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Boiler Repairs in London

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Emergency Boiler Repairs in London

A broken or faulty boiler can be a major inconvenience for homeowners and businesses in and around London. These emergency problems tend to disrupt the daily routine of businesses and family life.

If these repairs are neglected, it could require an expensive fix as other internal components within the boiler could also fail. Fortunately, there are experienced and reliable boiler repair companies in and around London that can quickly and efficiently resolve any gas/electric boiler issues you encounter.

At times, homeowners can experience a sudden boiler breakdown, which can be a source of immense stress, especially during the winter months. Our emergency boiler repair service is designed to alleviate your worries by providing quick and reliable solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Bank Holidays in and around London.

Our team comprises experienced heating engineers with Gas Safe qualifications, which means they have received the highest level of training and are fully equipped to handle all makes and models of gas and electric boilers. Serviceteam is Worcester Bosch accredited installer. This accreditation is only awarded to companies that have been trained by Worcester Bosch and meet their high technical requirements.

Combi boiler repair
Combi boilers are perfect for heating and hot water. The significant advantage is hot water on demand! No more waiting for hot water; it’s heated instantly; just turn on the hot water tap – and there it is!

However, there is a downside when a combi breaks down – there is no storage cylinder for hot water! This can be an inconvenience for the family until you call serviceteam. Our engineers can diagnose even the most complex issues if you have a Worcester Bosch or any other manufacturer’s boiler.

As a heating engineer once said, ‘To repair or replace; that is the question?’
Well, should you repair or replace it?

It depends on a few factors. Firstly, if the boiler is still under warranty, you may be offered the choice to repair or replace it, depending on the nature of the breakdown. However, ultimately, the decision will rest with the boiler manufacturer. If your boiler is 10-15+ years old, it will most likely be out of warranty or difficult to obtain insurance coverage. With ageing boilers, parts can become obsolete and difficult to source, which increases the purchase price per part.

Therefore, an aged boiler that’s out of warranty and uninsurable could mean expensive repair work, with no guarantee that other parts in the boiler won’t fail soon after. Whatever decision you make, it’s always best to get advice from a qualified heating engineer first, as it can be daunting; with so many different boilers, manufacturers, make models and special offers available, you will likely suffer from ‘choice overload’. That overload can be avoided once our engineer has completed a full property survey and discussed your specific needs. You will receive sound advice regarding the best option (repair or replacement), making the decision-making process much easier.

Example: It’s unlikely that any residual value remains in a boiler that’s 15+ years old, i.e., the original cost of the boiler (say) £2,000, annual depreciation (approx.) £250. By year 9, the residual value is no more, and it could be time to replace it over an expensive repair.

On the other hand, if the boiler is 6 years old (without boiler insurance cover), using the same example as above, 6 x £250 = £1,500 leaving £500 value in the boiler. If the repair cost is below the £500 value left in it, then it makes sense to repair it. However, the next repair (if expensive) may exceed the remaining value. Also, when a new part (not always) is installed, there’s no guarantee that it will prevent other ‘age’ parts from failing. This may bring forward the decision to replace rather than repair at the next breakdown. Remember, a modern gas/electric ‘A-rated boiler will be more efficient and cost-effective to run.

To ensure you make the right choice, we recommend a survey, where one of our qualified heating engineers will thoroughly assess your situation first and provide guidance and advice on the best options.

Combi boilers are perfect for heating and hot water. The significant advantage is hot water on demand! No more waiting for hot water; it’s heated instantly; just turn on the hot water tap – and there it is!

However, there is a downside when a combi breaks down – there is no storage cylinder for hot water!
This can be an inconvenience for the family until you call serviceteam, London and book an emergency breakdown visit by a heating engineer.

Unusual boiler noises.

If your boiler makes strange rattling, popping and bubbling noises, it is usually down to limescale, debris, or sludge that has built up inside the heat exchanger. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution – FERNOX Boiler Silencer, which is available from any plumbing merchant or an online plumbing supplier. Add the boiler silencer to the system in accordance with the instructions. Once it has circulated, the noise will reduce or disappear completely – quieter days are ahead!

No heating.

If your heating isn’t kicking in when it should, don’t panic; it could be a simple fix, like turning up the thermostat. However, it could also be something more complex, which needs the assistance of a serviceteam heating engineer.

Hot water but no heating, vice versa or both?

Not having heating or hot water, or maybe both, is far from ideal, particularly during winter. Although you may be able to get by without heating during the summer, it’s essential when temperatures plummet! If some radiators suddenly start warming up when the heating is turned off, it could indicate that the diverter valve has jammed or failed. If you’re experiencing these issues, it’s best to call serviceteam. Our engineer will replace the diverter valve quickly and efficiently to restore the heating and hot water.

Our emergency boiler repair service provides support and peace of mind 24 hours an across Greater London. Our Gas Safe registered professionals are accustomed to dealing with any boiler (Gas, electric, etc.) emergency breakdowns. Call us no matter what day, whether rain or shine, and we will send help.


Boiler leaks are pretty common and can happen for many different reasons. It could be a simple loose connection, corrosion or a perished seal. Water will likely run underneath the boiler, which needs to be traced back to the source. Any leaks from the boiler can be a hazard, and only a qualified professional heating engineer can do the repairs or fix them.

Low pressure.

An ideal boiler pressure is between 1.4 and 2 bars for it to run efficiently. If your water pressure falls below 1.4 bars after it’s been topped up, it could suggest something more serious, i.e., an issue with the expansion vessel or, worst case scenario, a leak in concealed pipework! Call us and get a quote; our engineers are here to help if you experience any of these issues.

Heating variations.

When there are variations in the spread of heat in radiators around a property, it usually points to one thing – sludge in the radiator/s.

This can cause cold spots and poor circulation, leading to the boiler having to work at maximum power to try and reach the temperature on the thermostat – resulting in excessive energy use and higher bills! It could be something simple, like trapped air (we know what that’s like) causing a radiator/s to be hot at the bottom and cold at the top. Trapped air is easily released; rebalancing the radiator/s will return an all-over heat to the radiator/s.

The boiler regularly shuts off.

Some boiler issues can be daunting and complicated. If your boiler keeps shutting off, it could be due to an intermittent fault, which sometimes gets difficult to diagnose. If you experience this type of fault which means you need professional help, call serviceteam.

Our team of qualified engineers are dedicated to providing a prompt and professional repairs. Once on-site and having diagnosed the problem with your boiler/central heating system, the engineer will proceed with the repair. If a replacement part is needed, a detailed ‘fixed’ price quotation (that won’t go up or down) will be provided. If the quotation is accepted, the work will commence. We endeavour to return your heating system to peak performance, so you can continue your daily routine uninterrupted.


What's included in this service?

  • A Fixed Price: There are no hidden charges, and we won’t proceed with the works until we receive your approval.
  • Emergency response We can usually offer same-day or next-day appointments (always subject to availability).
  • Accurate diagnosis guarantee We are confident, with the expertise of our engineers, that we can correctly diagnose your fault within the 1st Hour; otherwise, you won’t be charged for the visit.
  • Tap into our engineers’ expertise as needed: Without being tied down to an annual contract.
  • A 12-month guarantee: On work and materials.

What will it cost:

Fault diagnosis and repair: Our engineers will assess, diagnose and attempt to fix your fault within the 1st Hour. For this, we charge a fixed price of £104 + VAT.

Occasionally, when we cannot fix your fault within the 1st Hour, or additional materials are required, we always provide you with a fixed price for the additional work before proceeding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are boilers worth repairing?

Yes, they are more energy-efficient and reliable today than ever. However, if your boiler is old (12 + years or more) and regularly suffers from problems, it may be time to replace it.

Why is boiler repair important?

Boiler repair is absolutely crucial because it not only helps save costs in the long run, but routine maintenance also acts as a preventative measure. So, we can prevent more serious and costly harm by spotting and fixing problems or malfunctions early on.

How much does it cost to fix your boiler in Greater London?

The cost for boiler repair in Greater London falls between €100 to €500 plus VAT.
At serviceteam London, our engineers strive to diagnose and resolve issues within the first hour for a fixed fee of £104 plus VAT.

In cases where the issue can’t be resolved in the first hour or additional materials are needed, we always provide a precise fixed-price quote before proceeding. For detailed information on our boiler repair and emergency services, kindly contact our helpdesk team; they will be happy to assist you.

Should I proceed with boiler repair, or is it time to consider boiler replacement?

The decision between repairing or replacing your boiler depends on the specific issues your boiler is facing. Often, opting for a repair is the most economically sensible approach to restoring your heating system. Nonetheless, if your boiler is considerably aged or in poor condition, contemplating a replacement with a modern unit featuring energy-saving features could be a more prudent choice to reduce your energy expenses.

What is the typical duration for a boiler repair?

Repair duration for boilers varies depending on the severity of the issue at hand. Minor repairs may be completed within one to two hours, whereas more complex problems could extend the repair timeline to several days.