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Installing a Saniflo system a brief guide

If you are looking to install a Saniflo macerator in a spare room or a loft conversion then you’ve landed on the right page. Saniflo is a state-of-art waste management appliance. They are widely used in the UK especially with basement conversions or when converting utilising the space beneath a staircase.

The macerator and pump technology make Saniflo one of the most popular appliances. In this guide, serviceteam Saniflo engineers will explain its function and offer some useful information if you’re considering a Saniflo macerator installation.

What is a Saniflo macerator?

A Saniflo appliance is also known as a macerator. This particular appliance differs from a traditional toilet in two ways. First, the high speed rotating blades break down human waste and paper.

Second, it can be positioned some distance from the main soil pipe (there are limits, however). The system uses a centrifugal pump to remove waste from the toilet and pump it into the soil stack. It can be connected to your WC anywhere in your property (within reason) positioned behind the toilet pan.

Choosing the best Saniflo macerator

There are different types of Saniflo macerator with different characteristics. The pump sizes vary depending on your specific requirements. If it’s just for a toilet, a smaller unit will probably be sufficient. However, if the installation site is a distance from the soil stack then a unit with a bigger, more powerful pump would be needed.

How does a Saniflo macerator work?

We all know what happens in a standard toilet when you flush it. All the waste travels through the pipework finally exiting the property and into the main sewer pipe connected to the sewage works.

A Saniflo macerator works differently. 

A Saniflo toilet consists of 4 main components. Every part of the Saniflo macerator works to ensure the efficient removal of waste from the WC. They are:

  • Impeller 
  • Micro switch
  • Blade (macerator)
  • Float switch (membrane)

Tips and hints for installing a Saniflo system

Most of the time, you will not face any restrictions when installing a macerator toilet at your property, so you don’t need special permission from the local authorities. However, you must follow the relevant building regulations for soil pipes and ventilation ducts.

A professional plumber knows about the latest updates and can give you adequate advice. Serviceteam Saniflo Plumbers are experts in installing Saniflo systems. Call us if you’re in doubt. We have reviewed a few tips below:

  • The system also has a powerful pump that pumps waste into the main sewer. Always consult the manufacturer as to the ideal distance from the soil stack, as some online information can be contradictory.
  • The macerator pumps the sewage up from a ground floor or basement conversion (again check with the manufacturer as to what is an acceptable distance).
  • Electrical installations in bathrooms come under Building Regulations, so you need to engage a certified electrician to complete the electrical work or a plumber who is Part P qualified.
  • Protect the pipework from freezing by adequate lagging.
  • Keep your discharge tube as straight as possible and limit bends and elbows in your discharge pipe to help the pump work efficiently. Ideally, any elbows must be less than 45 degrees, and the pipe should be as straight as possible. Too many elbows or runs or pipework with undulations will have difficulty in discharging the waste resulting in blockages.  
  • Support all pipework according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 
  • Whenever you move grey water or waste with a pump system the fall of the pipework is important. The correct/ideal fall of pipework can be obtained from the manufacturers technical department/hand book. 

Additional considerations for behind-the-wall (extension pipe) installation:

  • Even if you put your pump behind a stud wall, make sure access is easy.
  • Use insulation between the pump and the front wall.
  • Protect the appliance from frost with proper insulation.

Serviceteam Saniflo Macerator Guide

How to install a Saniflo toilet?

Saniflo toilets are relatively easy to install in a property. 

1. Gather all your equipment in one place.

Installing a Saniflo appliance is straight forward if you happen to be a keen DIY-er? If not then call serviceteam.

Hopefully you have the correct wrenches, pliers, pipefitters tape, push fit connectors, screwdrivers and pan connector compatible with the macerator, all of which makes the job less of a challenge. Make sure the water supply is isolated before work commences. 

2. Location.

You have already chosen the installation site – the loft, basement, utility room, or in that space under the stairs. The appliance is fitted to the rear of the pan via a rubber gator, held in position by Jubilee clips to the spigot or by a push fit? The bathroom sink, bidet and shower can all be connected to the macerator. Make sure the macerator is secured to the floor. 

3. Connect the discharge pipe.

Install a Y-connector for your macerator discharge pipe (Do not use a T-connector because it will suddenly introduce fluid into the line). It allows the pipe to connect to the macerator in the up flush system. If you are more comfortable engaging a Serviceteam Saniflo Plumber to install the unit then call us immediately.

4. Connect the water supply.

Like any standard toilet, the Saniflo toilet must be connected to the water supply. The water supply can be run from the bathroom or the kitchen or any nearby water supply in the property.

Make sure you position the cold water supply line 10”-12″ from the floor.

5. Connect the pump to a power source.

The Saniflo pump is electrically powered. For the toilet to work and facilitate the movement of the macerator pump, it must be connected to a power supply. A 15-AMP circuit with a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) will be efficient enough for this.line

6. Install the Macerator.

Connect all the pipeworks and check each connection is water tight. Install the discharge elbow and discharge pipe. Install the discharge elbow to accommodate the discharge pipe.

The above guide is only a ‘top line’ guide, the detail is in the installation hand book. 

With decades of experience, serviceteam Saniflo engineers are available 24/7 to deal with any type of Saniflo repairs, installations and maintenance across the UK. Call Seviceteam help desk and book your Saniflo engineer now.

We guarantee a first-class service for your Saniflo installation at an affordable price.