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Reasons to book a Powerflush.

Feeling a bit cold despite having a central heating system in your household? There might be dirt, limescale, or sludge build-up in the radiators, hindering hot water passage in the pipes.

Therefore, lt needs to be kept in a tip-top and clean condition to allow full passage and consistent heat production.

For that, you might need a Central Heating Powerflush, a general maintenance service provided all across London to keep the household heating system working properly.

Moreover, expanding its lifespan and efficiency while reducing breakdowns to a minimum level.

Here’s a simple, step-to-step guide you need to follow to carry out the cleaning procedure in the right way

How is it done?

A proper power flush process involves the circulation of powerful cleansing chemicals throughout the central heating system for rust, limescale, debris, and other contaminants to free the water passageway.

The chemicals generally used are descalers, sludge-breakers, and corrosion inhibitors for prolonged protection and efficiency, saving you from extra expenses.

Just for your information, Serviceteam offers a quick Magnacleanse process which takes no more than 2 hours. 

Reason to book a Powerflush Now!

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, there are several other factors contributing to the necessity of having a Powerflush. Just in case you notice any of the following, Call Serviceteam London at 020 8059 8111 straight away to have it done for you within no time in a professional and efficient way! 

Inconsistent, irregular heating

Noticing some rooms to be colder than the others while the central heating system is functional? It might be due to sludge build-up at the bottom of the pipes, creating cold spots that don’t allow proper heat dissipation throughout the household.

This issue can be overcome by having a proper clean-up of the pipes through powerflush which will make the system work as efficiently as new! 

Long time to warm up

It’s frustrating to have a central heating system that requires ages to warm-up the house.

Even more in those chilling winter hours. It is mainly due to sludge, limescale, or rust build-up at the bottom, or throughout the radiator that hinders warm water passage, consequently increasing heat-up time.

Having a proper powerflush Job can prove to be convenient in such a condition! 

Frequent Radiator Bleeding, Dirty Water

Does your radiator need bleeding each time you on/off it? A clear sign of debris and sludge fill-up in the heating system which needs a powerflushing on immediate measures to avoid any damage or inconvenience. You will also notice the watercolor to be black/brownish! 

Pump or Valve Seizure Failure

The culprit responsible for this condition is black oxide accumulates which increases the risks of wear and tears on the shafts due to stuck valves.

Therefore, once you notice any of such stuff, call us on the spot at 020 8059 8111. Our powerflush maintenance team is ready to help 24/7.

Limited or No Hot Water Supply

Just like many of the above-mentioned problems, problems in hot-water supply are also directly related to dirt or debris accumulation in the system, therefore it requires a powerflush to get it back on the normal level.

Installing a new boiler?

Just in case you’re having a new boiler installed in the system, it is recommended to carry out a complete powerflush to ensure there aren’t any dirt particles left in the system making it vulnerable to possible damage. 

Benefits of having a Powerflush

Well, there are some inevitable benefits of Powerflush that makes it of extreme importance for any household’s central heating system including:

  • Quick heating of radiators.
  • Quite sound while functional.
  • More efficiency and lesser bills.
  • Minimum chances of wear and tear, or breakdown. 
  • Prolonged life of the heating system.
  • Time-saving.

Decided to have a Powerflush?

Keeping the necessity and benefits of having a powerflush, if you have decided to let your system go through one, you can fully trust Serviceteam on that.

We have a highly qualified team of experts operating throughout London with 24/7 availability at minimum costs. All you need to do is just to make a call at 020 8059 8111 and we’ll be at your doorsteps! 

Worried about the cost?

Just in case you’re worried about the cost, here are certain things you need to know about Serviceteam working cost:

No extra charges

There are no extra charges for:

  • Fuel.
  • Distance/time.
  • Parking.
  • Congestion.

Casual costs:

Occasional charges include:

  • Extra materials and parts bought and used on the spot.
  • For Ultra-Low Emission Zones (Just in case).

What you get…

  • 24/7 Availability.
  • Dedicated Service support manager for additional help.
  • Guarantee for professionalism. 
  • Extremely experienced and well-groomed team of experts. 


How to check if the system needs a powerflush?

Quite a simple task. Here are things you need to confirm if your system needs a powerflush:

  • Feel the top and bottom of your radiator if there’s a temperature difference.
  • Analyze if the water level is regular.
  • Consult a qualified engineer to check the boiler’s efficiency (Serviceteam also offers this service).

If the top of the radiator is hotter than the bottom, the water level is lesser than usual, or if the boiler isn’t as efficient as its meant to be, call us straight away. 

How long does the Powerflush process take? 

Usually up to 8-hours. However, you can go for a magnacleanse powerflush that will last up to just two hours, costing you a bit extra. Moreover, it also depends upon the number of radiators installed in your household.

How often does a system need powerflush?

Well, it depends upon the system’s condition. If you have a newly installed heating system in your household that works perfectly, there’s no need for a powerflush. However, an old system is usually vulnerable to such issues and needs a powerflush job every 5 to 6 years. 

Is it necessary to have a powerflush before boiler installment? 

Yes, of extreme importance since the manufacturers guarantee the boilers mainly on clean systems. Make sure you run cleansing chemicals just when you install a new boiler. It will keep the system working properly for several years, guaranteed.