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Emergency Boiler Repair in London One-Off Boiler Repair

  • Prices start from £95 + Vat
  • We'll attend, assess, diagnose & attempt to fix
    within 1st hr
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Frequently Asked Question

Q: Do I need to call a professional to fix a hot water heater?

A: Yes, that’s why serviceteam is here to take away the worry and risk from a keen DIYer taking a ‘punt’ with this type of repair. If you do take a ‘punt’ and have a go’ yourself, you will be coming into contact with water and electricity and you risk becoming electricity’s path to ground – it’s dangerous! DIY Lives Matter! To be honest, it’s not worth the risk. So, if in doubt, contact serviceteam Ltd. on  0208 059 8111 and book a visit for a professional tradesperson to diagnose the fault and repair it.

Q: Do electric boilers require servicing?

A: Unlike a conventional gas boiler, electrical boilers have fewer mechanical parts, but it is still recommended to have your boiler serviced at least annually even more so if a system filter or inline scale reducer has not been installed.

Q: How long does a hot water tank remain warm (non-combi boiler)?

A: Well, it depends on the type and quality of the cylinder installed and the insulation around it (foam lagged/cylinder jacket etc). However, the average water cylinder will remain hot for several hours. If a shower/bath is taken, then of course the hot water reduces as it’s replaced with cold water. At least you have a temporary hot water backup for the odd shower. Unfortunately, with a combi boiler you will not have the luxury of a cylinder full of hot water as backup (it was removed when the combi was installed) That’s when you have to move quickly to avoid any inconvenience by calling serviceteam Ltd. and get your repair visit booked.

Q: Are electric Boilers more efficient than gas boiler?

A: Well, electricity is more expensive than gas, that’s for sure but you may very well save on servicing and repairs. Before deciding to change to an electric boiler, you will need to check the maximum load that your circuit board can safely manage; otherwise it will trip out regularly. It’s possible to have an 80 or 100 amp fuse fitted into UK homes, but first, you must consult a qualified electrical engineer who will give advice before you invest in an electric boiler.

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Q: Are electric Boilers as good as gas boilers?

A: Well, it’s up to you to decide which one’s better for you. Electric boilers are more compact, more energy-efficient, and comparatively cheaper to install. A Government initiative is looking at phasing out all gas boilers in domestic properties around 2025 to meet emission targets. Running costs will be slightly higher with an electric boiler.

Q: Is it okay to leave the boiler on?

A: No, especially if you’re not at home. If you are away from home and have a remote connection to your system via your mobile phone you can schedule the heating to fire up for a limited time, if freezing weather conditions are forecast. This might be an option worth exploring with serviceteam Ltd?

Q: Gas or an electric boiler which one is more efficient?

A: When it comes to efficiency, an electric boiler is more efficient and cheaper to install than a gas boiler, but a unit of electricity (kWh) is more costly then a unit of gas, which means higher energy bills!