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Complete Bathroom Remodeling Guide
Everything You Need to Know

Is it time to remodel/refurbish your bathroom? Well, only you will be able to answer that question. No doubt you’ve been constantly badgered by the family complaining about its current condition, cracked tiles, out-of-date furniture and limescale-covered taps and shower heads.

It’s no surprise it’s looking ‘tired’ as it’s the most used room in the house, alongside the kitchen.

A complete makeover can transform it into a tranquil environment, one in which you can relax and wash away the cares of the day! Whether you're embarrassed by your outdated bathroom, or just want to give it a new lease of life, (within budget), renovating your bathroom can be a great option.

If you’re not sure if your bathroom needs remodeling, here are a few signs to look out for that suggest it does.

Bathroom Remodeling Guide

Signs your bathroom needs updating

Let’s unpack it stage by stage.

1. Lack of functionality.
Sprain your wrist every time you attempt to turn on the mixer taps, due to the limescale deposits ingrained into the tap seatings inside the mixer tap is not good! Dancing around beneath the shower trying to get wet, or standing in a position to direct the water away from that cracked and damaged mastic around the shower tray, to prevent the bathroom from flooding?

Keeping your bathroom in good working condition is a priority. Now you’ve assessed all those annoying niggles and the stance one has to adapt to work with or around them, then it’s time to consider renovating it, don’t you think?

2. Outdated Decor.
Can make a bathroom look tired and part of an era long gone. It’s been the topic of conversation with family members forever! It’s a common delusion that things can be made better just by talking about them – not so! It’s time to bring your bathroom into the 21st century.

Of course, you will need to budget for the renovations and make compromises. What you really want is a functional bathroom that stands the test of time. It doesn’t have to be a spa-like sanctuary just functional and stylish, that’s all? The possibilities are almost endless with modern designs and fittings.

3. Storage Issues.
Having enough storage space in your bathroom is very important. The truth is lack of storage can be frustrating. All those toiletries are balanced carefully on the windowsill so that the slightest breeze will cause a domino effect!

A cluttered bathroom looks messy and untidy! How perfect would it be if there was storage space for all those items eliminating clutter!

4. Tiled floors and safety.
Tiled floors can look stunning but many household accidents are attributed to slippery surfaces. There are anti-slip products and tiles available to make your bathroom a safer place and avoid looking like Bambi on ice when stepping onto the tiled floor after a shower or bath.

Another problem is poor ventilation as it causes mould and mildew to form around window frames, on mastic and in corners.

5. Water Damages caused by leaks and mould Problems.
Leaking taps, showers or piping, leaking toilets, overflow pipes continuously dripping or running with water plus all the other plumbing problems common in older bathrooms. Moreover, mould/mildew can grow due to a lack of proper ventilation. We think the message is sinking in that your bathroom is due for a makeover.
leaks and mould Problems

Benefits of bathroom remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom has several benefits, including

⦿ A more comfortable, pleasing and relaxing space to enjoy.
Everyone in the family uses the bathroom more often. Therefore, using the bathroom should be at least comfortable enough to operate safely. Let’s say, your bathroom is old or poorly constructed, it surely leads to water leaks or moisture build-up.

The point is, that too much moisture may cause slips and falls in bathrooms, allergic reactions, and electric shocks when your family uses it. Keeping your family’s safety in mind, you should remodel your bathroom.

⦿ Improved functionality and efficiency.
A typical household consumes most water when showering, taking a bath, flushing toilets etc. If a bathroom doesn’t have any water-saving features such as low-flow fixtures, toilets and shower heads, you’re likely to be consuming more water than is necessary. Not ideal if you’re on a water meter!

Therefore, always equip your bathroom with devices that contribute toward water efficiency. Along with low-flow taps, shower heads, and WCs, our professional bathroom refurbishers can upgrade your bathroom with energy-efficient fixtures, LED lights, energy-efficient windows, and an energy-efficient extractor/ventilation fan.
Improved functionality and efficiency
⦿ Increased resale value for your home.
According to property management information a refurbished bathroom can add between 4% – 5% to the value of a property. A sound investment by the sounds of it? You are likely to get the money back you’ve invested in the refurbishment and some!

⦿ Enhanced aesthetic.
Maybe your bathroom works just fine with no issues as mentioned above, but the overall appearance is a big drawback? As much as you appreciate its function you just hate how it looks!

Therefore, remodeling a bathroom is an opportunity to make the space your own and add a personal touch to its functionality.

What does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

On average, a complete bathroom renovation in the UK can cost around £7,000, but it depends on the size and scope of the project. Simply put, a significantly modified bathroom can cost a lot more than anticipated.

Nevertheless, there are many ways to keep costs down while achieving the desired results. For example, you could renovate existing fixtures rather than replace them or choose less expensive materials.

Materials to consider for a refurbished bathroom including tools.

cost to remodel a bathroom

Materials and tools often used in bathroom renovation

  • Plywood or drywall for walls and ceilings.
  • Wood for framing.
  • Cement board for tile installation.
  • Tile, marble, granite, etc. for countertops and flooring.
  • Fixtures such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and shower trays.
  • Paint, caulk, and other finishing materials.
  • Vanity units.
  • Tools such as saws, drills, hammers, screwdrivers, tile cutters, gas blow torch, solder, wrenches, etc.
OK, you’ve decided to go ahead with the refurbishment then?

It’s time to say goodbye to an outdated poorly functioning bathroom and say hello to a fresh, sparkling, spa-worthy retreat? Remodelling a bathroom can be an exciting project. Remember, serviceteam can help you with your bathroom design and renovation to ensure things go smoothly.
Materials and tools often used in bathroom renovation

Steps for remodeling a bathroom

⦿ Set your goal & plan everything.
Assuming you have the plans drawn up for the refurbishment i.e., new layout dimensions, sizes of the new furniture, location of fixtures etc. you should be ready to make a start.

With any project, planning is crucial. Take the time needed to carefully plan and research the refurbishment you desire. Once you have an idea of ​​your budget, it’s time to start sourcing materials and labour. Remember that bathroom renovation can cost a substantial amount of money even for the smallest of bathrooms. It depends on how expensive your taste is!

⦿ Choose a professional service.
Please ensure you choose a reputable contractor, with a high profile on Checkatrade or other social media platforms. Request a quotation from the selected few before you go too far. A commendable track record is what you’re looking for in a company.

Once you have made your selection you’re good to begin the project. The work the company is likely to undertake.

⦿ Demolish & remove your old bathroom.
Careful dismantling of the bathroom furniture is important i.e., the WC pipework etc. as some get carried away with the demolition process and end up causing more damage, more work and more expense. A bathroom professional will know what to do.

All the electricity that service the bathroom will be disconnected (when it’s time to do so) along with the water supply. Care will be taken with any fixtures to be reused. The tiles and flooring will be removed with care, so as not to damage any concealed pipework.

Finally, remove all other fixtures, such as towel racks, light fixtures, extractor fan etc.

⦿ Accurate measurements.
Many renovations have been delayed because of inaccurate dimensions. Be sure to include space for opening drawers or cabinets or doors. Determine how high or low the lighting needs to be.

When buying tiles, double-check they are practical as tile material will vary from ceramic, porcelain, glass and natural stone and some are more difficult to cut or shape than others. Will the size of the vanity unit you’ve set your sights on be practical and not reduce space, which may already be limited?

⦿ Plumbing.
Once all the old plumbing has been exposed and removed it’s time to install any new pipe runs or reroute existing ones, fixtures, bathtub and shower (if applicable).
bathroom plumbing
⦿ Electrical connections.
After completing the plumbing work, it’s time for the electrics. Rewiring the bathroom is more accessible than before since the walls and possibly the ceiling is exposed. It’s an ideal opportunity to install an electric shaving point you’ve always wanted or something similar.
⦿ Close the walls.
Once the replacement of pipes, fixtures and fittings is completed it’s time to make good. If the bathroom is tiled from floor to ceiling condensation is bound to be a problem as it runs down between the tiles and around the window frame causing the growth of mould. Whilst still under construction why not install an extractor fan that can effectively remove moisture, based on the size of the bathroom? You don’t want an undersized extractor fan that only does a partial job!
⦿ Interior painting.
Always choose a paint specific for bathrooms that’s either satin or semi-gloss finish and able to resist humidity. It’s advisable to complete the painting before installing the tiles, flooring or fixtures to avoid paint splatter.
⦿ Finishing off.
You’re nearly there.

Just need to re-fit the WC, towel rail, shower enclosure door etc. and other fixtures not yet installed.

Bathroom refurbishments be a daunting task. With a detailed plan, a reasonable budget and the right professional help, you have ended up with the bathroom of your dreams.

Ready to get started? Contact us and ask for a equote.