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    Thermostatic Radiator Valves Installation
    In London
    From £140 + Vat

    What's included in this service?

    From replacing standard radiator valves with new TRV’s (thermostatic radiator valves), to fixing leaking and faulty valves, Serviceteam are here to help.

    Why consider replacing your radiator valves?

    • TRV’s sense the air temperature around them and changes the flow of hot water through your radiator giving individual temperature control to each room and radiator. So you can select a preferred temperature for each room which can also lead to reduced heating costs as you only use the energy needed.

    How much will it cost?

    • As part of an independent visit, we charge£140 + Vat to supply and replace your thermostatic radiator valves to the 1st radiator. And £50 + Vat for each additional radiator required.
    • e.g. changing the radiator valves of three radiators would cost(£140 + £50 + £50 = £240 + Vat).
    • If we are already on site completing other works, please use our request a quote link for a personal offer.
    • Discount a 10% discount is applied to the price of each TRV if booked along with any other gas or heating service.
    • For more information about thermostatic radiator valves you should contact our office and speak to one of our maintenance advisors.

    What's not included in this service?

    • Any congestion zone, ULEZ or parking charges - This will be added at cost to the final bill (unless a parking permit for the duration of the visit is provided).

      More questions about TRVs? Read our FAQs


    Q: Does the thermostatic radiator really work?

    A: Thermostatic radiator valve is a self-regulating valve that works on the principle of changing the flow of hot water into a radiator, however when the temperature inside the room changes a capsule in the valve head either contract or expands which helps to move the pin in the valve body.

    Q: How to increase the lifespan of a thermostatic radiator valve?

    A: To increase the life span of thermostatic radiators valve you must have to turn it off completely for a few times a year that will help to reduce the chances of failure. Contact service team for a quick repair and quality service.

    Q: How to fix a radiator that won’t heat up?

    A: Sometimes it is due to one or maybe both of the valves are closed, OR the radiator valve may be turned off. You can fix it by making it sure that both left and right valves are open and if there is a radiator valve make sure it is opened.

    Q: How long do thermostatic radiator valve last?

    A: Well, it depends upon the quality of a thermostatic radiator. An ordinary TRVs with oil or wax fixed sensor tends to last about 15 years. However, some of the quality TRVs brands did last beyond that.

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    The serviceteam process

    Choose your preferred method? If not now but certainly in the future you’re likely to have something in your home or premises that needs repairing or replacing? When you do we have various ways we can approach your job;
    • Serviceteam completes so many jobs during a year that we can often provide you with a fixed price for the works without attending
    • Other jobs require am enquiry to be raised, so we can compile a quotation. Any photos provided will help us to assess requirements.
    • If your project is large or complex, we will assign one of our qualified engineers to visit and prepare a detailed quotation.
    • Alternatively, you can select serviceteam’s Pay by Time option, certainly if you have an emergency or a “to do” list made up of one or several minor jobs. When on site our engineer will appraise the works required and give an indication of how long the works are expected to take. If we are unable to complete the works within the first visit due to the need for extra time or materials, then we will provide you with a fixed price quotation for the extended works for consideration and authorisation before proceeding.
    Enquiries can be logged through our website, email, WhatsApp or by calling 020 3538 7067.

    What happens next?
    When booking online the details of your job, including your preferred time slot/s will be sent to our scheduling department where within one working hour, scheduling will assign the appropriately qualified engineer to your job. You will also receive an alert via email confirming your appointment. You can view details of your job and see a photo of the engineer who will be visiting. If we are unable to accommodate your job at the time requested, due to high demands on our resources, we will be in touch with alternative dates.

    Good to know about your deal?
    If our tradesperson assesses your job and believes that the scope of the works need adjusting in terms of time/materials and price, they will seek you approval before the work begins.

    How are tradespeople verified?
    All our tradespeople have the relevant trade specific qualifications, have been rigorously screened and come under serviceteam’s insurance policies.

    How do we charge?
    At the point of booking your service we will log your preferred payment details card number etc. Payment will not be taken from your credit/debit card until the works have been completed, usually within 24 hours. Please note credit card transactions are limited to £150.00. maximum. A copy of your paid invoice and a job-sheet will be emailed to you when payment has been approved. Our dedicated Operations Team, based in London, are on call to discuss any current or future jobs as well as managing your project through to completion. If you prefer to pay with a different card to the one used when booking your appointment, please ask our trades person whilst on site to call the office and update your details.

    How do refunds work?
    You are eligible for a refund if you cancel within 14 days of booking or the job has not been started and is not within the cancellation time frame.

    What if I want to cancel the appointment?
    We understand that priorities and plans change, and you may need to rearrange/cancel your booking. Should this be the case please let us know as soon as possible so we can make the necessary alterations to our work schedules. If we don’t receive enough notice of your cancellation or appointment rescheduling within the terms outlined below, then there is a possibility you will be charged a cancellation fee.

    Cancellation windows
    (1.) A charge of £10.00 (ten pounds) will be payable if the service is cancelled within 24 hours. (2.) If the scheduled appointment is cancelled within 12 hours (or less) a 50% charge of the booking fee will be applied (3.) If the appointment is cancelled when engineer arrives at the property (on the doorstep - photos and times will be provided) and within our texted 3-hour time slot the full booking fee will become payable. None of the above charges are profit items and only contribute to the cost of late cancellation/lost business.

    Do I need to provide parking?
    As you know parking in and around London can be problematic and extremely costly (depending on the area) if a parking space can be reserved for our engineer it would be appreciated and help increase efficiency of the service provided (no feeding meters etc or mobile app updating). The quote we have provided does not include the cost of parking and/or congestion charge which will be added to the final invoice (if applicable). Please inform your personal account manager if any special parking instructions like parking permit/free parking can be provided. For properties on the rim of the congestion zone and it is not possible for our engineer to attend without entering/clipping the charge zone, we may need to add the charge to the final bill ? Please check with your personal account manager in advance of your appointment if you’re not sure?

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