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Plumbing Upgrade Quote London

It may have been some time since you last inspected your plumbing system and delayed upgrading, maintaining or replacing those key bathroom and plumbing items not working as efficiently as they should? Those radiators that only partially warm up, not giving the heat you expect, even though your thermostat is set to maximum! That annoying dripping tap, shower or seized stop cock, due to limescale build up. Maybe your bathroom has lost its sparkle and is in need of a refit to bring a restorative and calming vibe to it once again?

To make a difference you don’t have to change the whole bathroom or kitchen to improve its elegance. Simply switching from the current tap design to something a bit more sleek or stylish could make a big difference. Changing tiles, lighting or even re-grouting can make a style difference? All of which will complement your home and possibly add value to it?

When your house was built the plumbing was designed to meet with the facilities installed i.e. a downstairs kitchen, upstairs bathroom, separate WC etc. Today people want an en suite facility, an extra bathroom, a utility room with a shower and WC facility. These ‘new’ extras can’t be piped in with the existing plumbing configuration, it’s not possible. That’s where serviceteam comes in to help accommodate the required upgrades. Just call us on the number shown and our friendly team members will discuss your requirements. Alternatively you can email us pictures of the site where the works is needed or book a site survey for a detailed inspection. After that, our plumbing team will advise to ensure a perfect plumbing upgrade.

If you want to read any of our reviews please check our Checkatrade or Trustpilot reviews.

  • Powerflush : That’s a one-off deep clean of your central heating system. It makes sure everything’s working properly by getting rid of sludge and stopping your boiler corroding. It’ll help your system work for longer, keep your bills lower and cut down the risk of breakdowns.
  • Radiators : We’ve got lots of radiators for you to choose from. When we fit it, we’ll guarantee it for five years.
  • Taps : Sprucing up your plumbing fittings is a great way to modernise your house without breaking the bank.
  • Magnetic system filters : they trap sludge before it does any damage to your system. They’re quick to fit and keep your system running at its best for longer. And they’re easy to look after – we clean them when we do your annual boiler service.
  • Thermostatic radiator valves : they sense the air temperature around them and change the flow of hot water going through your radiators to keep your rooms at the temperature you’ve picked. So you can save money by only using the energy you need.
  • Showers : With very little hassle, we can fit a new shower. We’ve got lots of Mira showers to choose from that work with thermostatic mixer, electric and power showers, as well as other types. That way you can pick the shower that’s best for you.


Remember that radiator that only heats halfway? That’s due to that ‘gloopy’ sludge or debris hindering water circulation. A power flush is a convenient way of cleansing the central heating system of all that ‘gunk’ that has accumulated over time. By removing the dirt and blockages in the pipework will give a more balanced radiator heat to your home.

Magnetic System filter installation

After a complete power flush we recommend the installation of a Magnetic system filter to keep the system clean and free from sludge and debris. It captures the sludge and dirt before reaching the pipework/radiators or the boiler. Quick and easy to install and a must fit after the system has been flushed through.

Shower installation/ replacement

Shower being the most frequently used fixture in your bathroom and is more likely to shows signs of wear and tear compared to other components. Shower hoses perish over time and seals do leak. The water heating unit itself may give intermittent heat going from hot to cold when you least expect it? This is usually a sign the heating element is faulty and should be replaced?. Serviceteam can recommend an appropriate shower depending on the household needs.


A change of taps to something more sleek or stylish is sometimes all that’s needed to spruce up’ your bathroom or kitchen.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

This will help to save on those heating bills? They will heat a radiator to a predetermined temperature in every room where fitted. A must have if you want to reduce your carbon footprint? An upgrade you won’t regret!

Radiator Replacement

Are your radiators looking tired or don’t have TRV’s fitted (Thermostatic Radiator Valve). These valves individually control the temperature of each radiator. For example, you want the living room radiators set to a comfortable temperature but the the radiator in the utility room or empty bedroom may not need to be as hot? A TRV allows you to turn off or turn down the radiator temperature in a room, which can also save on the heating bills! Has the radiator a rust line at the bottom of it? This is usually a sign of age and could begin to ‘weep’ as time goes by? Best get it replaced before it starts leaking. Once the radiator is installed, you’ll be covered by the manufacturers guarantee and by serviceteam’s 12 month workmanship guarantee, for peace of mind. Our plumbing team is available 24/7 to cater for all your plumbing needs.

Why get your upgrade with us?

  • We guarantee a fixed price once we have given you your quote, it won’t go up. It’s our fixed price promise.
  • Highly qualified engineers our professional engineers work in a clean and tidy way and take pride in all aspects of work they complete.
  • We provide extended warranty’s All the work we do is guaranteed for at least a year
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What's included in this service?

You might be getting a new bathroom, redesigning your bathroom . Or just want to make the most of your existing bathroom right now.

We’ve got products to stop you wasting energy and money. And to help freshen up your home.

Book an appointment to meet or talk with one of our Plumbing Engineer to get advice about our popular plumbing products.

We look forward to hearing from you either using our online booking form or feel free to give us a call and one of our friendly customer service staff will be on hand to guide you through any questions you may have or if you want to read any of our reviews please check our Checkatrade or Which? reviews.

  • Step 1 – Arrange a plumbing adviser visit or conversation Either choose a convenient appointment time and day that suits your busy schedule for our heating adviser to visit. Or contact us to discuss with one of our repair doctors. We will then provide you with a fixed price quotation.
  • Step 2 – Installation day Our expert Serviceteam engineer will arrive on the date you have chosen. Once the installation is complete they will explain how to use the new system to obtain the most energy efficient output, and leave your home neat and tidy.
  • Step 3 – We give you peace of mind When your product is installed; it comes with a minimum 1 year guarantee as standard, which means if something happens you can call us any time, any day of the year.

What will it cost:

  • Get an instant quote via FloQuote - Request a quote & our office based maintenance advisors will try to provide a quote using the information provided. This is a Free instant quote no obligation service.
  • Site Survey & Quote visit - Alternatively we will arrange for our engineer to visit site to asses the work required so that we can provide a fixed price quote. And we only charge £35 + Vat for the visit. PLUS, should the total value of the quoted work be over £500 we will deduct the survey fee off the final invoice for the work.

What's not included in this service?

  • Any congestion charges or parking charges (unless a parking permit can be provided for the duration of the engineer’s visit).
Plumbing Upgrade
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I need a Plumbing Upgrade?

Well, each material your plumbing system consists of has a life span, after which it is most likely to be exposed to certain issues. Following are the signs that hint towards having a plumbing upgrade:

  • Discoloured Water.
  • Low water pressure. (lower than usual)
  • Obvious leaks.
  • Bad condition of Pieps. (can be an indicator)
  • Stains and smells.
  • Dripping taps.
  • Slow Dreains
  • Increased water/heating bills.

Q: Should I replace my old radiator?

Definitely, if it is showing signs of rusting or minor leaks. Check the bottom of the radiator first, if it’s rusting then it will only get worse overtime and will always leak when you least expect it!

Q: How long does it take to do a plumbing upgrade?

A plumbing upgrade job might take from one day to several, depending on the size of your household and the complexity of the system. As bigger house might have more fixtures and plumbing appliances than usual, it is likely to take 3-5 days.

Q: How often is a Powerflush required?

To keep your system in tip-top condition, it is recommended to powerflush the system every 5-6 years. If you live in a hard-water area the installation of limescale reducers is advised. Our team will recommend where and how many to prevent limescale blocking pipes. If you have a magnetic filter installed, then good news you won’t need a powerflush so often.