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CP17-Commercial-Gas-Installation-Safety-Certificate-in-London cp17 certificate
If you are a commercial landlord or a person responsible for premises that have gas appliance installations, you're obligated by UK law to guarantee the continuous safety of every appliance. Is the safety certificate still valid, or has it lapsed? If it’s lapsed, then there is no insurance coverage in the event of a gas-related accident.

For peace of mind, a current Landlord Gas Safety Certificate CP17 must be valid, or risk prosecution should an accident occur, causing any sort of injury.

According to the Gas Safety Regulations Act of 1998, it is your legal responsibility and duty of care as a commercial landlord or person in charge of a commercial property to ensure all is safe for the people within the premises. All appliances within the property must be inspected annually by a gas-registered engineer to deem them safe for the next 12 months.

A Landlord Gas Safety Certificate CP17 will be issued if all the gas/heating appliances, pipes, and flues meet industry regulations. Should the appliances etc., not meet regulation standards, a remedial works quotation will be issued.
Remember, commercial property owners and landlords are responsible for Gas safety!
CP17 certificates ensure that gas safety is maintained in all varieties of commercial buildings, from office blocks to nursing homes and everything in between. Whether you're running a business on an industrial estate or leasing a catering, takeaway, or restaurant, this certification will guarantee your premises meets the highest possible standards for health & safety.


What is a CP17 certificate?

A registered commercial gas safety engineer performs physical testing and visual inspections before producing CP17 Gas Safety Certificates.

Commercial gas safety checks are performed on all the gas appliances and visibly accessible pipework within a commercial facility in order to make sure all commercial appliances and gas/heating installations are in good and secure working order.

Boilers, cookers, fires, fittings, chimneys, gas metres, and flues are among the appliances and pipework that undergo inspections and tests to ensure the safety of commercial tenants, staff members, and all visitors.
An inspection will be performed on the appliance to determine whether or not the extraction method is appropriate if it uses an extraction system to remove combustion gases.

Why is it important to have a Gas Safety Certificate?

Commercial property owners and landlords are mandated by law to protect the health and safety, and welfare of their tenants, employees, and visitors to the premises. In order to ensure gas safety standards are continuously met, a valid and current Gas Safety Certificate must be issued annually.

If you fail to do an annual gas safety check and inspection at your commercial property, you are endangering life and may be subject to a hefty fine or a custodial sentence (imprisonment) as punishment. All business buildings are required by law to have an adequate fire detection system in place. It needs to be regularly serviced at least every six months and tested every week.

We advise you to install an automatic fire detection system if your business, such as a fast food joint, a bar, or a restaurant, as they are more at risk of catching fire.

An individual who violates the Gas Safety Regulations may be prosecuted and fined up to £5000.00.

A CP17 certificate is a must!

A complete inventory, inspection and testing of all gas appliances will be undertaken during the engineer's visit. Any insurance claim could be voided by the insurance company if an accident happens when the CP17 Certificate has expired!

Although our gas safety engineers will thoroughly check the commercial property for all gas appliances, it is advised that you give us a detailed list of every device before we arrive so that we can make sure every appliance is "found" and “checked”.

Between the 10th and 12th month from the date of the previous gas certificate, CP17 gas safety inspections can be carried out (if the property has been continuously rented). Therefore, it's essential to inform the date of the last gas check so that we have enough time to do the new gas check before the previous one expires.

If the gas supply needs to be disconnected, which is exceptional, you must notify your tenant and set up an appropriate and convenient date.

Serviceteam in London can provide your CP17 Gas Installation Safety Certificate.

At serviceteam, we offer fast and reliable Gas Safety Certificate examinations and other certificate services for gas safety to ensure your workplace meets with industry regulations. Our gas-safe registered engineer will thoroughly check all gas appliances, flues and pipework and highlight any inconsistencies that need immediate gas repair.

Once we know the gas appliances are safely working in compliance with regulations, a Gas Safety Certificate CP17 will be electronically issued by your gas-safe engineer. Two weeks before the Gas Safety certificate is due to expire, we will send a reminder email. Upon receipt of the email, phone serviceteam and schedule your next CP17 Gas Safety inspection - before it expires!

Don't put yourself or others at risk by disregarding regulations – penalties for not complying can be severe, so make sure you keep on top of it!

Ensure the safety of your commercial property and its contents with comprehensive services from our professional engineers. Our 24/7, 365-day service in London covers everything you need - from gas certificates to CO & smoke alarm installation, CP42 kitchen safety certificates to PAT testing and annual boiler servicing. All under one roof!

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