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Legionella risk assessment for London properties

Any landlord or managing agent involved with property rental must carry out a Legionella risk assessment before a tenancy commences or changes. This will ensure the rented property is safe from legionella bacteria and safe for tenants. It shows a duty of care on behalf of the landlord and makes good sense to perform the test before new tenants move in. If you need a Legionella Risk Assessment on a property, then call Serviceteam and arrange a visit with one of our assessors.

Our Legionella testing and water hygiene specialists have over a decade of experience in this field and will conduct a detailed investigation at the property. Upon completion of the test, we will prepare a report detailing our findings and outline any remedial works needed to meet with regulations that will prevent any Legionella contamination in the future.

After the 2015 amendments, it was obligatory for landlord’s to take care of the tenants and minimize the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria. Therefore, landlords were encouraged to commission a Legionella risk assessment in all tenanted properties. If testing is ignored or overlooked it can lead to Pontiac Fever. Any Legionnaires disease contracted by tenants as a result of negligence could lead to serious consequences for a landlord.

There are 2 types of assessments conducted in the UK.

  • Domestic legionella risk assessment
  • Commercial legionella risk assessment

The authorities do not proactively inspect properties or ask a landlord for their risk assessment certificate on a regular basis. However, if a tenant or an employee were to contract Legionnaires’ disease from the property’s water supply, the landlord could be liable. To avoid this a detailed assessment will prove the landlord has taken the necessary precautions, both legally and morally, towards tenants/employees to control any potential risks.

Yes, As a dedicated water risk assessment or LRA provider, we offer,

Initial Water Risk Assessment

This is a thorough assessment to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities.


Equipping you with knowledge about this concerning bacterium and your legal obligations regarding health and safety.

Our team is committed to assisting you in creating a safe and compliant environment. Call us for a water risk assessment/ Legionella risk assessment today. You can prioritise the well-being of your occupants while maintaining adherence to critical regulations.

If you require a legionella test at a property in London, call serviceteam or contact us via email for a prompt response. We provide domestic and commercial quotes at competitive prices. Our team of assessors will provide site specific guidance to help keep your tenants / employees safe. Call serviceteam, for a trusted Legionella risk assessors in London.

If you want to read any of our reviews please check our Checkatrade or Trustpilot reviews. Visit our blog page to know more about the types of safety certificates that landlords must have for their rented property in the UK.

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What's included in this service?

You will receive a fully comprehensive Legionella Risk Assessment helping you meet compliance.

  • Executive Summary - Summary of legionella risk.
  • Asset List - A list of associated assets.
  • Management Review - Review of management & control.
  • Action Plan - Remedial actions & risk photos.
  • Temperature Readings - Full system temperature record.
  • Site Specific Guidance - Identified duties and frequencies.
  • Water System Schematic - Diagram of water system.
  • Survey of Water System - Key survey findings.
  • Legionella Introduction - Legionella background.

What's not included in this service?

  • Congestion charge and parking. All charges will be added at costs to the final bill (unless a parking permit for the duration of the visit is provided).

Domestic Pricing List


*Water Samples when needed are charged @ £90 + Vat per property allowing up to 4 outlets - Only needed if you have water storage tanks.

*Prices are subject to VAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can carry out a legionella risk assessment?

Usually, most domestic legionella risk assessments specialist training is not necessary. The person conducting the assessment should have attended an instructional tutorial (usually half a day or a whole day) to prove they are competent and understand the procedural instructions. In other words, the individual must have a proper knowledge in health and safety requirements along with the appropriate skills and experience to complete the tasks. Serviceteam already has trained assessors to conduct Legionella testing to ensure all areas are inspected thoroughly.

Q. What happens after Legionella risk assessment is complete?

Once completed all samples are sent to the testing laboratory and examined under lab conditions. Regular reviews and monitoring of the water supply is recommended to determine if any changes have occurred. Typically, a Legionella risk assessment should be conducted every 2 years unless something changes in the water system.

When was the last time an inspection of the water supply/system was conducted? If never, then it would be wise to check that your water storage system is not habouring any bacteria that could cause a health risk!


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