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As reliable as modern boilers may be, they can still suffer the occasional hiccup. If your boiler is functioning as it should, then run a quick diagnostic check to see if you can identify and fix the fault without professional help. Many boilers show different error/fault codes, which help pinpoint the cause of the fault code.

If you find yourself in need of boiler repair, then the first step is to reset your boiler if possible. Depending on the Worcester Bosch boiler model or make, such as the popular Worcester boiler range, this could vary, so it's important to consult your boiler user manual for exact instructions related to fault codes.

If this does not resolve the boiler fault and you're still having issues with it delivering heat or reaching a desired temperature, then a qualified boiler engineer will be needed to diagnose and locate the issue causing it to malfunction.

To speed up the process and cost-effectiveness and ensure the accuracy of diagnostics, it's recommended that you provide an error/fault code before dispatching an engineer. This way, they can better identify likely causes of failure due to defective components earlier and quicker than without knowing the error code. However, even armed with this information, other underlying issues can occur, which may not be immediately detected during diagnosis without further inspection of the boiler.

Worcester Bosch Boilers

Homeowners across the UK trust Worcester Bosch gas boilers to heat their homes. While they are reliable, they can help to be aware of a range of error/fault codes and how to handle them, i.e., locking errors require resetting with a button while blocking errors clear automatically. Knowing about these different issues can prove invaluable when something goes wrong!

When the boiler was installed, it undoubtedly came with a user manual. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to refer to the troubleshooting section of the manual and the various error codes that may pop up in the future.

Worcester Bosch EF Error Code - "Minimum Burner Load"

EF boiler error/fault code relates to boiler flow and return temperatures and is probably why your home is not as warm as usual. If the boiler operates at minimum burner load, check the system pressure and ensure it's between 1 and 1.5 bars. If the problem persists, then contact your boiler engineer.

These fault codes stem from numerous causes like blockages or broken, faulty pumps; for safety reasons. When the boiler is functioning as normal, the primary flow is regulated by a minimum burner level. If this changes unexpectedly,

Check to see if the safety temperature valve is between 1 and 1.5 bar or Investigate the service mode on the burner control unit - it may mean the temperature sensor needs replacing.

How to fix an EF Boiler Error Code?

As the first step, check the water pressure in the boiler. It should generally be 1 and 1.5 bar. If it is less than 1.5 bar, the boiler should be repressurised. Low pressure can affect the water temperature.

If the problem still exists after repressurising, it may be time to call a gas-registered engineer to investigate.

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Possible reason for differences in water Flow and Return Temperatures.

You'll see that the flow pipe often becomes hotter more quickly than the return pipe. This is because the pipes and radiators are cold when a boiler is fired up. The return water is colder because the pipes and radiators absorb some of the heat. When the central heating gradually warms up, the temperature difference between the two pipes will narrow. The return pipe should never be ice cold when the Worcester boiler fully functions.

Temperature differences between flow and return pipes are common and have numerous causes. If the flow pipe is hot, with the return pipe cold, it could indicate underlying circulation or heat exchanger issues.

Here are a few reasons why flow and return temperatures are different:

Heating System Blockage.

Your central heating system may have a partial obstruction if the flow to the boiler is hot, but the return pipes are cold.

Blockages frequently result from;

Sludge accumulation in central heating


Limescale and system sludge can be real problems for radiators, restricting the flow of hot water. Limescale is caused by minerals in the water that attach themselves to virtually any surface, while system sludge comes from corrosion inside pipework and radiators. These deposits reduce efficiency by restricting circulation and heat transfer, leaving only lukewarm returns at best!

Maintenance is essential for keeping your home heating system running efficiently without any defective situations. Power flushing the system with cleaning chemicals can remove most sludge and limescale, but installing a scale reducer and boiler filter will help catch any remaining debris circulating in the system.

These devices need to be cleaned during an annual boiler service. Failure to do so reduces their ability to keep the central heating system clean and blockage-free. Sludge buildup, if not appropriately managed, means the boilers need to work harder and for longer than is necessary, which will increase energy costs - something to avoid.

Pump failure or issues with the pump speed.

The central heating pump is the heart of the heating system being responsible for pumping hot water throughout the system.

If malfunctioning, the pump may not be circulating the water rapidly enough. The water may have cooled unnecessarily by the time it circulates back to the boiler via the return. This may be caused by the following:

Contaminated heated water blocking the pump

Incorrect pump setting speed

The shaft on the pump is stuck

The PCB is not successfully interacting with the pump.

The solution can include doing a power flush, purchasing a new heat pump, or changing the PCB, depending on the underlying problem. The above will need a qualified gas safe registered engineer to locate and fix the problem. Gas boiler repairs can only be undertaken by a qualified gas engineer; it's not advisable to attempt ANY repair yourself, as doing so will violate the conditions of your warranty and possibly invalidate it.

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