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Protect your boiler condensate pipe from freezing and what to do if it does

In February, this year the UK experienced a continued spell of extreme cold weather catching many households unawares

The whole industry was surprised at the number of breakdowns over this period putting enormous pressure on all the service providers. With many help lines down and websites overloaded with enquires that left many households without heating and hot water as temperatures plunged.

Serviceteam doubled its usual resource capacity to cope with the surge in enquiries, however, several calls could not be serviced.

Most of the breakdowns were a result of a frozen condensate pipe, which is an easy fix and something that (frequently) can be resolved in a matter of minutes.

Forward Planning: It’s likely that similar weather conditions will prevail this winter and we thought it sensible to share a short educational video with you (clients/tenants/Landlords/PM’s) outlining the actions to take in the event of a frozen condensate pipe. We recommend this video is shared with friends and colleagues in advance of winter.

Our aim is to reduce the number of unnecessary and sometimes stressful calls from tenants/Landlord’s and increase customer satisfaction by the sharing of this short video. For a preview please access the link below.

Our aim, with this video is to remedy a frozen condensate as quickly as possible and get your boiler up and running in no time. For a preview please access the link below. Please ‘like’ the video if it has helped.

Serviceteam is already forward planning in the event of another ‘Beast from the East’ hitting our shores in the months ahead. Our service team are ready to engage resources to cover your calls. As you no doubt appreciate in extreme circumstances serviceteam’s resource capacity may be limited to the amount of “In” and “Out of hours” response we can provide.

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