe and up to code. For landlords, EICRs must be completed every time a tenant changes or every 5 years, while homeowners should have one conducted at least every 10 years. Let us help you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property/house is safe and secure.

As a homeowner, plumbing maintenance can be unpredictable, time-consuming and costly. Common issues such as clogged toilets, leaky pipes and central heating problems are just some of the most frequent plumbing problems we encounter. These are just a few things you would want to be sorted out before signing any property agreement. Our professional plumbers will repair any plumbing issues (large or small) you are likely to encounter, from a leaky tap or pipe, central heating issues, or the repair and or installation of any household appliance. Feel free to contact us for all your Plumbing Services needs.

As a homeowner or landlord, your home’s central heating is essential to your family’s heating needs. It’s so inconvenient when the boiler suddenly packs up, especially during winter! Taking positive steps by having your boiler serviced annually could protect you from winter and year-round breakdowns. So, when is the best time to have your boiler serviced? Ideally, in September/October, ensure it’s trouble-free and ready to tackle whatever winter throws at us. An annual boiler service can help to preempt any potential problems before they become problematic and expensive to fix.

If your boiler is still under guarantee, the manufacturers will stipulate (in their terms) that it’s serviced annually. If there is a break in the servicing continuity, the repair cost may be your responsibility.

Maintaining a regular service schedule for your boiler is an essential aspect of preserving its function and longevity. As part of the guarantee agreement, manufacturers typically stipulate that annual servicing is mandatory. Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to unforeseen costs and inconvenience, particularly if there is a need for boiler repair. When you repair the boiler, the cost may fall on your shoulders. Hence, keeping track of your servicing continuity is essential. You can ensure that your boiler remains in good working condition by staying on top of its maintenance, even if that means scheduling services slightly ahead of time. A proactive approach to maintenance can help you save time, money, and hassle in the long run.

Numerous home insurance policies are available in the market that can cover boiler repairs when you are in need. If you are considering buying or renting a house, it is essential to be aware that not all home insurance policies cover boiler repairs. Of course, nobody wants their boiler to break down and cause major problems, but having a policy that can help to make those costs more manageable can be a great financial relief. It is always worth researching and comparing policies before committing to one to get the most out of your money and ensure you get the best coverage for your needs. With such a wide range of available packages, there is sure to be something that meets your interests and budget. Don’t be stuck with unexpected bills – ensure you have adequate home insurance if you need help with any unanticipated boiler repairs.

A Portable Appliance Test ensures all electrical devices on a property, house or construction site are safe to use. These tests check the insulation and earthing of all devices that plug into a mains electrical supply. This includes but is not limited to kettles, fridges, hairdryers, radios, TVs, stereos, lights etc., to everyday tools used in construction. Performing a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) regularly ensures compliance with health and safety regulations regarding electrical safety.

The Housing Act 2004 is in place to ensure a high standard of safety for tenants in the domestic rental market. This provides any electrical works or heating appliances meet current regulations. Other measures include CO & Smoke Alarm Installation and other essential safety equipment. Failure to comply with these regulations means a landlord could be liable for prosecution if an accident occurs due to negligence. Therefore, landlords have a duty of care to ensure their properties meet with current legislation in their tenanted properties and Homes of Multiple Occupancy.

Failure to do so, and in the event of personal injury, a landlord could be liable to a hefty fine, imprisonment, or both! A message to landlords. You are on Health and Safety’s radar if you haven’t yet upgraded your property portfolio to meet the new regulations!

We offer reliable property surveys conducted by experienced surveyors equipped with the latest technology. Our team will thoroughly assess your property and provide a detailed report highlighting any issues that require addressing. Our top priority is ensuring your house or business is safe and meets all the necessary regulations.

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What's included in this service?

You’ll receive
A Gas Safety Certificate will highlight and report the condition of every gas appliance on the property. Whilst at your property, our engineers can also complete your annual boiler service or install smoke and/or CO alarms to ensure your property complies with current fire regulations.

The electrician will conduct an Electrical Installation Condition Report that investigates the actual condition of the electrical installation at the property to help to determine its safety.

In both instances and upon successful inspection, you’ll promptly receive (electronically) a Gas Safety Certificate and an EICR certificate (separately). Should the tests highlight any shortcomings, a detailed report will be provided outlining the remedial actions needed (gas and electrical).

What will it cost:

  • We charge a fixed price for our landlord and homebuyer package starting from £230 + VAT for a single-bedroom property.
  • For each additional bedroom, we charge an additional £40 + Vat.
  • You will receive an Electrical Installation Condition Report as well as a Gas Safety Certificate (separately).
  • If any remedial works are required, you will receive a fixed price quotation that covers the cost, with no hidden costs!
  • Most of our clients who book a Landlord/Home Buyers Pack also book:
  • – HALF PRICE Boiler Maintenance Check List – £55 + Vat
    – Plumbing Visual Inspection & Health Check – £105 + Vat
    – Legionella Risk Assessment – £95 + Vat

What's not included in this service?

  • Any repairs or replacements (Quotations will be provided).
  • An annual boiler service ? Add £45 + VAT.
  • Any congestion charge or parking charges? This will be added at cost to the final bill (unless a paring permit for the duration of the visit is provided).
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a Homebuyers’s pack highlight?

The inspection gives us insight into the structural condition of the property/house and helps uncover any hidden defects that need to be addressed. This assessment can help ensure properties remain safe for inhabitants, from roofing and electrics to gas and plumbing.

Q: How long does the survey take?

A Homebuyer Report will take approximately 2 to 4 hours. In contrast, a building survey is a broad, detailed, in-depth survey that will take longer than a homebuyer report. Upon completion of the visit, the surveyor will compile a detailed report based on their assessment of the building and its condition.

Q: What is the key difference between a home buyer report and a survey?

The main difference is a Building Survey is more detailed and comprehensive in its review. Whilst a Home Report gives adequate/sufficient information to satisfy both parties when entering into a property purchase/sale.

Q: What does the gas engineer check during the inspection?

The property survey starts from £230 + Vat. Which may vary according to the scale of the survey.

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