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Have you ever wondered what Powerflush is?

You’ve heard your plumber, or your boiler engineer, mention it before but you’ve never really understood what a PowerFlush really is. Or, you have understood it but you never ever really saw the benefit of having one.

Well, keep reading… you’re not only going to be enlightened but also have an interesting anecdote to tell at parties… [maybe…]

So why do you need a powerflush

Heating system consists of metallic radiators in each room connected to your boiler. Each radiator over time, will eventually degrade and rust and the introduction of dirt and debris from the water will create a dark sediment that can only be described as ‘sludge’.

The more sludge you have in your pipes and your radiators, the less efficient the radiators are at heating the rooms.

Which, in turn, means that your system will need to work a LOT harder to heat the rooms. And as with anything the harder the boiler needs to work, the more gas and electricity you will need to use to create the same output that you once had when you first had your system installed.

How does a powerflush work?


A powerflush works, quite simply, by introducing a high pressure water jet in the heating system – like a strong pressure washer with which you would clean your car or your driveway – a powerflush machine is one that is specifically designed to fit onto the end of a radiator system and introduce a very high water pressure jet into the system that disturbs and pushes (or flushes) the debris and sludge out of the system.

Now, you’re probably thinking that a simple jet stream can’t possible shift all that gunk and sludge, well you’re right to think so – so the powerflush specialist will use some eco-friendly chemicals into the system which will help break down even the hardest to shift unwanted content matter from the system.

Why is an efficient heating system important?

At this moment (correct at the time of writing) the cost of living crisis might mean that low-income households may not be able to afford to turn on their heating at all or maybe just sporadically.

In addition, with the energy price cap, even if it is frozen at £2.5k as reports suggest it might be, now is a crucial time to get your heating system working more efficiently to reduce your heating bills this winter.

The maths is simple:

The less sludge you have in your system, the more efficient your system is at heating your room(s).

The more efficient your system is at heating your room(s), tthe less energy you will use, thus saving money long into the next period of warmer weather when you won’t have to heat your home so much.

So, I get the powerflush and I’m saving money – how do I keep it clean?

The majority of our customers who get a powerflush get a magnetic water filter put on their system.

These are a simple but highly effective devices. Because the sludge in the heating system is mostly made of up metallic deposits, the strong magnet captures the particles and keeps them from going around the system and creating the sludge.

Combine a Powerflush with a boiler service for complete piece of mind

Everyone knows the benefits of an annual boiler service, but couple it with a powerflush and a magnetic water filter and you’ll be reassured that the system will be operating at its peak efficiency and helping you save ££££ this winter.

So don’t run the risk of wasting potentially HUNDREDS of pounds on your inefficient heating system, contact Serviceteam and ask for our 3 in 1 combined Powerflush service to ensure you’re getting value for money when you’re heating your house!


Serviceteam are so keen for you to save money, we want to help you ride the storm of heating your house when the cost of living crisis is at its peak, that we are going to offer a short-term sale on this product!

If you order a Powerflush, Magnetic Water Filter installation & Boiler Service now

We will give 30% off the package.

Powerflush £450 (+ VAT) (Up to 8 Radiators + £35 (+ VAT) per additional radiator
Magnetic Water Filter £230 (+ VAT)
Annual Boiler Service £85 (+ VAT)

Sub Total = £765
Less 30% = £229.50
Price Total £535.50 (+VAT)

A MASSIVE SAVING of £229.50 (+ VAT) for you to help you save on the cost of living crisis right now. It’s because here at Serviceteam, we care and we want to do our bit for the London community.

This offer will close on 8th October 2022.
Can be booked up to 2months in advance and is always subject to availability.
Standard T&Cs apply
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