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Boiler error codes are an important part of boiler safety. It's not uncommon to be faced with an error code such as EH 258, which refers to the heating control module or HCM. By understanding these error codes, you can effectively troubleshoot problems, save time, and potentially avoid costly repairs.

In this blog post, we will look specifically at troubleshooting EH 258 error code, which will help if you have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar i combi boiler. This guide will give you the essential information to navigate through EH 258 error code and restore the heating system.

Understanding the EH 258 Error Code

When your Worcester Bosch Greenstar i Combi boiler displays the EH 258 error code, it signifies a problem with the Heat Control Module (HCM). The HCM plays a vital role in regulating the temperature and ensuring the efficient operation of the boiler.

However, there are two possible causes for the EH 258 error code,

The control box or heat control module (HCM) is defective or

The connections in the control box need to be examined

One of the above reasons can trigger the EH 258 error code, indicating a mismatch or disruption in the heating control system.

Resolving the EH 258 Boiler Error Code

To address the EH 258 error code on your Worcester Bosch Greenstar i Combi boiler, follow these professional steps:

Verify HCM Compatibility
Confirm that the installed heat control module matches the specifications and requirements for your particular Worcester Bosch Greenstar I Combi boiler model by consulting the manufacturer's documentation, including the user manual or technical specifications, to ensure compatibility. Alternatively, contact serviceteam and book a visit by one of our heating engineers.

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Check for Loose HCM
This requires an inspection by a Gas Safe engineer as the items to check are inside the boiler casing, which can be dangerous, if not illegal, for a layperson to undertake such an investigation. If there are any loose connections, the engineer will find them and make good, following the manufacturer's guidelines. This will rectify the fault and remove the error code.

Always Seek Professional Assistance
If you are unsure, it is advisable to seek professional assistance from a qualified heating engineer or contact the Worcester Bosch technical support team.

Regular Maintenance and Servicing
Like any other appliance, preventative maintenance can ensure optimal performance of your Worcester Bosch Greenstar i Combi boiler. Schedule an annual boiler service by a certified gas engineer who will identify and address any potential issues before they become troublesome. Regular inspections help to maintain the efficiency and reliability of your boiler.

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