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baxi 636 combi boiler

If you own a Baxi boiler, you may have encountered the dreaded E1 fault code. This fault indicates that there is an issue with your boiler, and it requires attention. But what exactly causes this fault code to appear, and how can you fix it?

In this guide, we'll provide all the information you need to know about the E1 fault code in Baxi boilers.

What is E1 Boiler Fault Code?

E1 boiler fault is visible on a baxi boiler

a boiler leak in a domestic property in London

E1 fault code indicates low boiler pressure, causing the boiler to lock out and stop functioning. When you encounter this code, resolving the issue and restoring normal operation is as simple as repressurising your boiler.

Fortunately, the E1 boiler fault is usually not a major issue and is one of the most common errors found in boilers. It is one of the common error codes for Baxi, Potterton, and Main boilers.

However, it's worth noting that the E1 Error Code could also indicate other underlying problems with your boiler, which may require expert diagnosis and boiler repair.

What Causes the E1 Boiler Fault Code?

Water Leak in the central heating system

Typically, the reason for low water pressure in a combi boiler is a leak in the boiler or central heating system. If there's a water leak causing the low pressure, you'll need to repressurise the system to resolve the problem.

Over time, copper pipes can corrode, leading to leaks and a drop in central heating system pressure. To check for a water leak:

a leaking boiler in a home, London

a boiler leak in a domestic property in London

  1. Top up your boiler water using the filling loop and turn on the boiler.
  2. Examine the pipes and radiators for signs of an issue, like damp patches or water running from pipes.
  3. If the radiator leaks, turn off its valves to stop the water leakage.
Faulty Thermostat

If you're not getting heating or hot water, it could be due to low pressure. A thermostat helps control the pressure. Not having hot water can be stressful, and the issue might be with the thermostat affecting proper water heating.

However, if your boiler isn't responding to the thermostat, it could be due to a lost connection or drained batteries. In such situations, replacing the batteries can restore the thermostat's functionality. Alternatively, the thermostat might be broken and require a new thermostatic installation.

Here's a breakdown of common fault codes related to E1 faults on Baxi boilers, along with their possible causes and solutions:

  • E119: Low Water Pressure - If your boiler shows the E119 code, it means the water pressure is too low. To fix this, add water to the system until it reaches the recommended level (usually between 1-2 bar).
  • E133: Gas Supply Issue - The E133 code signals a problem with the gas supply. Check if the gas supply is active and open, then reset the system. If the issue persists, reach out to us.
  • E168: Electrical Supply Problem - This code means the boiler detected an issue with the electrical supply but is unsure of the source. Try resetting the system to resolve this problem. If it doesn't work, call a gas-safe engineer immediately.

Why does a combi boiler lose pressure? Is there a reason for it to go down over time? Many households in the UK deal with boiler problems, and low pressure in a combi boiler is common.

Remember that the steps to fix each code may vary based on your Baxi boiler model. If you're unsure or uncomfortable making repairs, it's wise to call a heating engineer for professional assistance.

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Fixing the E1 Boiler Fault Code
[Repressurise the Boiler]

Water Leak in the central heating system

The E1 Error Code mean the boiler pressure is too low. You can fix it by adding more pressure to the boiler, which is a regular thing to do for older boilers. To prevent issues with your boiler, it's a smart move to have your annual boiler service every year and address any needed maintenance promptly. This ensures that it stays in good working condition and avoids potential problems.

repressurize valve in a Baxi boiler

repressurise valve in a Baxi boiler

To fix the E1 fault, you'll need the assistance of your local Gas Safe registered heating engineer.

“If you see the E1 fault code on your Baxi boiler, the first thing is to check the water pressure.”

This should be done by looking at the gauge on your boiler, which should be between 1 and 2 bar. If the pressure is too low, you must top-up (repressurise) your boiler.

If low pressure is the issue, you should take the following steps to repressurise your boiler. Repressurising is the solution to restore your boiler to normal.

How to Top-Up (Repressurise) Your Boiler

boiler pipes and valvesFind the filling loop

To repressurise your Baxi boiler, you will need to locate the filling loop. This is a flexible hose with two valves at each end, usually located underneath the boiler.

pressure-gauge-indicating-1.5Increase the pressure

Begin by turning both of these valves to the "off" position. Then, open one valve fully and slowly open the other valve until you reach a pressure of around 1.5 bar.

When you see green, close the taps.

Once this is done, it will become green. You should close both valves, and your boiler should now be repressurised.

“Do not leave the valves open; it would put your boiler under more pressure.”

Does the Boiler Keep Losing Pressure Even After Being Repressurised?

If you find that your boiler keeps losing pressure even after repressurising it, this could indicate a larger issue.

In this situation, we advise you to contact a heating engineer who can identify and resolve the issue. Trying to fix complicated boiler problems by yourself can be risky and might lead to more harm than good.

Does the E1 Boiler Fault Mean You Need a New Boiler?

“Having the E1 fault code doesn't mean you need a new boiler immediately.”
PCB of a Baxi boiler

However, it's a signal to watch for signs that your boiler might be becoming costly.

“If you're frequently paying high repair costs, it's worth considering the possibility of replacing your boiler.”

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If you want to learn more about boiler error codes, check out our blog section on boiler error codes.

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