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Boiler Maintenance Advice

With Autumn on the doorsteps, you don’t want any faults in your boiler. Since it ensures proper heat transfer throughout the property, it is of immense importance to keep it in tip-top condition. Once overlooked, it gets exposed to serious problems that are often unrepairable, consequently demanding full boiler replacement which is pretty expensive. Therefore, to make sure you don’t face such circumstances here is some important Boiler maintenance advice recommended by serviceteam experts to prevent any troubles:

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Here’s a simple, step-to-step guide you need to follow to carry out the cleaning procedure in the right way

Annual Boiler Service

You just can’t ignore the importance of Annual Boiler Service, for it ensures the boiler to be running in top-notch condition throughout the year. An expert will check the vital components of the boiler to check if everything is running fine. Any dirt-filled or less efficient areas will be cleaned off and fixed after a thorough examination. Just in case you are looking for a trusted group to do the job for you, Serviceteam is at your service 24/7, 365 days. Make sure the service is done before September to get your boiler ready for some heavy-duty work! 

Check Boiler Pressure

This one is pretty much a DIY job. Just check the boiler pressure from time to time to ensure it stays on the recommended level which is between 1 and 2 bar. Make some adjustments just in case you find it deviating from the proper level as it greatly affects water flow through the central heating system.  however, check our complete article on how to repressurize the boiler?

Bleed Radiators

Air trapping in radiators over time can delay its heating time while leaving cold patches altogether. To ensure it doesn’t happen, Bleed the radiators at least once a year. This will help it remain fully functional. Moreover, just don’t paint radiator valves as it makes them arduous to adjust. In worst-case scenarios, an engineer is recommended to do the job. 

Try balancing the radiators

One of the most common issues faced by users is the heat difference between radiators near, and away from the boiler where the nearer ones are more heated-up than the farther ones. However, radiator balancing has reported being solving this issue to a great extent. Though the process might be a bit long, it’s worth it. You can consult Serviceteam professionals for the task also! 

Check for dripping

If you witness any sort of dripping from the boiler overflow pipe, it points towards a faulty pressure release valve in the boiler that needs to be fixed on immediate measures. This may occur due to the overfilling of the boiler also. In any case, consulting an engineer is the best idea to overcome this issue.  

Examine the radiators

It’s pretty common finding the radiators filled with dirt and debris over time, resulting in discontinuous and incomplete heat flow, consequently leading to more heating time and extra bills. Just in case you notice the bottom of the radiator to be colder than the upper part, it’s time to get it powerflushed Or need Radiator Replacement. Our team can do this job for you quite efficiently, at minimum costs.

Examine Boiler Flame Color

Always keep a check on the boiler flame. It should be blue. Just in case you notice it to be yellow or orange, it’s a clear sign of carbon monoxide leakage. Consult an engineer on immediate measures if you see any of this. 

Check Ventilation

Make sure the boiler is placed in a well-ventilated place. If it is kept in a box, it is very important to have an access panel that allows it to be maintained properly. The manufacturer’s instruction guide can also help a lot in this regard. 

FLag the pipes

Lagging your pipes can be of great advantage in cold weather since it prevents them from freezing, keeping it safe from any possible breakdown. Moreover, reducing the heat-up time to reduce the billing. A convenient and economic way to increase the efficiency of your boiler and central heating system.

Gas safety

It is preferable to have a CO Smoke alarm detector installed in the house since it’s a tasteless, smell-less, invisible, and life-taking gas. Place it near the boiler to make sure the gas leak is detected in the first minute. Moreover, have it checked every month to ensure functionality.

Flush It

Flushing your boiler twice a year can be helpful to avoid any dirt buildup to keep it working efficiently. A descaler is preferable for this purpose. However, relying on clean water isn’t a bad idea! 

Leave the repair to professional

Since boilers mainly operate on gas pipes, any mistake can be life-taking. Therefore if you even get the slightest feeling of inconvenience related to your boiler, call a Gas Safe engineer straight away. Serviceteam offers one of the most experienced and skilled professionals all across London for this purpose. Just make a call at 02035387067 ou feel like needing some help. And one thing more, always check the Gas Safe ID before lending the task to anyone! 

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