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Serviceteam Now Do Epcs

Breaking News! We now do EPCs

Serviceteam has now finally added Energy Performance Certificates to its portfolio. It has been a long time coming but we wanted to ensure we did it right. So we have brought on board to the Serviceteam ranks Joe Brennan to head up our Greenteam who brings many years of experience, however, we won’t tell you about how great Joe is, we’ll let him do that himself.

Interview with Joe:

Serviceteam : Hi Joe, and welcome to serviceteam! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Joe : Hi, great to be part of the team. I have been working in the renewable and home efficiency industry for nearly 10 years now, starting with running marketing campaigns helping people access government funding to assist with the cost of improving the energy efficiency of their home or business.

From here, in 2016 I went on to set up my own company and worked with various local authorities to asses, and improve the efficiency of their housing stocks, insuring that we could keep tenants bills as low as possible

We have now completed over 700 EPC’s for Landlords and Homeowners.

Serviceteam : That’s an amazing amount and glad you can bring that vast experience to our customers!  So, you must enjoy what you do then?

Joe: I love property and I’m passionate about the environment so this is the perfect job for me!!! Talking to people and helping them understand what measures are available to them to not only help save the environment and reduce their carbon footprint, but also save money on their bills.

 Serviceteam : Saving money for our customers is something we love too, sounds like an awesome match! So Joe, we know it is compulsory to have an EPC to sell your house, but most people don’t know what an EPC actually is?

 Joe: An EPC or Energy Performance Certificate is a survey of your property to give you an overall energy rating… like the ones you may have seen on your fridge

It gives your property a rating from 0-100, based on the energy efficiency. In order to calculate your rating I will need to have a look at your heating system, hot water system, have a look at the windows and loft and construction type of the property.

The Survey itself takes on average 45 minutes, and I will need to take some photos of various elements of your property.

The EPC will then provide you with a list of potential recommendations, average costs and payback periods for works that will improve your rating.

Serviceteam : So you have to assess the whole building meaning you get to go to rooms that even family members don’t get to see all that often?

Joe ; Well yes, as part of the EPC survey I have had to go into many people’s lofts, sometimes discovering things that you wish you hadn’t…

One survey in a customer’s property I went into the loft, and was shocked to see a coffin….I don’t know if said coffin was occupied, or whether the customer was just a forward planner!

Serviceteam : I think we should ‘end it’ there Joe. Thanks for you time Joe and we look forward to having you develop our Greenteam department further!

Joe : Thanks guys!

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