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Boiler overheating is a serious problem. The cause of the boiler fault can be a variety of issues, from limescale blockage to internal malfunctions, which can cause the boiler temperature to rise unacceptably. The 212 faults (error) should be reported immediately, and a registered gas engineer should be engaged. Fortunately, Worcester Bosch boilers are able to detect any spikes in heat or temperature and automatically trigger an emergency shutdown.

Boiler errors or fault codes, as they are often referred to, will show on the front panel. The visual code on display makes it easier for you or the engineer to the problem.

In the past, an overheated boiler could be a serious risk to one's safety. Thankfully, this is now a thing of the past due to technological advancements. It's still important, however, to report any erratic temperature rises and engage a qualified engineer.

What is the 212 Code in Worcester Bosch Boilers?

Worcester Bosch Boilers can suffer from a 'No Code 212 Issue' or 212 error code, caused by an excessively high flow temperature. This is something that Worcester Bosch boiler owners need to be aware of when looking after their gas or heating systems, as the code could indicate underlying problems with the system's functioning.

This signals that there is a problem with the flow temperature, and; in order to get the temperature back to normal, a gas safe engineer should check the Worcester system. This error/fault code means the safety temperature limiter must be replaced since it has tripped.

Therefore, turn the boiler off and on once again to activate the low mains voltage and restart the temperature flow sensor short circuit. The high-limit thermostat activation code should be reset as a result, and the occurrence of the gas thermostat overheating EA codes fault should be avoided.

What is 'Boiler Flow Temperature'?

The boiler flow temperature is the heating temperature of the hot water produced by your boiler. Water is heated to a temperature that is comfortably circulated around the heating system through the pipework. The pipework conveys the heated water to radiators, allowing them to warm a room. It also supplies hot water to showers, taps, washing machines, dishwashers etc.

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What does a boiler overheat?

The cause of this temperature fault can be several different things. Common contributors include airlocks, a build-up of limescale or malfunctioning thermostats.

Understandably, when your boiler suddenly shuts down despite running its programme it can be alarmingly frustrating. This issue is also known as a 'boiler
lockout', an important safety feature that kicks in if the appliance starts to overheat - meaning this must not go untreated. Remember, ignoring overheating could cause serious damage and put pressure on the internal parts of the boiler, so make sure you get support from a professional gas engineer to explore potential solutions promptly for peace of mind.


➜ Limescale accumulation.

Boilers are not exempt from the effects of limescale because they are water-using appliances. Over time, boilers may develop a limescale issue. The boiler may have problems if this limescale builds on the heat exchanger.

➜ Faulty thermistor.

A thermistor is a component used to measure water temperature in a boiler. If something goes wrong, the water temperature may be unacceptably high, leading to excessive overheating.

If your boiler is overheating and you’re not sure why engage a gas-registered engineer to fix the problem. If it is due to failed thermistor, the engineer should be able to diagnose this on the first visit and suggest a solution.


➜ Systemic blockage.

Blockages can happen anywhere in older heating systems, which can cause a boiler to overheat; if the blockage is severe.

If the heating system is noisy, It's very likely that there is a blockage in the system, usually in the radiators where sludge has accumulated. If the radiator is warm at the bottom and only tepid/cold at the top, it is a sign of sludge in the system. So, before your boiler overheats and creates more issues, have the system power flushed. A power flush is a chemical cleaning of the central heating system flushing all blockages and foreign bodies (rust deposits) from the system. It's always safe to let your gas safe engineer check the boiler

How to fix the No Code 212 boiler error code in Worcester Bosch boilers?

Is your Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25 Si Combi boiler displaying the 212 Error/fault Code? Don't worry; we can help you get things running smoothly again. First, reset the boiler; if this doesn’t work, then it’s time to call a gas safe registered engineer, who will be able to accurately check the problem and repair it. We endeavour to return the heating to your property during the first visit (subject to conditions).

Serviceteam gas safe engineers are Worcester Bosch accredited heating engineers. Should your broiler be overheating, shut it down and call servicetream immediately.

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