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Does your bathroom appear to have no ventilation?

Which, after time, can lead to mould growth on ceilings, around window frames, etc. Steamed-up mirrors are an inconvenience, especially when shaving, putting on makeup or plucking eyebrows. An adequate extractor fan can keep steam and condensation at bay. If your bathroom fan is not removing steam efficiently, it may be due to some of the following signs:

Bathroom exhaust fan
When you have a relaxing hot water bath or shower, the steam has to go somewhere in order to achieve a dry, moisture-free bathroom. Also, lingering obnoxious odours filling the air are usually combated with air fresheners, which only mask the smell/s, not remove them.

I’m sure we have all used the bathroom or the public toilets at motorway service stations after an individual has just vacated it and found it hard to catch your breath - yes, we all know the smell! Trying to hold your breath for the duration is not an option.

Flushing the toilet doesn’t remove those lingering smells completely. They will get absorbed eventually into carpets, towels or other absorbent materials!

A bathroom extractor fan can help in these situations. They are essential to your home's ventilation system by eliminating heat, odours, and moisture.

Bathroom extractor fans are essential for regulating humidity and odours. Mould can grow, interior paint might deteriorate due to moisture, and scents can remain in your home if your bathroom exhaust fan isn't working properly. Even if you already have fans installed, it's crucial to remember that they have, like most things, a life expectancy. Bathroom exhaust fans typically last 10 years or so if they are properly maintained and cared for.

Let’s find out the warning signals that suggest your fan needs to be replaced if you believe it is getting close to the end of its shelf life.

Signs You Should Replace Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Fan is making an unfamiliar noise.
Bathroom exhaust fans usually make some noise when they are running. However, if you suddenly notice that the noise is louder than before, it could be time to replace it. Therefore, the bathroom exhaust fan should be changed when the motor or bearings fail.

Stuffy bathroom.
After using the bathroom with the exhaust fan running, how does the air in there feel - somewhat fuggy?
When you are done showering, the air may seem damp and almost humid if the fan isn't effectively removing moisture from the bathroom via the exhaust vent.

When moisture lingers in the air, it can lead to several unpleasant issues, such as

  • Mould growth
  • Paint deterioration
  • Pest infestation
  • Deterioration of the silicone
  • Wood rot
Warning: In situations with greater than 50% humidity, mould and mildew thrive. Mould inhalation is not good for the respiratory system. Long-term mould exposure decreases the flexibility of your lungs, which can lower their capacity in severe cases.

Stubborn odours in the bathroom.
Having a clean, fresh, odour-free bathroom is very important as we spend a lot of time in this important place. As you know, the primary purpose of a bathroom extractor fan is to remove moisture from the air, but it will also remove bad odours.

However, despite your best cleaning efforts, if the odours are still present in your bathroom, it may be a sign that the fan needs to be replaced. You notice a persistent, lingering odour in the air (that catches in your throat) after someone has used the WC; well, it will go away, but when?

Slow moving fan.
Does your extractor fan take a while to reach the required speed? Or does the spinning seem laboured and weak? If you've observed either of these problems, a replacement is necessary.

Burning smell.
If the fan sounds as though it’s labouring or you smell burning plastic or see smoke coming from the extractor, immediately shut it off from the main switch. This is most likely the result of an electrical fault, and it could pose a major fire risk if it isn't isolated.

Outperformed lifespan.
For many years, households have used the same bathroom exhaust fan. But the truth is, these fans do not endure forever, as most systems do. A bathroom exhaust fan has a ten-year lifespan on average. It's a good idea to buy a new one if you can't recall when it was last replaced or you're unsure of its age.

It’s time to replace your extractor fan!

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