CP17 Commercial Gas Safety Certificate

Commercial Gas Safety Certificate (CP17)

  • Prices start from £143 + Vat
  • Fixed Price
  • Only Gas Safe registered engineers.
  • All gas appliances checked.

Gas Certificate (CP17) for commercial properties in London

A CP17 Gas Certificate is a legal document that certifies that every appliance/pipework/etc. in a commercial building is safe to use and complies with commercial gas standards. The examination must be performed every 12 months, or risk being fined and or imprisonment should a gas-related accident occur. If the commercial premises are about to be leased or rented, the certificate must be current and up to date. Any gas appliance that does not conform with regulations will be issued with a further works quotation to bring the appliance up to standards.

Before the certificate expires, the landlord/owner must schedule a CP17 Gas Safety Certificate examination to avoid any lapse in the certificate. Serviceteam is your one-stop shop for all gas safety certificates, boiler repairs, and installations. All our services have fixed rates, without any hidden charges. Our Gas Safe Registered engineers will guarantee that your appliances are in good working order (or not) and they are safe for all employees to use. Failure to comply with gas safety laws, which endangers employees, can result in severe penalties!

A gas safety certificate, commonly known as a CP17, is required if you intend to sell/rent or lease your commercial property or if you are a landlord/property owner. Why? Because the majority of customers will want to know that the appliances have been thoroughly inspected and are safe!

Only Gas Safe registered engineers can issue the certificate after completing the on-site tests on each of the gas appliances. Before issuing a CP17 certificate, the gas engineer will thoroughly inspect the pressure, functionality, and extraction of every appliance to ensure they meet gas industry regulations. This also includes the inspection of any extraction system/s that remove harmful gases produced during the combustion process.

A CP17 certificate covers a wide range of commercial properties, including offices, retail and industrial units, pubs, restaurants, fast food outlets, mobile merchants, nursing homes, factories, schools, colleges, health care centres, farms, and agriculture premises. Essentially, any commercial facility with a gas supply that is rented leased or used for business.

Commercial property owners or landlords are legally responsible for their tenants, employees, and visitors’ health, safety and welfare within commercial premises. People’s safety could be on the line if the condition of the gas appliances is not checked at least annually. An employer or landlord could face a significant fine and/or imprisonment) for failing to comply in the event of a gas-related accident.

A landlord or business owner must grant access to all commercial gas appliances, so a thorough inspection of each appliance is possible. A detailed inventory of all gas appliances will be required prior to our engineer’s attendance on site. It’s important to know the expiry date of the current certificate to avoid any gaps. All certificates have terms and conditions to meet in order for any insurance claim to be eligible and or paid.

A CP17 Commercial Gas Certificate will be issued only after a qualified commercial gas engineer has deemed all appliances/pipework safe for use.

Please bear in mind that an engineer who holds only domestic qualifications is not permitted to work on commercial equipment. This can be easily recognised by asking to view the engineer’s ID card, which identifies the categories the engineer is authorised to work on.

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What's included in this service?

  • A Full Safety Inspection: Serviceteam’s Gas Safety Certificate includes a full inspection of your gas appliances. Which includes: the installation, boiler, cooker and gas fire. During the inspection, the condition of your gas appliance, pipework and ventilation will be assessed, and a performance test will be carried out.
  • Issue the Certificate: Our engineer will issue the Gas Safety Certificate electronically if everything meets industry regulations. Should any faulty appliances, you will receive a full report detailing the work required to bring it/them up to standards.
  • Emergency Response: Choose a date and time that suits your busy schedule, and a team member will contact you to confirm your appointment slot.

What will it cost:

We charge a fixed price starting from £143 + Vat
(allowing up to three gas appliances) for a Gas Safety Certificate when booked online. We add £55 + VAT for each additional appliance.

A Commercial boiler service which can be added for – only £129 + Vat.

What's not included in this service?

  • Any congesting zone and parking fees
  • Any repairs or replacements. If remedial works are identified due to the inspection, a further works quote will always be provided for your authorisation before proceeding.
  • Your gas safety certificate details the cost of re-inspecting any gas, heating, or boiler failures.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does a landlord need to obtain a commercial gas certificate?

Every time a property is leased and or rented. In the event of a gas-related accident, there must be a historical record of all previous safety checks.

Q: How to get a CP17 gas safety certificate?

– First, check the certificate’s expiry date and then book a commercial gas registered engineer before the certificate expires.

– You can contact serviceteam’s customer services 24/7 to book your service.

Q: What is the validation period of a CP17 Gas certificate?

CP17 commercial gas certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Q: What are the penalties for noncompliance with gas regulations?

For non-compliance (and in the event of a gas-related accident), the fine can be but is not limited to £6,000 for each appliance and/or a minimum of 6 months imprisonment.
Without a CP17 (in the event of a gas-related accident), you could be responsible for the fabric of the building, its contents and its inhabitants, which financially could be disastrous. If an accident is through a business owner or landlord’s negligence, the above consequences will apply!