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Case Study – Painting


The Job

Serviceteam provides a first class painting and decorating service for landlords, tenants, property managing agents and the private sector. We undertake single rooms or whole property painting and decorating projects. We use the latest spray painting equipment and technology to achieve a professional finish to single walls or an entire room. Typical surfaces would be plastered walls, skirting boards, door frames and doors, columns and decorative coving.

Our painting and decorating services extend to commercial offices, schools, hospitals, night clubs, leisure centres etc.

We meticulously mask and sheet the surrounding areas to protect other surfaces from paint exposure during the renovation process. If you’ve just bought a property or want to spruce up your existing property, you will be amazed at how a professional decorating company like serviceteam can transform a mediocre room into an eye popping finish that breathes new life into it.
Painting a room is a cost effective way of bringing your property up to spec if on a tight budget. The right colour agreed with our colour specialist can change ones perception of a room’s dimension and shape and widen the aesthetic appeal. All at a fraction of the cost of a total refurbishment.

If you want to know why serviceteam’s professional painting and decorating service is so popular please watch the video below.

In spite of the inclement weather serviceteam were able to meet the customer’s expectations. The refurbishment was a massive upgrade, not only to the roof but also to the domed glazed roof window, which added a new dimension to the roof. The curvature of the dome windows brought in extra natural light to brighten the room.

The customer was delighted with the finished project and has since commissioned serviceteam for further works.