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Home comfort is one of life's simple joys. However, when your reliable boiler suddenly displays an F2 fault, this is far from comforting.

If you're having this issue, don't worry. We're diving deep into the causes and fixes for this common Ideal boiler problem. We designed this guide to walk you through all you need to know to restore cosiness to your home.

Ideal F2 Error Code
[Flame Loss]


The Ideal F2 error code is a boiler shutdown measure that triggers when the burner fails to ignite within the allocated time frame. It's a safety feature intended to prevent gas buildup and potential hazards by shutting down the boiler operation until the issue is resolved.

What Causes an F2 Fault Code?

An F2 fault code on an Ideal boiler usually means there's a problem with the flame.

Here are some reasons why you might see an F2 fault code on an Ideal boiler:

  • The flame sensor might be dirty or not working right.
  • The ignition electrode might not be working properly.
  • There could be an issue with the gas pressure or supply to the boiler.
  • The burner or heat exchanger might be blocked or clogged.
  • There could be a problem with the control board or another electronic part.
Remember, there could be different reasons for the F2 boiler fault, so it's best to have a qualified heating technician check and figure out exactly what's causing the problem.
The Flame Sensor Ideal-Logic-boiler-flame-sensor-electrodes

The flame sensor is a crucial safety component found in boilers. It's a small rod or probe positioned near the burner, responsible for detecting the presence of a flame. When the flame sensor senses the flame, it sends a signal to the boiler's control board, indicating that it's safe for the boiler to operate.

If there are issues with the flame sensor, your boiler might display the F2 boiler fault code. Common problems include a dirty or corroded sensor, which can lead to malfunctioning and inaccurate flame detection. Also, loose or corroded wire connections can interfere with the sensor's communication with the control board.

Avoid attempting to fix a faulty flame sensor yourself. Instead, reach out to a qualified Gas-safe registered engineer for assistance.

Fortunately, flame sensor repairs are typically affordable, and a professional repair ensures the safety of your boiler and yourself. During the repair, your engineer will inspect the flame sensor, cleaning it with a wire brush or sandpaper if necessary.

If the sensor is corroded beyond repair, it may need replacement. Finally, your technician will assess the wiring to ensure a secure connection, repairing or replacing any damaged wires as needed.

A Faulty Ignition Electrode

An ignition electrode plays a crucial role in the ignition system of a gas boiler, typically positioned close to the burner. Its primary function is to produce a spark that initiates combustion by igniting the gas within the burner. This component generates a high-voltage spark, usually controlled by the boiler's control board.

Several potential causes for ignition electrode malfunction include:

  • Accumulation of debris and dirt around the ignition electrode
  • Misalignment of the electrode gap
  • Physical damage to the ignition electrode
  • Faulty or malfunctioning control board
  • Insufficient voltage supply to the ignition electrode

Attempting to repair a malfunctioning ignition electrode without the necessary expertise and tools is not advisable. Ignition electrodes are delicate components, and improper handling can cause further damage.

We recommend seeking assistance for a professional boiler repair from a qualified heating engineer. They possess the expertise and equipment to assess the ignition electrode's condition accurately, determine the underlying issue and apply the correct remedy.

Gas Pressure Or Supply Issues Ideal-Logic-boiler-gas-valve

An F2 fault code on your boiler might indicate problems with the gas pressure or supply. This could be due to:

  • Low gas pressure: caused by incorrect regulator settings or gas leaks.
  • Gas line blockages: debris or obstructions in the gas line.
  • Gas supply interruptions: temporary interruptions like power outages.
  • Malfunctioning Gas Valve: If the gas valve doesn't open properly or doesn't open at all, the boiler won't get the gas it needs to start burning fuel.

Contact a professional gas-safe engineer to diagnose and resolve the issue. They'll test the gas pressure, clear blockages, and fix any leaks to ensure proper operation.

Blocked Burner Or Heat Exchanger

Debris, like dust, dirt, or insects, can block the burner, disrupting gas flow and causing the flame to go out, triggering the F2 code. Similarly, a clogged heat exchanger, responsible for transferring heat, can lead to inefficient boiler performance and flame instability, also prompting the F2 fault on boiler.

A Gas-Safe registered engineer can clean the burner and heat exchanger, removing any debris or scale buildup. They'll inspect and replace worn or damaged parts as needed, ensuring optimal boiler performance and safety.

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A Faulty Control Board

The control board, a key component in your boiler, regulates its functions by receiving input from sensors and sending signals to various parts, like the ignition electrode.

If the control board malfunctions, it can trigger an F2 fault code on your boiler. This happens when the board fails to send the right signals to the ignition electrode or misinterprets sensor readings.

Common causes of control board issues include power surges, short circuits, or component failures.

F2 Fault Code Solutions

Boiler Reset

Start by attempting to reset your boiler. Simply switch off the mode control knob, wait a few moments, then switch it back on. This quick reset might solve minor glitches. However, if the problem persists or you're unsure, it's best to get the professional service of a gas-safe engineer. A manual reset of your Ideal boiler's settings might resolve the F2 error, but take care to tamper excessively with settings only if you're familiar with boiler configuration.

Gas Supply Check

Check for any issues with your gas supply, which could trigger the F2 fault code. Ensure that your other gas appliances are functioning properly. If they're not, get in touch with your gas supplier. If all other appliances are working fine but the boiler isn't, it's time to call a gas-safe engineer for a thorough inspection.

Gas Valve Reset Topping-up-gas-pressure-for-Ideal-Logic-boiler

In some cases, resetting the gas valve can fix the F2 boiler fault. However, it's crucial to have a Gas-safe engineer handle this task safely. Attempting to reset the gas valve without proper certification and knowledge can pose serious risks, including gas leaks or explosions.

Inspect the Ignition System

If the issue isn't the gas, it might be the igniter. Look for signs of wear and tear on the electrode and ensure it is positioned correctly. If you're using propane (LPG), check the tank has fuel and that the lead is functioning properly as well.

Assess the Flue and Air Supply

Check for any airway or flue blockages, as even minor obstructions can disrupt the boiler's functionality. Remember, the boiler needs oxygen to burn efficiently, so an adequate air supply is crucial.

Fan Repair or Replacement Ideal-Logic-boiler-fan-kit

The boiler fan is critical for maintaining proper pressure and preventing the buildup of harmful fumes. If the fan is faulty, it can trigger the F2 fault code. A comprehensive boiler service by a qualified engineer can determine whether the fan needs repair or replacement.

Flue and Mains Supply Inspection

Check the flue for any blockages or obstructions that might hinder the escape of flue gases. Additionally, ensure the mains supply is uninterrupted, as interruptions could lead to the F2 code. If any issues are detected, a gas-safe engineer can address them promptly.

Wiring Replacement Circuit-board-of-Ideal-Logic-boilers-PCB

Faulty wiring within the printed circuit board (PCB) could be behind the F2 fault code. It's best to leave the replacement of wiring or the entire PCB to a gas-safe engineer to avoid further damage. If a new boiler is needed, consult your engineer for replacement and installation options.

If you notice a fault with your boiler, no matter how minor it may appear, don't ignore it. Addressing minor issues swiftly prevents them from exacerbating into more dire circumstances, like an F2 error. With the insights discussed above, you're better equipped to handle an F2 error calmly and strategically, ensuring that your boiler – and, by extension, your home – remains a warm and welcoming sanctuary.

Remember, it's not just about getting the boiler back up and running; it's about setting it to perform optimally, efficiently, and safely.

For those instances when you need that extra peace of mind or when the complexities of modern boilers are too daunting to handle alone, professional services like those of Serviceteam are just a call away. Our Gas Safe-registered engineers are experienced with Ideal boilers and can pinpoint and rectify an F2 error with the utmost care and proficiency.

Essential Ideal Boiler Maintenance Tips


Prevention is often better than quadruple-checking your boiler settings after an F2 fault. Regular maintenance can pre-empt such disruptions and keep your boiler in top shape.

Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance checks on your boiler ensure it operates smoothly, free from any odd noises or unusual odours, which becomes a beneficial habit over time.

Service Intervals

Arrange your annual boiler service, just like with a car, to have a professional catch potential issues before they become big problems. This not only keeps your home safe but also helps your boiler work more efficiently and last longer, saving you money.

Don't Leave a Fault Unattended!!!

Your home's comfort should not be a guessing game; it's a science that combines the warmth of a well-maintained boiler with the expertise of professionals who understand it inside out. And that translates to a level of comfort you can rely on, day in and day out.

Call a Heating Engineer


When you see the Ideal boiler showing the F2 error code repeatedly, it's best to reach out to a gas-safe engineer. Do not fix the boiler issue yourself. It can be risky and may void warranties. Gas Safe engineers are trained to diagnose and resolve boiler problems safely, ensuring your heating system works smoothly.

Heating engineers are trained to handle such intricate equipment, and by having your boiler serviced by an engineer, you also ensure the boiler's warranty remains valid, should it still be under warranty. Furthermore, they are equipped to reset the settings to optimal performance if there is a misconfiguration issue.

How to Choose an Engineer?

When selecting a heating engineer, always opt for Gas Safe-registered professionals. This certification is mandatory for anyone working with gas appliances and marks safety and quality standards.

If you're encountering an F2 fault on your boiler, please reach out to Serviceteam's Gas Safe engineers in London.


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