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An error code is a string of characters and numbers that shows up on the boiler's window or screen, such as F62. It is usually located at the bottom or middle of the boiler.

When a boiler detects something isn't working right, it shows an error code. This could be because a part isn't working properly, which can affect how well the boiler works and sometimes even be a health risk. Many boiler companies, including Vaillant, have built-in error codes.

These codes pop up to let you know there's a problem and what the problem is. With the Vaillant manual, homeowners can figure out what each error code means and find ways to fix it.

What is Vaillant F62 Fault Code?
[Gas Valve Fault]


When you see the F62 error code on your Vaillant boiler, it means there's an issue with the gas valve. This error indicates that the gas valve didn't open when the boiler was trying to ignite.

There could be a few reasons for this. It might be because the gas valve itself is faulty, or there could be a problem with the wiring or connections related to the gas valve. Sometimes, other components in the ignition circuit could also be causing the issue.

This error code might also come up with other codes like F28, F29, or F75, signalling problems related to the gas system.

Which Models of Vaillant Ecotec Experience The F62 Vaillant Fault Code?

The F62 problem commonly occurs in earlier models of Vaillant ecoTEC plus and pro boilers, particularly the R1 models produced from 2005 to 2012.

These older boilers, usually at least 10 years old, are more likely to experience the F62 fault error compared to the newer models produced after 2012.

What Causes the Vaillant Fault Code F62?

The F62 fault code can appear on your boiler's display for a few reasons:

Faulty Gas Valve The-PCB-section-of-a-Vaillant-boiler

This is one of the main causes. When the gas valve in a boiler is faulty, it means that it's not doing its job properly. Its main job is to let gas flow to the burner so the boiler can work. But if the gas valve isn't opening or closing as it should, the gas can't reach the burner, causing the boiler to stop working.

So, a faulty gas valve is a common reason why boilers shut down.
Faulty Gas Pressure Sensor

A faulty gas pressure sensor is like a watchdog for the gas pressure in your boiler system. Its job is to make sure the pressure stays within safe limits. But if this sensor isn't working properly, it might send incorrect signals to the boiler. This confusion can lead the boiler to shut off unexpectedly, causing heating or hot water supply disruptions.

To restore normal heating operation, it's essential to call for professional boiler repair service.

Blocked Gas Supply

When your home gas supply to the boiler is blocked or limited due to something like debris in the gas line or a faulty gas meter, it can cause the F62 error code to appear.

Low Gas Pressure

When there's not enough gas pressure in the system, it can trigger the F62 fault code. This could be because there's a leak in the gas line or an issue with the gas pressure regulator. These issues can cause your boiler to shut down or not work properly, so it's essential to address them promptly to ensure your boiler runs smoothly.

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Why Is My Boiler's Gas Valve Faulty?

Several factors could be causing your boiler's gas valve to malfunction, leading to issues with opening and closing correctly. Here are the main reasons:

Faulty PCB

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) might be sending incorrect signals to the gas valve, causing it to open or close at the wrong times. This can result in gas flowing when it's not needed or vice versa, triggering an F62 fault code.

Intermittent PCB Connection

Consistent communication between the PCB and gas valve is crucial. If this connection is sporadic, similar issues, as with a completely faulty PCB, can result in an F62 fault code.

Stuck Gas Valve

Wear and tear can cause the boiler's gas valve to become stuck. When this happens, it can't regulate the gas flow properly, leading to a Vaillant fault code F62.

Understanding these potential causes can help effectively diagnose and address issues with your boiler's gas valve.

How To Fix The F62 Fault Code?

If your Vaillant boiler shows the F62 fault code, you can try these steps to fix it:

Check the gas supply

First, make sure the boiler's gas supply is turned on. Then, check that the gas supply valve is open and that the gas supply line is free of obstructions. This ensures that the boiler is receiving the necessary gas to operate properly.

Check the Gas Pressure

First, make sure the gas supply to your boiler is working properly. Then, check the gas pressure in the system. You can do this by looking at the gas pressure gauge on the boiler or using a gas pressure tester.

For a Vaillant boiler, the gas pressure should be between 18 and 21 millibars.
Check the Gas Valve

If the gas pressure is fine, then it's time to inspect the gas valve. To do this, you'll need to take off the boiler cover and see if the gas valve is working as it should. If it's not, you'll need to get a skilled engineer to replace it for you.

Check the Gas Pressure Sensor

After checking that the gas valve is working fine, the next thing to check is the gas pressure sensor. This means taking off the boiler cover to see if the sensor is working properly. If it's not, you'll need to get a qualified engineer to replace it.

Call a Gas Safe Engineer

Professional heating engineers are trained to identify and fix gas and heating issues safely. Trying to fix boiler issues yourself can be risky and might even harm your boiler more. Plus, it could cancel any warranty you have with the manufacturer. So, it's best to leave it to the experts to avoid problems.

Prioritise safety and legality: Always rely on trained and qualified gas central heating engineers to address boiler issues, considering the serious legal and safety consequences of boiler repairs.
Perform Annual Boiler Service

Performing an annual boiler service is crucial for ensuring the efficiency, safety, and longevity of your heating system. Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential issues early on, preventing costly repairs and ensuring uninterrupted heating during cold seasons.

Why Does The F62 Fault Happen Sometimes?

After around 10 years, certain parts of Vaillant ecoTEC plus and pro boilers can develop defects. These faults in either the PCB or the Gas Valve can cause the boiler to start failing off and on, showing the F62 error code.

Customers often tell us that their shower runs cold, and when they check their ecoTEC boiler's digital display, they see the F62 fault code. They can reset the boiler to get hot water again, but the problem keeps happening on and off!

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Should I Get a New Boiler?

Having a broken boiler can be really annoying, especially if it keeps showing an F62 fault code because of a problem with the PCB. Fixing an old boiler might only work for a little while because there could be a bigger issue causing the problem.

Instead of just fixing it temporarily, getting a new boiler is usually the better choice. It can help avoid the same problems coming back, work really well, and give you peace of mind for a long time.

So, if your boiler's PCB is acting up, think about getting a new, efficient one from a good brand like Vaillant.

If you're looking for a professional boiler installation in London, contact our Vaillant-accredited heating engineers for a guaranteed installation.

Will my Warranty Cover Repairs or Replacement Work for an F62 Fault?

Vaillant warranties will cover repairs only if the issue stems from a manufacturing defect.

If your boiler is damaged due to incorrect usage or for any other reason, the warranty won't cover it.

Also, even if the problem is a defect from manufacturing, your warranty might not be valid anymore. You have to check how long your warranty lasts and if you followed all the rules in their terms and conditions.

For instance, to maintain the warranty validity, Vaillant boilers must undergo an annual service performed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

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