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Worcester Bosch boilers are popular, dependable and efficient central heating products. Like with most appliances, regular maintenance is recommended if you want the working life of the appliance to be prolonged. In order to ensure a Worcester Bosch CDi, Ci, Si boiler, Greenstar, or Junior Boiler continue to run optimally and effectively, you will need to have it serviced annually. If you've recently installed a new boiler from WB, then the warranty will recommend an annual boiler service to keep it in tip-top condition as well as to validate the warranty.

Boiler is in commission mode.

After your new WB boiler is installed and turned on, it may display an HH/hh symbol with missing digits. No need to search through the fault-finding section of the user manual because you won't find this code.

To put your mind at rest, it's not a fault code.

It simply indicates that the boiler is in commissioning mode, which means it's running through a set-up programme to ensure all is OK with the boiler. In such situations, wait for it to complete its cycle; there is no need to panic.

In some cases, prolonged disruptions or fluctuations in the power supply can cause it to re-enter the commissioning mode. Worcester Bosch boilers must go through this cycle before any other attempts at use, or testing can be made.

Worcester Bosch boilers may occasionally enter into a 'Locked Out' mode. This means the gas supply will cease until it has been reset and returned to normal. Although this issue may appear to be related to an unplugged sensor, it cannot be found in any manufacturer's instructions.

To rectify this situation, the Worcester Bosch boiler must remain in the 'Locked Out' mode for 20 minutes to half an hour before returning to regular operation. During this period, combination boilers may still provide hot water, but standard heating modes will not be accessible, and the reset button will not bypass this mode quickly; instead, you have to wait a while longer for the boiler to return to its standard service.

Call serviceteam and book an accredited Worcester Bosch engineer if you need more assistance.

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What does a Worcester Bosch boiler HH/hh code mean

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