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Magnetic System Filter

If you’re looking to change your gas boiler, it’s important to familiarise yourself with magnetic filters. These essential features are designed to keep your boilers and heating system running smoothly by removing harmful metallic particles and sludge that circulate the heating system. The filter captures these articles preventing them from entering the boiler. Sludge builds up over time, reducing efficiency and causing costly repairs and even system failure. By using strong magnets to attract and remove sludge from your system, magnetic filters can extend the working life of your boiler, pipes and radiators whilst maintaining overall performance. Whether you’re a homeowner, or business owner, knowing what you need and where to find it is important. Consider researching MagnaClean LLC on Google for more information on how to install and maintain one.

Over time, the water in your central heating system reacts with the inside of your steel radiators. The resulting dark/black/reddish dissolved rust (iron oxide) consists of a ‘gummy’ consistency, causing a reduction in water circulation that diminishes the efficiency and performance of your central heating. It’s vital to control/capture suspended debris to prevent harm to the circulation pump or other moving parts, such as the two/three-way motorised valves.

It is designed to ‘grab’ any magnetic debris, such as corroded iron and steel suspended within the system, preventing them from permeating the boiler!
They are quick to install and can be easily serviced during your annual boiler service.

Our standard offering includes supplying and installing a MagnaClean Professional 22mm Magnetic System Filter. However, if you have a preferred system filter in mind, like a Vaillant, Worcester Bosh etc., we are happy to accommodate your request.

  • Determine a suitable location for magnetic system filter installation, usually on the return pipe, just before the boiler.
  • Drain the system to prepare for installation.
  • Cut into the pipework to install the necessary valves and filter.
  • Refill the system and proceed with commissioning.

Serviceteam plumbing and heating engineers regularly install system filters, so rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Here are some of the advantages of installing a Magnaclean system filter:

  • Extended boiler lifespan: The filter helps prolong the life of your boiler by preventing the accumulation of harmful debris and sludge within the heating unit.
  • Easy installation and maintenance: The filter can be easily installed into your existing central heating unit, and routine maintenance is straightforward.
  • Immediate protection and results: Once installed, the filter provides instant protection, ensuring your heating system operates efficiently and effectively.
  • No ongoing running costs: The Magnaclean filter does not incur additional running costs, making it a cost-effective choice.
  • Guarantee: The Magnaclean filter comes with a standard 2-year guarantee, and serviceteam offers an additional 1-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

If you have never used serviceteam before, then access the customer review platforms on Checkatrade or Trustpilot. If you like the reviews and need one of our services, contact us directly or visit our website; you will see that we are a one-stop shop for all your domestic servicing or repair needs. Say goodbye to calling multiple suppliers and trying to keep track of them. It takes just one call, and your dedicated project manager will manage your project from start to finish.

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What's included in this service?

We offer a set price for supplying and installing the MagnaClean Professional 22mm Magnetic System Filter. You can either book your service through our online portal or by calling us directly.

What will it cost:

  • Get an instant quote via FloQuote: Contact us directly, and we will send a link for you to upload pictures and a description of the work needed. Estimating will then provide a prompt estimate based on the information provided. Our quote service is free and carries no obligation on your part.
  • Site Survey & Quote Visit: Alternatively, we can schedule an on-site visit by an engineer to assess the work required. This will allow us to provide you with a fixed-price quote. Please note that there is a £35 + VAT charge for the site visit. However, if the total value of the quoted work exceeds £500, we will deduct the survey fee from the final invoice for the work.
  • If our engineer is already on site and has already drained your central heating unit for other works, we can conveniently supply and install your new system filter for £210 + VAT.
  • However, if we need to drain down your heating unit and refill it upon completion, the job requires more time and incurs a slightly higher cost. For an independent visit, including drain down and refill, the price is £315 + VAT.
  • Furthermore, if you book the system filter along with any other gas or heating service, you will receive a 10% discount on the system filter.

What's not included in this service?

  • Any congestion charges or parking charges (unless a parking permit can be provided for the duration of the engineer’s visit).
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How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I add a new magnetic filter to my existing system?

It can be, but it depends on the location of your boiler, as some free space is needed. Generally, a new magnetic filter can be easily installed on an existing central heating unit.

Our engineer will conduct an on-site inspection to assess the compatibility and provide a quotation for the installation.

Q: When should a Magnetic System Filter be serviced?

As the filter continuously collects dirt and debris, you need to clean it periodically to ensure optimal performance. The cleaning process can easily be included in your annual boiler service (subject to conditions). It’s important to keep the filter clean for your system’s protection.


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