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Finding an error code on your boiler, like the Worcester Error 227, can be quite distressing. It's easy to jump to conclusions about costly repairs or the need for replacement parts, not to mention the inconvenience of bringing in a professional. However, turning a blind eye to these early warnings can lead to a full-blown boiler malfunction, potentially draining your wallet even further down the line.

Serviceteam's expert engineers are here to help you identify and address this common issue. Let's ensure your home remains the cosy haven it should be.

What Is the Worcester Boiler 227 Fault Code?
[No Flame Signal]


The Worcester Bosch fault code 227 signals that the boiler couldn't detect a flame when attempting to start up.

Typically, the boiler will make several attempts to ignite, usually around four to five times. If it fails to do so, the safety mechanisms in the boiler activate, causing it to shut down for safety purposes.

As a result, the boiler will frequently enter a locked-out state during this period. This makes sure that any potential risks associated with the absence of flame are mitigated, prioritising the safety of your home or property.

Experiencing this Worcester Bosch boiler 227 faults on you can be more than an inconvenience; it can disrupt the comfort of your home.

What Causes 227 Fault Code?

Gas Supply | Defective Gas Valve A-Longitude-of-a-Worcester-Bosch-Greenstar-8000-boiler

If you're seeing Error 227 on your Worcester boiler, it's likely due to an issue with the gas supply.

This is a common problem and could stem from a faulty or improperly adjusted gas valve.

Your Gas Safety Engineer can assess the valve situation and determine if the valve needs adjustment or replacement.

Frozen Condensate Pipe A-frozen-condensate-pipe-in-a-London-property-outside

If you notice the EA 227 fault code during the winter, it's likely due to a frozen condensate pipe, which you can often resolve yourself.

Here's what you can do:

  • Thaw the frozen condensate pipe outside using warm water.
  • Reset the boiler.

If the boiler starts working again after the reset, then the frozen condensate pipe was likely the issue. This simple fix can save you time, hassle, and money.

Frozen Gas Meter A frozen gas meter during the winter

If your gas meter is making noise and your combi boiler is acting up, the issue might not be with your Worcester Bosch boiler itself. A frozen gas meter, either partially or entirely, could be to blame, affecting the gas regulator and supply to your boiler.

During winter months, if Error 227 occurs frequently, it might be linked to your external gas meter. A frozen or partially frozen meter can impact the gas regulator, disrupting the gas flow to the boiler. To address this, check if your meter is properly insulated, especially if it's located outside.

Your gas safety engineer can guide you in insulating the meter effectively to prevent future issues caused by cold weather.

Blocked Pilot Jet After cleaning, the boiler's pilot jet.

Sometimes, even the smallest dirt can clog the pilot light jet, preventing the flame from forming properly. If you noticed the flame flickering before it went out completely, it could mean that the pilot jet is blocked. Your Gas Safety Engineer can clean this tiny part, which might fix the issue and reset the error display.

Damaged Electrode or Ignition Lead

The electrode and ignition lead must be in good condition for your boiler to create a good flame. If they're damaged, your boiler won't work as it should. Your Gas Safety Engineer can clean and try to repair these parts, but it might be cheaper to replace them altogether. They'll know the best course of action to take.

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Internal Moisture Leaking Onto Electricals

A boiler has many internal electrical parts; even a tiny leak or moisture buildup can harm them. If you detect a leak, shut off the boiler and water supply, then call an engineer. Leaks are often hard to spot, so letting the engineer check it is safer.

If there's a problem with the heat exchanger, it might be leaking. Since you can't see the heat exchanger, you won't see the leak from the outside. It's best to have a professional engineer check and fix it.

The PCB, or Printed Circuit Board, is like the brain of your boiler. It communicates with all the electrical parts what to do. Even a tiny leak can damage this board. A Gas gas-safe engineer can find the issue and suggest parts to replace.

Fixing a damaged PCB can cost up to £500 but will solve the fault code problem.

If you see the 227 fault code along with a leak, turn off the water supply.

If your boiler is over 10 years old, it might be better to get a new one. You can install a new combi boiler starting from £2,000. This could be a smarter choice in the long run.

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How to Fix Worcester Bosch 227 Fault Code?

Step 1: Gauge Water Pressure
Low water pressure can lead to a host of problems. A simple gauge check can tell you if there's an issue to address.

Step 2: Assess the Condensate Pipe
A visual inspection of your condensate pipe may reveal if freezing is to blame for your troubles.

Step 3: Reset Your Boiler
A proper reset can often reboot your boiler. Do not forget to check your boiler user manual so you can ensure the correct protocol.

Step 4: Investigate the Ignition System
Ignition issues will stall your system. This is where professional insights come in handy.

Step 5: Verify Gas Supply Integrity
A compromised gas supply demands immediate attention, often requiring the expertise of a certified professional.

Common Mistakes to Avoid Boiler Issues

Avoid mishaps like,

  • incorrect boiler resets,
  • overlooking low water pressure, and
  • dismissing condensate pipe maintenance.

These mistakes can accommodate the integrity of your boiler and lead to more significant concerns.

Regular maintenance and annual boiler servicing by a certified professional not only prolong the life of your boiler but also ensure its efficiency and safety.

When your Worcester boiler shows a problem like Error 227 and completely shuts down, it's a clear sign that something's wrong. Unless you're a qualified Gas Safety Engineer, it's unsafe to try fixing it yourself.

When to Seek Professional Help

Do-it-yourself approaches to boiler repair can be risky and are not recommended. When it comes to ensuring your boiler works reliably, rely on Serviceteam's certified Gas Safe engineers. They bring expertise, efficiency, and safety to every job.

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