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Need an extra loo, then a Macerator could be the answer?


There comes a time when a property needs extending to accommodate family needs. Usually, a new washroom / utility room / en suite bedroom with a toilet is an ideal option. The advantages of installing a Macerator means the toilet facility can be situated some distance from the property’s main sewage pipe and not connected directly to it. Of course there are limits to the distance a Macerator can be installed away from the soil stack, as gravity needs to play a part in removing the waste.

This is when a Macerator toilet can provide a solution to an extension that’s some distance from the main soil / waste pipe i.e., on the other side of the property?

A Macerator is an ideal option when toilet facilities are needed in a loft extension or basement extension for example. A Macerator can also be coupled to a sink, shower or even a bidet to dispose of any gray water generated.

Manufacturers like Saniflo, Grundfos, Turner and Stewart make some of the best Macerators. However, it can be a bit confusing as there are a variety of makes and models. A better way to decide which Macerator is best for your daily use is by consulting the manufacturers or by calling serviceteam for professional advice.

Is a Macerator toilet a good idea for a property in London?

We highly recommend a Macerator toilet if space is at a premium in your property or when there is a problem connecting to the main sewage waste pipe due to distance. Almost any finished floor in the house may be used as a foundation for this system. During installation, the walls and floors are left intact (unless the cistern is concealed behind a stud wall). Also, the installation can be completed in a few hours. The Macerator unit itself is neatly concealed at the rear of the toilet.

In terms of appearance, Macerator toilets are similar to traditional toilets and occupy the same footprint. Another advantage with a Macerator, is that it can be as far as 45.72 metres (the maximum) away from the soil pipe or septic tank. Please remember that the pipe from the Macerator will need a gradual drop of approx 44mm every meter to ensure successful waste removal. The unit can also be installed approx 4.57 meters below the sewer line.

Although Macerators can be somewhat noisy, you do have the advantage of being able to install one almost anywhere. Installing a Macerator would be much cheaper and easier than extending your soil pipe.

What is a Macerator?

A Macerator has an array of components that work in harmony to pulverize, churn and mash the waste converting it into a liquid that can easily be drained into the main sewage line. A Macerator is made up of a pump, an impeller, rotating blades made of stainless steel, a non-return valve and a micro switch.

How does a Macerator toilet work?

When you flush the toilet, the water enters the Macerator instead of the sewer. As the wastewater is being flushed, the macerator is activated by the micro switch which is triggered by the rising water. Once the waste water enters the Macerator, it goes through the rotating blades that reduces the waste into a liquid. Upon the completion of each cycle, the non return valve opens to allow the waste liquid to drain into the main sewer.

What Macerator is the best option for you?

Choosing the right Macerator depends on a number of variables. For instance, its location must be taken into account. Also, is it a residential or commercial property? Also, it’s important to consider where the Macerator is to be positioned in relation to the main sewer, as this will determine the size and type of Macerator needed.

A Macerator is a great solution if you need another toilet and the distance to the main soil pipe is not beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Are macerator pumps worth it?

This depends on the maintenance level of your macerator pump. A typical family home’s basement or bathroom may get by with one of these for many years if properly maintained.

Can any toilet accommodate a Macerator?

Yes, they are suitable for both wall-hung and closed-coupled toilets.

Turn your WC needs into a reality with this simple yet efficient solution. High-quality Macerator pumps make it possible to defy gravity (within reason and in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations).

If you are considering installing a Macerator then contact serviceteam and one of our team members will be happy to answer your questions.