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The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, where delicious meals are prepared and cherished moments are shared. One essential component of any kitchen is a cooker hood, which is sometimes called a range hood or extractor hood.
Cooker hoods play a crucial role in keeping your kitchen clean and free from unwanted odours, grease, and smoke. However, it's crucial to have it installed correctly by professionals.

In this blog, we'll explore the importance of cooker hood installation and how to find an expert near you.

Why is Proper Cooker Hood Installation Essential?

A poorly installed cooker hood can lead to a build-up of grease and grime in your cooking area, which can be a health hazard and result in costly repairs. Therefore, it’s important to understand why it's crucial to have a perfect cooker hood installation.

  • Efficient Ventilation: A cooker hood's primary purpose is to remove smoke, grease, and odours from your kitchen during cooking. Proper installation ensures it functions efficiently, maintaining a clean and healthy environment.
  • Safety: Incorrect installation can lead to safety hazards, such as electrical problems or fire risks. A professional fitter ensures all electrical connections are secure and in compliance with safety regulations. Furthermore, if the ductwork is not installed correctly, it can also become a fire hazard due to improper ventilation.
  • Warranty: Most cooker hoods come with warranties that require professional installation. Failing to adhere to these guidelines may void your warranty, leaving you responsible for future repairs or replacements.
  • Aesthetics: Professional cooker hood installation ensures that your cooker hood is aligned and visually appealing, enhancing the overall look of your kitchen.
  • Health Benefits: A well-installed cooker hood keeps you safe by getting rid of harmful kitchen fumes and prevents you from breathing in airborne particles that can be produced during cooking.
  • Protects Your Kitchen: Cooking can generate moisture and grease that, if left uncontrolled, can harm your kitchen's surfaces and paint. A cooker hood, correctly installed, shields your kitchen from such damage.
  • Longevity of Appliances: Ensuring that your cooker hood functions correctly helps maintain the overall longevity of your kitchen appliances. By removing excess heat and moisture it minimises the wear and tear on your cooking equipment.

Choosing The Right Cooker Hood [Things to Consider]

Extraction Rate
When choosing a cooker hood, the extraction rate is vital. This rate measures how much air the hood can remove from your kitchen per hour (m3/h). The general rule is to have at least a 10m3/h extraction rate for every square meter of your kitchen.

Factors like the cooking style and kitchen layout directly affect this extraction rate. If your kitchen gets smoky or you cook with high heat, a higher extractor fan helps remove heat and smells better.

The kitchen layout matters. In open-plan kitchens or those connected to living areas, a higher extraction rate can prevent cooking smells from spreading.

However, it's also essential to strike a balance between extraction power and noise levels. A more powerful cooker hood will typically be louder, so consider your needs and preferences when choosing the right extraction rate for your kitchen.

Is There a Maximum Distance Between The Hob & an Extractor Fan? [Explained By Experts]

minimum-recommended-distance-Between-The-Hob-an-Extractor-Fan (Minimum recommended distance - Electric hobs - 65cm | Gas hobs - 75cm)

No, there's no specific maximum distance, but there is a minimum recommended distance, typically 65cm for electric hobs and 75cm for gas hobs. This is a safe distance that most manufacturers recommend for the optimal performance of their cooker hoods. Additionally, keeping them within this distance range will ensure your kitchen remains well-ventilated and free from unwanted smells.

The proper placement of your cooker hood can greatly affect its effectiveness. So, it's important to understand the building regulations of cooker hood installations. These regulations say there should be a minimum distance between a hob and an extractor fan. However, there is no specific maximum distance mentioned in the regulations. So, make sure to get that minimum distance right for the best results.

As long as your cooker hood installation adheres to the minimum distance requirement, you have some flexibility regarding the maximum distance. Of course, this doesn't mean you can place your extractor fan too far away from the hob. The farther apart they are, the less efficient your cooker hood will be in removing cooking fumes and cooking odours.

Moreover, during installation, it's crucial to find a balance between safety, aesthetics, and how well the extractor can do its job.

[Cooker Hood Height Guidelines]

Here's the simple version:

  • Induction Hob: Install the cooker hood at least 65cm (approx. 25.6 inches) above the hob for optimal extraction efficiency.

  • Ceramic (Electric) Hob: Same as induction hobs, maintain a minimum height of 65cm (approx. 25.6 inches) for the cooker hood.

  • Gas Hob: Gas hobs require a bit more space, so keep a minimum of 75cm (approx. 29.5 inches) between the hob and the cooker hood.
  • Angled Hood: Most angled hoods should be about 45cm above induction or ceramic hobs and 65cm above gas hobs.

  • Ceiling Cooker Hood: Ceiling hoods can be as low as 65cm above the cooking surface but generally should not exceed 150cm for efficient performance.

Why Choose Local Fitters for Your Cooker Hood Installation?

Local fitters are more accessible and respond quickly to your installation needs. This convenience can be particularly important if you have a tight schedule.
Knowledge of Local Regulations
Installing a cooker hood should comply with all necessary building codes and regulations. That's why choosing local fitters is a wise choice. With their familiarity with local standards, you can have confidence that your installation will meet all the required standards.
Supporting Local Businesses
Hiring local professionals supports your community and local economy, fostering a sense of trust and reliability in your transactions.
Ease of Communication
Being nearby makes communication with local fitters more accessible. You can meet in person to discuss your requirements and expectations, ensuring a tailored solution.

Remember, proper cooker hood installation is essential for the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of your kitchen. When looking for cooker hood fitters near you, take the time to research and choose professionals who are experienced, reputable, and licensed.

How to Find Cooker Hood Fitters Near Me?

Cooker-Hood-Fitters-Near-Me Online Search
The simplest way to find cooker hood fitters near you is through an online search. Use search engines or online directories, and enter keywords like "cooker hood installation in London." This will provide you with a list of local professionals in London.
Ask for Recommendations
Reach out to friends, family, or neighbours who have recently had cooker hoods installed. Their firsthand experiences and recommendations can be valuable in finding reliable fitters.
Check Reviews and Ratings
Once you have a list of potential cooker hood fitters, research their reputation by reading online reviews and checking their ratings on platforms like Google, WHICH?, Checkatrade, or Trustpilot. This will give you insights into the quality of their work and customer satisfaction.
Verify Credentials
Before hiring any fitter, verify their credentials. Ensure they are licensed and have the necessary certifications to perform cooker hood installations. This step ensures that the installation complies with safety and building regulations.
Request Quotes
Contact multiple cooker hood fitters and request quotes for the installation. Be specific about your requirements to receive accurate estimates. Compare these quotes to choose a fitter that offers a reasonable price for their services.
Ask Questions
When speaking with potential fitters, don't hesitate to ask questions. Inquire about their experience, the types of cooker hoods they have installed, and their approach to installation. A reputable fitter will be happy to address your concerns.
Check for Insurance
It's essential to work with a cooker hood fitter who has liability insurance. This insurance protects in case of any accidental damage or mishaps during the installation process.

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