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Hidden leaks are a homeowner's nightmare. They often go unnoticed and cause significant damage! This is where "track and trace" can identify the origin of the leak and take measures to prevent any additional harm.

Millions of gallons of water are lost every year through undetected leaks in the plumbing system of properties nationwide.

Guide: Leak Tracking and Accessing
Track and Access is a specialised plumbing service designed to locate a water leak within properties, even when it's not visible to the naked eye. Sometimes, these leaks can occur within walls, under floors, or in other concealed areas. The process of detecting a leak involves experience and technology to trace the leak and repair it.

However, all leaks must be treated with a high degree of urgency!

Why Is Leak Detection Important?

Why-Is-Leak-Detection-ImportantPreventing Property Damage
An undetected water leak can cause significant damage to your property over time. A severe leak could weaken the foundations, walls, floors, and ceilings, promoting mould growth and damaging the electrical system. Trace and Access will identify and address a leak before it causes extensive damage.
Conserving Resources
An undetected leak will result in significant water wastage, leading to higher utility bills. Most properties in and around London are fitted with a water meter; therefore, identifying and repairing a leak will save water (and money) in the long run.
Minimising Repair Costs
The quicker a water leak is detected and repaired by a professional, the water damage caused by the leak is reduced along with the repair costs.

trace-and-access-plumber-near-me-Preventing-Mould-GrowthPreventing Mould Growth
Hidden water leaks can create conditions conducive to mould growth. Mould is harmful to your health and can produce allergens, which can bring on asthma attacks, skin irritation, and even respiratory problems!

Trace and Access will locate the mould source and prevent it from intruding into other parts of the property.

Enhancing Property Value
Regular maintenance and prompt leak repairs, including trace and access services, can enhance the value of your property. Potential buyers are more likely to make an investment in a well-maintained home with a history of leak prevention.
Peace of Mind
A home free of hidden plumbing issues provides peace of mind. In order to be assured your property is leak-free, find a trace and access plumber near you.

The Process of Tracing and Accessing a Leak

Process-of-Tracing-and-Accessing-a-Leak Initial Inspection
The plumber engineer will start by conducting a visual inspection of your property, looking for any visual signs of dampness or unusually high water meter readings, which would suggest a hidden leak.
Non Invasive Techniques
Professional plumbers employ techniques to locate a leak without causing unnecessary damage. They use specialised tools and equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, acoustic sensors, and moisture meters to pinpoint the exact leak source.
Remedial Work
Once the leak has been repaired, the next task is to improve the access and repair area, especially if an intrusive means of Access has been employed. Don't forget to clean up any debris and moisture in the area. You may need to replace any removed materials, such as drywall or insulation, during the access process. Furthermore, check for any signs of mould growth in the affected area.
Testing and Monitoring
Once the leak has been repaired and the water supply restored, a thorough inspection will follow to ensure the leak has been secured.
Preventative Measures
To avoid future leaks, it's advisable to conduct preventative measures, such as regular plumbing inspections, roof maintenance, or appliance checks.
Keep records, including photos of the damage, repairs made, and any repair expenses, as this documentation is helpful for insurance claims.

Finding a "Trace and Access Plumber Near Me"?

Online Search
To find a reliable plumber in your area, you can start by conducting a quick online search for "local plumbers nearby." This will give a list of plumbers in your postcode area. You can also use search engines and online directories.

Platforms like Checkatrade, Trustpilot, and Which? Trusted Trade are always a good hunting ground to gauge the reputation of a plumbing company and the services provided. Customer feedback always gives valuable insight into the quality of service provided.

Ask for Recommendations:
Seek recommendations from friends, family, or neighbours with similar plumbing issues. Personal referrals always provide valuable insights into a plumber's reliability and expertise.

Hopefully, by reading this guide, you can take the necessary steps to address leaks promptly and effectively to safeguard your asset from any long-term damage.

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