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Extractor Fan Repairs/ Replacement in London

Maintaining an efficient ventilation system is essential for a healthy living environment. A malfunctioning extractor fan for tenants and London homeowners commonly can result in compromised indoor air quality and potential health issues. A recent investigation has blown wide open the dangerous levels of dampness and mould in privately rented properties, highlighting the associated hygiene problems.

In the London Borough of Greenwich, 58% o recorded safety threats were related to mould and other substances. The borough of Brent has similar problems. It is not only tenanted/rented properties that suffer from the hazards of mould growth; every property, rented or otherwise, is subject to the dangers of mould growth!

The ideal environment for mould is the accumulation of humidity, which can spread if untreated causing respiratory problems.

Bathrooms and kitchens are hot spots for the accumulation of mould, unsightly black areas and allergens if the area has substandard or no ventilation! A proficient extractor fan can cope with humidity levels and foul smells and remove moisture from the air to prevent mould growth.

It’s a ventilation device that removes unwanted odours, moisture, and pollutants from indoor spaces.

The extractor fan expels air from your bathroom/kitchen and draws in fresh air, usually via a door or window. They are simple to install and are activated by a humidity sensor or a light switch. After installation, the extractor fan can be timed to stay on for an extra 20 seconds to several minutes, depending on your preferred timer setting.

Finding an extractor fan that meets your specific needs is relatively easy, thanks to the wide variety of models available. When selecting an extractor fan, consider the room size, building shape, and design, all of which play a crucial role in determining the appropriate size and location for the extractor fan.

When your extractor fan works properly, it extracts any ‘muggy’ or stale air to the outside of your property. The ingress of fresh air will take its place via other means, usually an open window or door. A standard fan generates a breeze and circulates air around the same environment. Steamed-up mirrors or windows indicate poor ventilation.

Bathroom Extractor Fan Replacement & Repairs

In bathrooms, our extractor fans remove warm, damp air to avoid the build-up of unsightly black mould (bacteria) on grouted surfaces between tiles, window frames, and the ceiling. They also have a place in a utility room, where the laundry is done or in a separate adjoining toilet.

Kitchen Extractor Fan Replacement & Repairs

Kitchen extractor fans are a crucial component of any kitchen. Sound extraction systems are essential to prevent unpleasant smells and smoke from spreading throughout your home. Cooking can become an uncomfortable experience without a proper ventilation system. Whether you need a new fan or repairs/services to your existing one, our professional service is here to help. From hood installation to fan washing and repair work, we can assess your needs and provide a solution that best suits you.

Our electrical engineers in London are dedicated to providing expert services beyond just appliance repairs/installations. We provide a variety of services, including boiler installation and repairs, complete plumbing services, electrical services, property repairs, bathroom design and installation and loft conversions. We are a one-stop shop, so there is no need for multiple time-consuming telephone calls; just one call covers all your needs!

Our reputation for quality work has earned us the trust of households across London.

  • Faulty extractor fans can cause more harm than good. If any of the following signs exist, you should arrange a visit from Serviceteam London as soon as possible.
  • If the appliance starts making a loud noise, it’s an indication that the fan’s bearings are deteriorating.
  • If you have trouble turning the extractor fan on, it takes a lot of time to get up to speed, or it is not working at full speed, it could indicate that it needs repair or complete replacement.
  • If the fan has started to turn very slowly or struggles to do so indicates a fault.
  • If steam/moisture/smoke in the kitchen/bathroom are not being extracted as they should, then it’s another sign the fan is not performing as it once did when first installed – it’s time to replace it.

Don’t wait until the appliance stops working completely; call us and book an engineer to visit as soon as possible.

If a new fan installation is needed, either to replace an old one or as a new installation, it’s essential to call a professional London service. Our professional electrical engineers can recommend the extractor for the size of the room and arrange a timely installation or repair service.

Get in touch with us either by booking your extractor fan repairs or installation work online or by giving us a call. Our head office customer service team are available to answer any questions you may have.

If you’ve never used serviceteam before and you need reassurance, then go to the customer review platforms on Checkatrade or Trustpilot. Please contact us if you like the reviews and need a replacement extractor fan or a new installation.

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What's included in this service?

  • We offer a free quote service from photos to replace your existing faulty extractor fan.
  • Alternatively, you can arrange a site visit for one of our engineers to evaluate the necessary installation site and prepare a fixed price quotation (if the electrical engineer is in your area and close by, the site survey will be free of charge. Alternatively, you can pay for a site survey on a day that suits you. If the installation goes ahead, the survey fee is refundable).

What's not included in this service?

  • Any Congestion Charge or parking charges. If a parking permit is not given for the duration of our visit, parking charges will apply to the final invoice.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I replace my extractor fan by myself?

Due to the involvement of electricity, it is strongly advised not to attempt to replace your bathroom extractor fan yourself unless you are a trained and experienced electrician.

Q: How long should you keep your bathroom fan on?

With modern extractor fans, a sensor will determine the time it stays on, which avoids leaving the fan running longer than is necessary (saving electricity). According to experts, if the extractor fan is not fitted with a sensor, it should remain on for at least 20 minutes after a shower – don’t forget to turn it off. Otherwise, it will still be running when you get home from work!

Q: Do I need to get support from an electrician to install/repair my bathroom extractor fan?

Definitely, working with electrical appliances in humid/damp conditions requires extreme caution. A serviceteam professional electrician is recommended.

Q: How much power does a bathroom fan extractor consume?

It depends upon the efficiency of your fan. Where a basic model consumes about 6-watt power, other models consume over 60 watts or even more. In simple words, efficiency and power are directly proportional to each other.

Q: Should a bathroom fan have a dedicated circuit?

Your fan may require a dedicated circuit if it has an integrated heater. In such cases, the term “dedicated circuit” implies that it is purpose-built to serve only one device! Serviceteam will advise.

Q: Where in the bathroom should a fan extractor be installed?

Directly over the bath or shower enclosure of source of humidity for efficient removal of moisture. As close as possible to the moisture or water source.

Q: What to consider before buying a bathroom extractor fan?

Before you choose an extractor fan for your bathroom, there are certain factors you need to consider before making your choice:

  1. Consider the noise level.
  2. The size of the bathroom/kitchen.
  3. With or without a cut-off sensor?
  4. Choose one that complements the bathroom/kitchen design.

Q: Do extractors need to vent outside?

Yes, They work by avoiding moisture spreading around your property.


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