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what are thermostatic radiator valves

What are Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV)?

How does a TRV work?

A thermostatic Radiator valve (TRV) is a device that sits on the end of the radiator that is connected to the copper or plastic pipe. It regulates the amount of water allowed to flow into the radiator and basically means controlling how hot the radiator can get.

It does this by relieving the pressure on a pin and therefore allowing the valve to open up and applying pressure on a pin to push it down and closing or restricting the valve. The expanding part is either a thermostatic coil or a fluid sack. Crucially, this thermostatic portion of the TRV takes the atmospheric temperature rather than the temperature of the radiator.

When the room temperature reaches the desired amount, the thermostatic sensor pushes the pin and closes the valve. Once it gets cooler, the sensor opens up the pin and allows the hot water into the radiator, warming the room again.

Because they have their own temperature settings on the TRVs it means that you can set the temperature of the individual radiator for the room. Or to save money – if you’re not going to be using the room throughout the day; for example, you’re not going to be in the bedroom until the evening why not consider turning the heating off via the TRV during the day? It means, your boiler is working that much less to heat your home. The less you use the boiler – the more money you’re going to save.

Costs of TRVs

The approximate cost of a standard TRV can be between £15 – £30.

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Where not to use a TRV

It’s been said that installing a TRV in a bathroom is not an ideal place to have a TRV as during high use times of the bathroom the temperature will dramatically affect the usefulness of the TRV.  We also recommend not putting them on the radiators in the room where your main Thermostat is located. As they both try to read the temperature of the room and could, in the end, counter the effectiveness of both. Let the main thermostat do its job.

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Smart TRVs

If you, like the writer of this article, would like to have wielded mighty power in the palm of your hand but have over time realised your humanity on this subject, as you lack any resemblance/power of Thor… so have since turned your luck to controlling your home through your phone, then smart TRVs are going to be the answer for you.

These have obvious benefits in saving money and making saving money easier. These TRVs can not only be set to the exact temperature you require the room to be (21, 22, 23 degrees over the hard-to-decipher 1-2-3-4-MAX settings on the standard TRVs) They can be controlled all at once and separated into zones, set to go on via schedules, controlled when you’re not even in the house! Or, even with your voice providing you already have elements of a smart home.

You would also be able to control which room needs to be hotter and which needs to be cooler or off. You can save money off your bill even if you forgot to manually turn off your TRVs before leaving the house.

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Can TRVs save you money?

Absolutely they can! If your heating is on during the winter time throughout the house all the time, but you recognise you’re downstairs for the majority of the day, why are you wasting money on heating the upstairs with the heating at full pelt? Turn off the rads (or keep them low) with your TRVs, to the upstairs and you’re effectively saving 50% off the energy you’re using to heat your home. It’s simple maths.

How can Serviceteam help you?

Serviceteam can supply and install either smart or standard TRVs on your radiators, and basically make your radiators work for you when you want.

We have to fit TRVs as standard to any new installation of radiators, but we can retrofit them to any rad.  So why don’t you request a free quote for the job via https://serviceteam.co.uk/equote. It’s a completely free quoting service!

And one more thing…

If want to have some TRVs fitted to your Central Heating System then when you call up and quote TRVSAVE30 we’ll give £30 off the complete installation – that could be a saving of up 16%.  So don’t delay – call to get a saving on both the installation and a saving on your energy costs this winter!

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