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This review will explore the Baxi 836 combi boiler, the most powerful model in the 800 range. Designed for medium-sized homes with up to two bathrooms, it offers robust performance and energy efficiency.

Main Features of Baxi 836 Combi Boiler

Baxi boilers are highly efficient, with a SEDBUK A-rating, making them great for saving energy.

They are also easy to use and compact, fitting well into small spaces. Additionally, Baxi boilers meet and even surpass the latest European standards for energy efficiency, safety, and emissions.

Manufacturer Baxi
Boiler Model Baxi 836 Combi Gas Boiler
Boiler Type Condensing Boiler / Combi
Energy Efficiency Rating 93%
Energy Band A Rated
LPG Model / Conversion Kit No
Manufacturer Warranty 10 Years
Heating Output 26.4kW

Key Features

  • Powerful Performance
    The Baxi 836 is ideal for medium-sized homes, providing enough power to efficiently heat spaces with up to two bathrooms.
  • Hydrogen-Ready
    This boiler is designed to work with hydrogen, making it future-proof as energy sources evolve.
  • High-Quality Parts
    Built to last, the Baxi 836 combi boiler uses top-quality components to ensure reliability and durability.
  • Inner-side-of-a-Baxi-836-combi-boiler
  • Energy Efficiency
    One of the most energy-efficient boilers on the market, it helps reduce your energy bills while providing excellent heating performance.
  • Magnaclean Filter
    The boiler includes a Magnaclean filter, which protects your boiler and central heating system, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.
  • Pricing and Installation
    The Baxi 836 combi boiler retails for between £1,100 and £1,200. For a quick and easy quote on full boiler installation, you can get a fixed price in just 20 seconds by clicking our “get an instant quote now”.

By investing in the Baxi 836 boiler, you're choosing a reliable, energy-efficient, and future-proof boiler that is perfect for medium-sized homes.

Baxi 836 Combi Gas Boiler: Output and Options

What is the Baxi 836 Gas Boiler's Output Range?

The Baxi 836 combi boiler is crafted to satisfy the heating and hot water needs in homes with high demands.

Here's a breakdown of its output:

  • Central Heating: The Baxi 836 provides 26.4kW of power for your central heating system, ensuring your home stays warm and comfortable.
  • Hot Water: It delivers a powerful 36kW of hot water for homes with multiple bathrooms or high hot water usage.

Other Options in the Baxi 800 Range


Baxi offers several options in their 800 series, catering to different heating and hot water needs:

Baxi 825 and Baxi 830:

If your home's heating and hot water needs are lower, you might consider the Baxi 825 or Baxi 830 models. These units offer lower output levels, making them suitable for smaller homes or those with fewer occupants.

Combi and System Boilers:

Besides the various output levels, you can also choose between a combi boiler and system boiler. Both boilers provide heating and hot water from a single unit; however, a system boiler works with a separate hot water cylinder.

The Baxi 836 boiler, with its 36kW hot water output, is the most powerful unit in the 800 range, making it an excellent choice for larger homes or those with high hot water usage.

However, if your needs are more modest, the Baxi 825 and 830 provide reliable and efficient alternatives.

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What is the Size of the Baxi 836 Boiler?

The Baxi 836 Combi Gas Boiler is designed to be compact and efficient. Here are some key details about its size and benefits:

  • Dimensions: The Baxi 836 is 390mm wide and 700mm high.
  • Weight: It has a low lift weight of 29.5kg, making it easier to handle during installation.

Benefits of Its Size

1. Compact Design
The small size allows it to fit into a standard cupboard, keeping it out of sight and saving space in your home.

2. Easy Installation
Its lightweight and compact dimensions make the installation process quicker and easier, which can save you time and money.

3. Energy Efficiency
Once installed, the Baxi 836's high-efficiency rating will help minimise your energy bills throughout the year.

By choosing the Baxi 836, you get a boiler that is not only space-saving and easy to install but also cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Warranty Period of the Baxi 836 Combi Gas Boiler

The Baxi 836 combi gas boiler comes with a generous 10-year warranty. This warranty covers you for any unexpected faults or issues that might occur with the boiler, saving you from potentially high repair costs.

To take advantage of this 10-year warranty, you must register your Baxi 836 boiler with Baxi within 30 days of its installation.

Furthermore, to maintain the warranty's validity, it's essential to schedule an annual boiler service conducted by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Baxi Combi Boiler Reviews on TrustPilot

Customers really like Baxi, as shown by the company's high rating. On Trustpilot, Baxi has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 from more than 47,000 reviews. This means many people are happy with Baxi's products and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Radiators Can a Baxi 836 Run?

The Baxi 836 boiler has a central heating output of 36kW, allowing it to support up to 10 radiators in a home.

However, the actual number of radiators it can manage might differ based on your home's unique specifications and layout. To get a precise assessment, it's recommended to speak with a boiler engineer who can offer personalised advice tailored to your household's needs and requirements.

They'll consider factors like the size of your rooms, insulation, and hot water demand to ensure you have the right boiler size for your home.

What is the flow rate of the Baxi combi boiler?

The Baxi 836 combi boiler has a flow rate of 15 litres per minute. This means it can deliver hot water at a rate of 15 litres every minute. With this flow rate, the Baxi 836 is suitable for larger households with high hot water demands, ensuring you have enough hot water for showers, baths, and other daily needs.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Baxi 830?

The installation time for a Baxi 830 boiler depends on your current heating system:

1. Direct Boiler Replacement (Combi to Combi):
If you already have a Baxi combi boiler or any other combi boiler and you're getting a direct replacement, the installation typically takes no longer than one day unless there are complications.

2. Conversion from System or Regular Boiler:
If you have a system boiler or a regular boiler with water tanks, converting to a combi boiler can take up to 2 days. This is because it involves more work, including adding and moving pipework to accommodate the new boiler.

Converting to a combi boiler may take a bit longer due to the additional pipework required, but it's generally considered a straightforward process and is quite common in the UK.

What is the Fuel Supply for the Baxi 836 Boiler?

The Baxi 836 is a gas combi boiler, which means it runs on natural gas. It's designed to be hydrogen-ready, which means it can also run on a blend of up to 20% hydrogen fuel. This is a step towards the future, as there are plans to eventually switch to 100% hydrogen fuel once it becomes more affordable and widely available.

Currently, there isn't an LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) model available for the Baxi 836.

Does The Baxi 836 Combi Boiler Have Hydrogen Compatibility?

Yes, the new Baxi 836 is now a hydrogen-ready combi boiler. This means it can run on a mixture of up to 20% hydrogen fuel blended with natural gas. Baxi has been working on hydrogen technology for a while now, so if you choose a Baxi boiler, you can be confident it won't be banned in 2025.

Baxi 836 Boiler Dimensions and Installation

The Baxi 836 boiler measures H 700mm x W 390mm x D 285mm, making it a compact option for homes with limited space. While it's not the smallest combi boiler available, it's designed to fit neatly into kitchen cupboards, maximising space efficiency.

Despite its power, the Baxi 836 is relatively lightweight at only 29.5 kg, making it easy for a single installer to handle. However, it's crucial to always use a Gas Safe registered installer for safe and proper installation service.

Choosing the Baxi 836 ensures you get a powerful boiler that fits snugly into your home while being easy to install with the help of a qualified professional.

We hope this Baxi 836 review helps you choose the best boiler for your home.

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