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Worcester Bosch boilers are revolutionising the way we heat our homes. Their modern range of boilers will give reliability, efficiency, performance and economy while helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Although Worcester Bosch boilers are legendary for reliability and quality, they have, like most boiler products, a shelf life during which faults may occur. However, the 4000 Combi boiler model comes with a 10-year guarantee!

All gas boilers are susceptible to wear and tear and failure as they age. The cost of maintenance and repairs will increase as a boiler ages. Faults become more frequent with boilers over 10+ years. If boiler breakdowns and boiler repairs are becoming more frequent, it could be time to replace them. A Worcester Bosch boiler is dependable and a sound investment for the long term. That being said, even the best ones will occasionally show a fault code in the display panel, such as an EA code.

What does an EA Code on a Worcester Bosch boiler mean?

In the Worcester Bosch boiler manual, an "EA" code denotes a flame detection error. This flame heats the heat exchanger to produce hot water. The control panel may occasionally show an EA code or become unresponsive. For a simple fix, such as low pressure, refer to the WB user manual.

A few simple checks to diagnose an EA Fault Code?

Before seeking help from a gas-registered engineer, try these easy steps to rectify an EA error code: Will the boiler restart? Find the reset button and press and hold it for 5 seconds. You may need to try this at least a couple of times, which usually fixes it.

  • Check if the gas supply to your boiler is fully on and hasn't been accidentally shut off at the gas supply valve. Have you enough credit if you are on a prepaid plan? If you suspect a problem with the gas supply, turn on the gas hob or fire to confirm the gas supply. Call National Grid on the free gas emergency number if both appliances don't ignite.
  • During freezing conditions, the condensate pipe in the boiler can become frozen or blocked. If the condensate waste can be seen flowing out of the condensate to drain, then all should be OK.
  • If nothing flows to the drain and the boiler locks out again, it is probably the frozen condensate pipe. A steaming hot kettle of hot water poured over the condensate usually defrosts it. The boiler should then start up and run as usual.

If none of the above works, it's time to call a gas safe registered engineer to diagnose and repair the fault. If after a manual reset has been attempted and the fault/ error code (EA) is persistent, it's time to call an engineer.

The central processing department in a boiler is the PCB (printed circuit board). It processes commands to ensure the boiler functions correctly to give heating and hot water. The PCB can detect if anything is not working properly within the boiler by flagging an error code. It will lock out' as a safeguard and protect other components within the boiler.

It can be frustrating when a series of error/ fault codes appear in succession. That's when it's time to call a professional gas engineer, preferably one who is Worcester Bosch accredited. They'll meticulously check and look into whatever has caused the error /fault code and repair it.

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What range of Worcester Bosch boilers show an EA Fault Code?

The following boilers will show the EA fault code, indicating a flame detection problem. After a thorough check, a professional gas safety engineer will be able to diagnose the fault. The flame detector determines whether the main flame or pilot light is truly lit. Flame detectors are intended to stop boiler explosions caused by burning fuel stored inside the burner chamber when installed and maintained appropriately during a flame failure.

A flame fault occurs when the flame inside the boiler's combustion chamber goes out due to a problem with the system or faulty use. Contact serviceteam to get advice from our professional WB-accredited gas safe engineers.

  • Greenstar i
  • Greenstar Si
  • Greenstar CDi Highflow
  • Greenstar CDi Classic Regular
  • Greenstar CDi Fi Regular

Are you experiencing persistent issues with your boiler?

It could be down to its age, lack of maintenance, annual check or even neglect that brings you to the decision to replace it. It won't be cheap, but indeed a wise investment with a 10-year guarantee. The extensive Worcester Bosch range means there is a boiler to suit your property size and family needs.

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