Mains pressure booster Installation

Mains Pressure Booster Installation In London

  • Boosts mains water pressure and flow
  • Very quiet operation
  • 2 Years manufacture guarantee
  • Simple to install
  • Compact size
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Domestic & Commercial Mains Pressure Booster

If you have been experiencing low water pressure, you may well know that life without a main pressure booster is a nuisance. Like, who wants a shower to be rolled off several times to, well, get them just wet? or a faucet that will take forever to be used. Even brushing your teeth will be a struggle.

So if you’re going through the same condition, it’s better to make some new addition to your plumbing system and install a mains pressure booster. It will not only normalize the water pressure of your household but will also be beneficial if you’re running a multi-story commercial building. A perfect solution for a low pressure plumbing system.

Already looking forward to having one installed? Feel no hesitation to call Serviceteam. We have highly qualified Plumbing Engineers at our side who will not only assess your place to identify any major or minor faults but will fix it on the spot. No matter if it’s a repair, replacement, including Fixing Water Leakage, Appliance Repair, or any sort of installation or refurbishment task, our approach is equally effective towards any of the aforementioned projects.

Just in case you opt to hand us your project, call us or use our online form to book your order. Also, you can send us pictures of damaged parts (if present) to get a free quote from one of our project advisors. Once the order is placed, our tradesmen will be at your doorsteps within 24-hours (depending on availability).

Although sometimes it can be caused by a problem in the plumbing system, its not necessary that the reason should always be the same. Culprits for this fault can be several. Listed below are some of the root problems that cause low water pressure in your house:

Height and Gravity

If you’re running a commercial building having several floors adding to its elevation, it is pretty obvious to encounter issues related to water pressure. As much as the floors add, the water pressure keeps on decreasing due to the downward pull of gravity accompanied by the water’s weight. In that case, installing a booster pump is an efficient solution. Go for a bigger one in case of several storied buildings such a commercial, or business centers, apartment buildings, and multiple storied residential properties as height plays a crucial role in reducing water pressure.

Distance From the water source

Another factor that affects water pressure is the distance of your building from the mains supply line. If your property falls at the end of the line, the water pressure will be reduced by a significant amount at the time it reaches your place. This decrease in pressure can be even more if your water pipes are narrower.

Low pressure from the main plant

Sometimes, You can’t just help it, but to evolve with it. If the main supply plant has lower pressure in your area, it’s strongly recommended to have a mains pressure booster installed in your system because that’s the only solution to it.

Additional systems

If you have additional water treatment systems in your household or any other property, it can also act as a side cause for low water pressure. On one hand, where it brings you freshwater, it can reduce the water supply to a limit as a drawback. However, If you aren’t ready to compromise on either, it would be better to have a mains water booster installed right now!

Other problems

Perhaps your problem might be related to the above-mentioned factors, it isn’t necessary for everyone to be facing the same issue. Sometimes it can be a fault in the plumbing system. If you suspect any leakages or the water pressure reduced abnormally in quite a short time, It’s time to call a plumbing engineer to have your system checked for possible faults. Serviceteam can be a reliable choice for that!

Well, before you decide to install a mains pressure booster, there are certain factors you should consider and then think seriously if you need it in your system. Or if yes, then what aspects of the machine should influence your decision making. With this in mind, below described are some of the things you should check before you make a choice:

What’s the flow rate of your system?

If you’re getting a booster, it’s pretty obvious that your water pressure isn’t doing any well. Taking this fact into consideration, it’s better to calculate the total flow rate of your system. Although rocket science might it seem, it’s an easy task. Just leave all the fixtures open and then add the flow rates of fixtures that might run for more than 10 minutes. After that, add the flow rates for maximum numbers of fixtures. You can also do it with a simple water bucket. However, if you feel like not doing it, don’t worry! Our plumbing engineers will do the task for you and then leave you with options that can manage both the factors well, with optimal performance that fulfills your need!

Water needs

One of the most important factors that you should be keeping in front of you is the amount of water being consumed. If you run a commercial building where excessive water is used simultaneously, with a lot of stories to travel, it’s preferable to buy a bigger pressure booster as it will require some serious strength to maintain the pressure and volume. We’ll let you know about this once our professionals check your building’s plumbing system.

Pressure Required

Consider the amount of pressure you might need. Though most of our friends prefer high-pressure, it’s damaging once it exceeds the recommended limit. Concerning most plumbing systems in London, pressure more than 60 Psi will harm the system. So be sure what you need before you go for any option.

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What's included in this service?

  • Step 1 You book a plumbing engineer Choose a convenient appointment time and day that suits your busy schedule.
  • Step 2 A plumbing advisor will contact you in advance to discuss your requirements and explain your options so that we are prepared for the visit.
  • Step 3 Assess and complete works on site Our expert Serviceteam engineer will arrive on the date you have chosen. He will evaluate and plan for the works required before commencing with the works on the same day.
  • Step 4 We give you peace of mind Our works come with a minimum 2 year manufactures and installation guarantee as standard, which means if something happens you can call us any time, any day of the year.

What will it cost:

  • Get an instant quote via FloQuote - Request a quote & our office based maintenance advisors will try to provide a quote using the information provided. This is a Free instant quote no obligation service.
  • Site Survey & Quote visit - Alternatively we will arrange for our engineer to visit site to asses the work required so that we can provide a fixed price quote. And we only charge £35 + Vat for the visit. PLUS, should the total value of the quoted work be over £500 we will deduct the survey fee off the final invoice for the work.

What's not included in this service?

  • Any congestion charges or parking charges (unless a parking permit can be provided for the duration of the engineer’s visit).
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is normal water pressure for residential home?

On average, the normal water pressure lies between 40 to 60 PSI. However, its preferable to measure your home water pressure and then buy a mains pressure booster to set ideal pressure if it’s lower than required.

Q: What is the main function of water pressure booster?

Well the main function and purpose of a water booster is to increase water pressure, however, it forces the water to flow faster than the ordinary flow rate through plumbing pipes.

Q: What is the effect of high water pressure?

As the phrase itself says that excess of everything is bad same is the case with water pressure, However, water pressure that is too high can severely cause plumbing leaks, worn seals and could damage kitchen and toilet faucets, further it can also reduce and affect the lifespan of water holding appliances.

Q: Do we provide repairs Main pressure Booster repair service as well?

Yes. Not only do we install different appliances including Mains pressure booster, but also provide repair services in case of any fault. Call us now to have your order booked. Our tradesmen will come with every necessary equipment required for the job.

Q: How does a water booster affect water flow?

Well, water booster equipment can efficiently increase the flow of water, liquid, or fluid. a booster pump work exactly similar to the principle of a fan, as the fan is equipped with blades that spin around and increases airflow, same as the booster is equipped with impellers inside that runs and increases the efficiency of the flow of water or liquid.


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