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Bathroom Renovation Services London

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the busiest rooms in any household. With constant use, day in and day out, it’s no surprise that it will begin to look a little tired over time. Those unsightly limescale deposits around the taps and shower head seem to be getting worse. Those brown water stains caused by dripping taps in the sink and bath are slowly becoming darker, and those tiles and bathroom furniture look so dated! Its former aesthetic appeal has sadly long gone!

If so, you’re in the right place.
Our team of experts are here to assist you in choosing the perfect suite that complements your unique style, whether you prefer classic or contemporary. We understand that renovations can be overwhelming and stressful, so we take charge of the entire project from start to finish. Even if it’s a new bathroom installation, you don’t have to worry about anything as we turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

After considering the renovation, you’ve decided to embark on the journey and decide between a contemporary or classical design.
Tackling bathroom renovation work can be daunting, even for the most enthusiastic DIY-er.

WC cistern with a wall-hung frame
As a matter of fact, that bathroom renovation is a once-in-years process, it is to be made sure that all the improvements done are perfectly adapted to your current lifestyle and needs. To ensure you renovate your bathroom the best way, here are some improvements you might need to consider:

Beyond their sleek design, these modern toilets help to save valuable space in smaller bathrooms. Opting for a low-flow unit can conserve water with every flush.

When revamping your bathroom, contemporary decor can transform the space into a modern oasis of relaxation. Hidden tanks offer a sleek and stylish solution to traditional toilets, with a minimalistic and space-saving design. However, while the convenience of a hidden tank may be tempting, it’s important to consider the potential challenge of accessing and maintaining it.

Small, Textured, Anti Slip Tiles for Shower Floor
When planning a bathroom renovation, why not choose small textured anti-slip tiles for the shower floor, which will help keep you safe from slips and falls?

Don’t install a bathtub if not needed.
Avoid installing a new bathtub unless necessary, as it takes up too much space and more water than a shower. However, it’s your choice.

Enhance your ventilation system.
Extractor fans are necessary for bathrooms to prevent mould and steam build-up, especially if space is limited.

Improve lighting
With so many lighting manufacturers, there’s sure to be a design that meets your needs; the choices never stop coming from concealed downlights, spotlights or recessed lighting.

What does our Bathroom Renovation service include?
It includes services such as plumbing, design, cabinetry, electrical fittings, new bath and appliance installation, countertop installation, tiling, flooring, painting, wall removal services, lighting configuration and shower enclosure installation.

Experience the Difference with serviceteam Bathroom Renovation Services.

If you want your bathroom in London property renovated by professional fitters, that’s where serviceteam comes in. Our highly skilled and experienced London installers can help you transform your bathroom into something quite stunning. We aim to keep any disruptions to a minimum during the renovation process. Our Tradespeople cover everything, from tiling, extractor fan installation, electrics, suspended ceilings, baths, shower enclosures, wet rooms etc. No matter how unique your design is, you can trust us to get the job done.

From the conceptual bathroom design to project management, supply fitting and installation, we provide a service that covers everything. You can find high-quality materials/fittings, stylish designs, innovative space-saving features, and specialist lighting are all within reach.

If you’re new to serviceteam London and would like reassurance about our services, we encourage you to visit customer review platforms on Checkatrade or Trustpilot.

There you can find genuine customer feedback from our satisfied customers. If the positive reviews resonate with you, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quality bathroom installation. We’re here to provide top-quality service that meets your bathroom expectations.

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What will it cost:

  • Obtain your quote via FloQuote: Request a free quote, and we will send you a link to upload photos/videos plus a description of your requirements with dimensions etc. We can then provide an estimate based on the information provided. Our Floquote service is an obligation service.
  • An on-site survey to assess the 'actual' scope of the works is charged at £35 + VAT, which, if you proceed with serviceteam London., we will be reimbursed you (providing the quoted work exceeds £500).

What's not included in this service?

  • Any congestion zone or parking charges – This will be added at cost to the final bill (unless a parking permit for the duration of the visit is provided).
Professional Bathroom Renovation service
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the average cost of a bathroom renovation?

On average, bathroom renovations tend to be a bit more expensive, but they can significantly add to the value of your home. The cost of renovating your bathroom can range from £5,00 to £15,000, depending on the type of appliances you choose and the size of your bathroom.

Q: How long does a bathroom renovation take?

Well, it depends upon the size of your bathroom and the company you hired, but generally, your bathroom renovation work takes a little more than 10 – 12 days, maybe 3 weeks top end, in ideal circumstances, and providing your service provider works continuously without any days off working on other projects.

Q: What is the Difference between complete bathroom remodelling and simple renovation?

Remodeling involves completely changing your bathroom, while renovating involves replacing and updating certain fixtures in your bathroom to change its appearance.

Q: Will my project consultant assist in selecting the materials for the project?

Absolutely! Our dedicated project consultant will assist you in selecting the perfect materials for your new bathroom. They will work closely alongside you, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and needs. They will then provide expert guidance on work quality and cost to help you find the best materials that fit your budget and design vision.

Q: Do I need to provide the design plans to start the project?

As long as you have an idea, our bathroom project design consultants will shape your idea and design a prototype that suits your personal preference. That can be the starting point for the design discussion.

Contact us today to learn more about our bathroom renovation services in London.


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