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As the temperature outside drops, we tend to spend more time at home indoors in the warmth. However, to avoid sky high heating bills there are a few other things you can be doing to ensure your home is warm and cosy.

Make sure you draft proof your house, this is especially relevant if you live in an older house as older houses can be more prone to drafts. Drafts can come from all over the place but check your doors and windows first as these are the most common sources. There are draft preventers that you can buy to put at the foot of any door frame which can be quite effective. You could also consider installing heavy curtains in your room as these have been known to help reduce heat loss by 40%, as well as prevent cold drafts coming in.

If you have bare floorboards in your home, think about investing in a rug or two to help keep the heat in and prevent cold air flowing up through the gaps in the floorboards. It’s also a good idea to keep the doors closed on any rooms in the house you’re not using. This way warm air is contained within the rooms you’re in, and not wasted on empty ones.

Check your radiators are heating up properly, if they are cold in patches or only lukewarm, they may need bleeding. If you’re not sure how to bleed a radiator you can view a ‘how to’ video on Worcester Bosch’s website here.

If you don’t notice much difference after bleeding your radiators, it may mean you need a powerflushing service. Your radiators may be clogged up with debris from the water running through them. This debris blocks the heat transfer from the water making your radiators feel cold. Powerflushing helps remove any internal debris and allows the heat to transfer from the water through the metal radiators and into the air around them more efficiently. You should notice the results near enough immediately after the powerflushing! Also if you add a magnetic system filter it will prevent any debris from building up in your system again

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Serviceteam are an emergency reactive maintenance company who offer these keep your house warm services:

It’s important that we stay warm and comfortable in our own homes, but we should always be conscious of our heating usage. Making sure your home is draft proof and your radiators are performing efficiently helps prevent energy wastage and high energy bills. If you want to talk more about your central heating efficiency, get in touch!

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