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Frequently Asked Question

Who can carry out a legionella risk assessment?

Usually, most domestic legionella risk assessments specialist training is not necessary. The person conducting the assessment should have attended an instructional tutorial (usually half a day or a whole day) to prove they are competent and understand the procedural instructions. In other words, the individual must have a proper knowledge in health and safety requirements along with the appropriate skills and experience to complete the tasks. Serviceteam already has trained assessors to conduct Legionella testing to ensure all areas are inspected thoroughly.

What happens after Legionella risk assessment is complete?

Once completed all samples are sent to the testing laboratory and examined under lab conditions. Regular reviews and monitoring of the water supply is recommended to determine if any changes have occurred. Typically, a Legionella risk assessment should be conducted every 2 years unless something changes in the water system.

When was the last time an inspection of the water supply/system was conducted? If never, then it would be wise to check that your water storage system is not habouring any bacteria that could cause a health risk!