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Gas boilers play a vital role in domestic households throughout the UK, supplying heating and hot water on demand. However, as environmental concerns grow and new technologies emerge, the landscape of domestic heating is transforming. In the UK market, various types of boilers are available, each offering many advantages. Combi boilers, in particular, have gained widespread popularity. One notable example is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30si boiler, a combi boiler.

If you own a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30Si Combi boiler and have experienced a 9A 362 error code, you will need to engage a professional boiler repair service to restore the functionality of your bosch boiler. Two factors trigger this error code; see below for more information.

Error code 9A 362, in Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30Si Combi boiler

Wrongly installed Heat Control Module (HCM)

The Heat Control Module could be loose in the boiler

Firstly, a wrongly installed Heat Control Module (HCM) can trigger the error/fault code. Secondly, if the HCM is loose in your boiler, you might experience this fault code. However, it is essential to understand that the 9A 362 error code is not a cause for alarm. With professional help, you can easily rectify the issue and have your Worcester Bosch boiler running smoothly again. If you encounter this error code, do not hesitate to seek expert help.

How to troubleshoot 9A 362 Error Code

If you own a Worcester-Bosch boiler, you may eventually experience the 9A error code. First, try resetting the boiler; if this doesn't work, then it will need investigation.

Incorrect installed Heat Control Module
Installing a wiring heat control model in your Worcester Bosch boiler can enhance its functionality, improve energy efficiency, and give you greater control over your heating system.

If you see 9A 362 code, it's important to press the reset button for a couple of seconds to see if the code disappears. If the code reappears, you will need assistance from a Gas Safe registered engineer to investigate the issue further. Although it may appear as a minor inconvenience, prioritising safety and ensuring the proper functioning of your boiler is always the wiser choice.

Your engineer will install the correct wiring Heat Control Model (HCM) in your Worcester Bosch boiler. So the boiler can regain its functionality and give you greater control over your heating system.

A loose HCM connection
With the right information and careful execution, a professional engineer can fix this problem with your Worcester Bosch boiler.

Word of caution:
As a professional boiler service company with years of experience, we highly advise extreme caution in resetting the boiler yourself when encountering an error code or fault code. Although it may appear easy to fix, it can cause further damage to your Worcester boiler and put safety at risk. Our team of trained boiler engineers has the experience and knowledge to diagnose and fix the fault. This will ensure the boiler runs efficiently and safely for the long term.

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What Exactly is a Heating Control Unit?

A Heating Control Unit (HCM) in a boiler is an essential component responsible for regulating the system's temperature and monitoring heat energy in four distinct heat circuits. This unit, commonly referred to as the control board, consists of various sensors, switches, and relays, which work together to monitor and manage the heating process.

It measures and reports temperature readings along with diagnostic information to the engine control unit, ensuring accurate energy control. The heating control unit features an integrated current relay and comprehensive diagnostics, which include detecting interruptions or shortages and monitoring the switching element. The integration enhances drivability during the warm-up phase to optimise its overall performance.

In the event of a malfunction, the Heating Control Module (HCM) generates an error code or fault code, which provides insight into the specific issue that needs to be addressed. A professional Worcester technician can read these codes, diagnose the problem, and apply a solution to ensure your boiler operates safely and efficiently again. Overall, the heating control unit is critical to any boiler system and requires careful attention to ensure optimal performance.

Seek Professional Support

Unless you are a qualified heating engineer, removing the boiler case or attempting to remove or repair any parts is illegal. Only Gas Safe engineers are legally authorised to perform these tasks for safety reasons.

Our Worcester Bosch Accredited engineers at serviceteam are highly qualified professionals with decades of knowledge handling boiler issues and error codes. If you are experiencing boiler faults, then contact serviceteam and book a diagnostic/repair visit.


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