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Installing CO alarms in rooms with fixed combustion appliances

From the 1st October 2022, the Installation of CO alarms in rooms with fixed combustion appliances becomes a legal and mandatory requirement in the UK.

This is an amendment to the original Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations (England) passed in 2015. Make sure you are CO alarm ready by October 2022!

The need to install a CO alarm in rooms with combustion appliances?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent killer. The fumes are highly toxic and produced by the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels i.e., gas, oil, coal and wood.

As a result, carbon monoxide (CO) can accumulate in any area a combustion appliance is installed, such as the garage, loft, living room, outhouse etc. without prior warning! Domestic properties are by far the largest group affected by CO poisoning.

Landlords must prioritise the safety of their tenants by providing/installing CO alarms in every living room with a fixed combustion appliance (other than a room with a gas cooker). The same rule applies to all domestic properties.

Are you a Landlord ?

New regulations regarding carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke alarms in the UK are due to come into force on 1 October 2022, requiring landlords and homeowners to install CO alarms in their properties.

All landlords who have a gas supply or gas appliance on their property must comply with these new smoke and CO alarm regulations.

The Housing Act 2004 includes failure to comply with an improvement notice and/or failing to license Houses of Multiple Occupancy, failing to comply with HMO regulations, or without a minimum Energy Performance CertificateEPC or Electrical Installation Condition ReportEICR will result in potential fines.

If you are either a landlord, tenant, managing agent or homeowner reading this then the buck stops with YOU!

A landlord has a duty of care to ensure their tenants are all safe. If you are a tenant, inform your landlord if there isn’t a smoke or CO alarm in the rented property, as your life and others could be in danger! As a homeowner, you also have a responsibility to keep family members safe.

The reason why we need protection from carbon monoxide

We all respect the fact that carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent killer! We must be able to detect CO emissions immediately, to save lives or prevent serious illness! Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of incomplete combustion.

Carbon and hydrogen are contained in fossil fuels.  When complete combustion is achieved carbon and hydrogen combine with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and water, all perfectly safe.

However, if there’s incomplete combustion some of the carbon is not fully oxidised. This can be detected by sooty deposits and the production of carbon monoxide (CO). If combustion is incomplete it will produce carbon monoxide the silent KILLER! 

More concerning, is the fact that CO is colourless and odourless. It claims more than 30 lives a year with many more hospitalised from CO poisoning in the UK! Even exposure to small amounts of carbon monoxide can cause permanent damage or death! Ensuring people’s safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Why should you choose serviceteam?

Incomplete combustion can occur when appliances are faulty, or not installed correctly. This can occur when a gas appliance or an appliance burning fossil fuel is not maintained regularly.

Serviceteam recommends you service every gas appliance property annually, and install CO alarms where appropriate concerning health and safety reasons. Therefore, installing an audible CO alarm in every room, with a fuel-burning appliance, is essential to warn the occupants that harmful gasses are present.

To reduce the risk of CO poisoning, landlords, homeowners, and managing agents should engage a professional technician to inspect all fuel-burning appliances within a property and make recommendations regarding the type of alarm/s required.

What is the cost to install a CO alarm?

If serviceteam is already at your premises completing an annual boiler service or gas safety certificate, we will charge £49.00 + VAT to supply and install a smoke or CO alarm, a significant reduction off our advertised rate.

Customers who book the service online will get an extra 10% off the total bill (for a limited period). Book your services and confirm how many alarms you want to be installed. However, if you require a smoke or CO alarm during an independent visit, the rates are as follows:

  • 1st alarm = £49 + VAT
  • Each additional alarm plus £45 + VAT
  • Supply only = £25 + VAT

Specifications of a CO alarm fitted by serviceteam

  • Optical smoke alarm
  • CE and Kitemarked to BS EN 14604, BS EN 50291-1:2010 +A1:2012 and BS EN 50291-2
  • Features a single, easy-to-use test/mute button
  • Groundbreaking Thermoptek optical smoke sensing technology
  • Thermally enhanced for faster detection of smouldering fires (compared to standard optical sensors)
  • “Sleep-Easy” function temporarily silences low battery and end-of-life alarms for 8 hours 
  • Suitable for installations complying with BS 5839-6: 2013 Grade F
  • The sensing technology of choice for the UK fire and rescue service
  • 50ppm sensitivity activation level
  • Loud 85dB warning alarm when CO is detected
  • Three LED status indicators – power, fault and alarm
  • 10-year sealed lithium battery-powered carbon monoxide alarm
  • 10-year lifespan and manufacturer’s warranty
  • Suitable for wall mounting or freestanding

Test your smoke and CO alarms regularly

Not sure if your smoke or CO alarm is functioning correctly? Then don’t risk it, always err on the side of caution by engaging serviceteam to inspect or install new smoke and CO alarm/s.

Our qualified technician will recommend the most appropriate alarm/s and the best installation site, thus giving all occupants an immediate audible warning when smoke or CO fumes are present on a property. 

Call us now to book your inspection appointment.