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Worcester Bosch boilers have established a strong reputation for their exceptional reliability and efficiency. However, boiler owners occasionally encounter error codes that require troubleshooting. One such error code is 2964B, which indicates an issue with the heat exchanger temperature sensor.

This blog article aims to explore the causes of the 2964B error code and provide possible solutions in order to understand the root cause and restore your Worcester Bosch boiler's optimal functionality.

2964B Error Code - Primary flow rate is too low
The 2964B error code specifically relates to the heat exchanger temperature sensor in Worcester Bosch boilers. It occurs when the signal from the sensor indicates that the primary flow temperature is out of the expected range. This error code ensures safety and protects the boiler from operating under abnormal conditions.

Possible Causes and Solutions For 2964B Error Code

Sensor Placement and Calibration
A potential cause of the 2964B error code is the incorrect placement or calibration of the heat exchanger temperature sensor. Hence, the temperature sensor signal in the heat exchanger flags up that the primary flow temperature is outside the expected range.

The sensor must be positioned appropriately and securely attached to the heat exchanger. Then checking the sensor calibration and adjusting it (if necessary) can help resolve the error.

Heat Exchanger Issues
Issues with the heat exchanger can also trigger the 2964B error code. Over time, the heat exchanger may accumulate deposits or experience damage, affecting its functionality and causing temperature sensor inaccuracies. In such cases, we recommend that a professional heating engineer inspect the heat exchanger to diagnose the cause.

Resetting the Safety or Flow Temperature
To address the 2964B error code, Worcester Bosch suggests resetting the safety or flow temperature by turning the modulating gas valve anticlockwise to trigger a reset position. This process recalibrates the boiler and returns its usual functionality.

Seek Professional Assistance

Always seek assistance from a Gas Safe qualified heating engineer for proper diagnosis and resolution. If you're unaware of the root cause of the error code, unsure of how to proceed, or are uncomfortable performing any troubleshooting steps yourself, then contact serviceteam so you can live more and worry less! Our skilled engineers will diagnose and resolve the issue, guaranteeing the safe and efficient function of your Worcester Bosch boiler.

However, if you are currently facing a boiler issue, we recommend contacting servicetam our Worcester Bosch-accredited engineers, who are available 24/7 in London and its surrounding areas. Make us your go-to choice for emergency boiler repairs and breakdowns. You can rely on our professional heating engineers, who are dedicated to providing a reliable service.

Please note the main objective of this blog article is to provide information and enhance your awareness of this particular error code. Do not consider this a replacement for professional advice.

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