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Serviceteam – Boiler Maintenance Advice

Boilers are the backbone in most of our homes. We rely on them throughout the year to keep us warm and ensure we have hot water at the turn of a tap. If a boiler ever breaks down unexpectedly it can be a stressful time, and turn our daily lives upside down. Boilers are complex machines, and whilst breakdowns are inevitable over time, there are ways that you can help ensure your boiler’s lifespan is as long as it should be. And here at Serviceteam – we want to give you the best Boiler Maintenance Advice possible, so you can remain warm throughout the coming winter months.

Boiler servicing is key to keep your boiler in top condition. Along with several boiler manufacturers, we recommend that you have your boiler serviced annually. An annual boiler service is an opportunity for your gas engineer to take a good look at the inside workings of your boiler and that everything is still in good operating condition. Parts can be cleaned and checked to ensure they are working efficiently and safely.

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A regular service means that any parts that have deteriorated can be spotted before a failure occurs and prevent a breakdown. Prevention is key to avoiding a boiler breakdown, and servicing your boiler gives you the opportunity to help ensure any issues with your boiler are small and can be handled before a larger scale problem develops.

A second piece of advice is a much simpler tip. Don’t clutter your boiler! Boilers need space to be able to ventilate properly. If they can’t ventilate it can cause them to overheat and fail. Avoid stacking up objects near your boiler that may prevent regular air flow, this should help keep your boiler working as it should.

Finally, we suggest that our customers turn their boiler on throughout the year. In the summer months, you may not need your central heating on, but by turning your boiler on for a few minutes during these months can help prevent your boiler seizing up. By getting everything fired up each month can contribute to a healthier lifespan for your boiler and ensure it continues to operate properly in the winter months when you will rely on it much more.

Don’t take your boiler for granted, give it the attention and care that it deserves and it should last you for several years. However, if you do think it is time for a new boiler, contact us about our boiler installation service and we can walk you through your options.

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